Ask a heroin addict from Blackpool UK anything

Ask a heroin addict from Blackpool UK anything

My name is Darren Beckman

Prove that this is you first.

worst thing you good sir done for a dose?

Do you regret it?


How did you get started?

Time Stamp or GTFO

my question is what do you have against Darren?

What's your name?

this got interesting

IU wonder if Darren could figure out who would try to set him up...

I don't have facebook so I can't see much but his old account has his phone numbers publicly posted so someone is definitely trying to fuck him over.

Bad place to try that shit.....not saying this is a noble cause to dox a motherfucker but still not cool if someone is messing with the dude.....

Looks like the most generic motherfucker ever who would randomly talk shit to you on the street then the next day be begging for 50p for a bus.

good luck with that....buses in London don't take cash anymore

What did you vote on Brexit?

How do you have enough money to get your fixes? Have you ever sold your ass to middle-class faggots?

50p which you then put on your oyster card from a machine

I counted to 30?

nobody gives a shit thats why ur post is on page ten

Good thing he's from blackpool then isn't it


i remember me and my family were down in blackpool once for a holiday. Actually saw a guy selling drugs out of a ford escort just down from the trevelyan guest house

As much as it is traditional for me to go on holiday to Blackpool it’s a fucking shithole

Half the buildings there are run down to shit and it’s full of chavs anyone who as been to Blackpool knows what I’m saying

Its "my family and I", you dumb shit. This is why you've gotten nowhere in life.

Calm down buster who shat in your Cheerios

My brother drives i believe a Audi A1 or A3 ( not a carfag) and pays about 300 quid a month for a 3 bedroom seperate house, Literally lives in a corner no chav comes too)blackpool)