What motivates you guys to work and make money? I got a job where I get paid from how much I work...

What motivates you guys to work and make money? I got a job where I get paid from how much I work, and I can do it from home, yet sometimes I just mope around all day doing nothing.

How do you guys get motivated? Coffee? Already drinking tons of it.

Meth? Not good 'cause I like my sleep.

>How do you guys get motivated?

A good breakfast every day keeps me going

I reward myself every day by fucking a chicken if I do a good job and work a lot.

No work, no fucking chickens.

>What motivates you guys to work and make money?

Hot fudge enemas at the end of the day keeps me motivated.
Whipped cream and cherries if I work really hard

I skip breakfast many days....I sometimes just have on meal a day.

That's edgy mate. You must be 14.

>What motivates you guys to work and make money ?

Gives me money to achieve my life goal

be happy

Well money is relative and it feels good when you receive it. I mean before you receive it what pushes you forward.

So you're unemployed or work a shitty job or what?

The fact that I have found a place where I am not treated like absolute shit day in day out.
And I mean my coworkers are fucking lovely people.

Otherwise, nothing. I hate life, I hate people and if I would'nt have a strange issue with suicide I would've offed myself long time ago.

I have no life goals and the money I earn I boost into shit I don't really need. Also drugs.
The only people I really do support with that cash are homeless people.
Have been on the street once, and some of these people just had a bad hand dealt to them.

Fuck you for making me think about this.

SMART goals and making progress towards them

Good people are a good motivation. True that brother/

Yeah I feel like suicide is the equivalent of spitting in god's face. We aren't that important to be able to allow that for ourselves. It doesn't feel right at all.

Yeah I try to help people that are down and out whenever I can. For me I know that if I didn't have my father saving me a couple times I'd be homeless years ago.

Some of those people really have nothing and no one to rely on. It's sad. Our society is broken.

Yeah well I've been thinking about it all week. I live in the gloom of depression. I rarely feel or experience joy. Last time I experienced pure joy was probably when I was a kid in the single digits.

Life hit me hard and from a young age I was struggling with socializing, with fitting in, with everything. Just was an above average learner that's all i had going for me, BUT even that I managed to fuck up in early high school by procrastinating and going deep into my depression.

Now I'm trying to move to the light in my life because when it's this dark it's cold, dark, and feels evil. It's a very dark feeling to feel unwanted.

being able to buy food and pay rent

Yea I don't even understand how these people are so loving and supporting, while all the rest is busy shitting on eachothers faces.

Also that yes.
My closest people know very well that I want to die but I can't.

It's like "I didn't make it so I won't break it".
It's not mine and I have no right to do that, but fucking hell I beg for death each day.

Maybe I sound like a massive faggot but idc anymore.

I feel you. Almost exactly the same here.
Only that I reconciled myself with my situation.
I don't even want it to get better and I do nothing about it anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I struggled hard to get out of there, and at one point I did.
Got myself even a gf.
5 years of good time and then I got roundhouse kicked right back into the shithole I crawled out of.

Bless your soul brother, I hope good things happen to you soon because you're obviously a good person.

Give in good cheer and you shall receive. I believe in that.

I hope something wonderful and nice happens to you this week, but if it doesn't then I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors sir.

>didn't make it so I won't break it".
Yeah same, had a 4 year relationship taht ended bad, and another 2 year that ended worse...now I just stick to myself.

The usual Sup Forums endgame is to be prosperous enough to travel to third world shitholes and fuck kids.
Pretty motivating I'd say.

Well I do work a job but I have so much passive income that I could pretty much quit my job whenever I wanted, but I need something to do and it's still extra money to safe and use for my dreams

Thanks I guess.
I mean I still struggle hard to be good in life, it's just so damn difficult and I find myself falling back into this inner state of hating people for what they do.

I start to hate and I catch myself, I turn it around and act against this hate by being loving towards even those who do me no good.

Doing that destroyed something in me, I am convinced in that.
I don't know yet if that is good or bad but I'll be damned to become like one of those who bring me down every once in a while.

Best of luck to you too man.

Sometimes, talking to ya'll helps so much.

I don't even see the point in that anymore.
That gf I had destroyed herself with drug usage, cheated on me multiple times and as I saw that she lost all grip on life I still supportet her, not as a lover but as the last person that cared for her.
She proceeded to stick a knife in my back, move out to live in the forest with some rastafari guy.

I don't even understand life anymore. Like, what the fuck is this?

Sometimes I think I must be the worst person to be around for people to pull this shit on me constantly.

I haven't worked in almost 18 months, so I guess nothing.

Bro find something beautiful inside you, something worth living for. That's what I'm trying to find.

I keep lingering to that phrase, be the change you want to see in the world. That's what's keeping me sane at the moment.

Because it frees me from what would otherwise be the constraints of a relationship.

I've worked enough to setup on my own over the past ten years, a lot of sacrifice, worry, stress and shit. After just two years it was obvious.

The relationships which I saw were constraining others around me, are what opened my mind and made me see where and what was the core of being unhappy.

Girlfriends, wives, fake friends, arguments over petty shit, moody partners, users and horrible co-workers are at a distance from me. They are there but at a safe arms length.

How do you support yourself? Autism bux?

you need PEDs like adderall and other prescription amphetamines, apparently