Waifu thread

Waifu thread.

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wh.. whassup! My homies!

(flying knife)
c'est triste. J'espère que t'a de l'argent de coté pour payer les comptes. J'ai déjà de la misère avec un emplois stable

Juste parce que j'suis pas wise avec mon argent

0 still here

Practice is always good


big forehead

Ouais, j'ai aprox 10k pour passer l'hiver

Do you watch anime a lot? How much vocab/sentence structure do you know?

J'ai oublié de demander c'est quoi ton emplois stable

He didn't say claimed

Rem claimed

Claimed desu


J'suis fantassin, Royal 22e Régiment. C'était toi qui joue du piano ou je pense à un autre Holo?

hi friend

Oui oui c'est bien moi.. pourquoi?

What's up Sup Forums?

I do watch a lot. Cant really say how much I know about it

この くらい なら わかる?

Shinoa claimed ',:)

I can read the symbols but cant translate what,it says. I only know about some stuff like weather and stuff


Muh senpai


>nice pic
Juste de même

Holo.....stop the cute lewds.
This is a perfect 2/10 lewd.

Lewd because stripes, but cute because...look at it

As an outsider I have to say. The same goes for youvin this case.

Very cute

Sup friendos! For I shall not get pulled away for work shit again!

Koume immune from cute limit.

Claming Yuki Nagato


Dont kill my heart ok?

How smug is your day going?

>non smug pic from smugs
Was me that said that. What koume does is out of my control.

I guess you should focus on trying to associate new words when you watch anime. As long as the subs are trustworthy you should expand your vocab at a reasonable pace that way

okok.. ton age approx.?

B-but she's cute



I'm 20 my guy
What about you?

Holo~kun how goes it? Write anything new while I’ve been kind of away? Wasn’t sure if you were still here or not.


I'm not sure what's the last thing you've heard from me

>no kanji
>using spaces

you need a lot of practice

Pardon me?

Gaijin detected

You could drink in the US, lucky

I’ll have to look when I get home... flying back now.
I feel old now...

Easy day so far. Plan on watching justice league tonight. Gotta stock up on snacks though. You?

Want keep on talking or do you want to keep your kneecaps?

Hello there

>Not understanding what the question was
Doofus detected

Right, but you could drink since 18. You are also lucky huehuehue

Am sorry for being a youngster. Just let me know when you have the answer :^)

Rate the smug, I don't have many

granpas please get out
They only gave me 3 mags for my m249 tuesday
3 fucking mags, it was sad being part of that attack

Just like many people, I started drinking younger than what I should've :^)

Oh sorry i didn't see the context.

I got my first Johnnie Walker bottle from my dad at the age of 17. He said: "Learn how to appreciate every sip"

Who are you to go around on Sup Forums pointing out at gaijins
and chastising them for putting into practice a language
they are still trying to learn?

TL;DR Who are you?

Awww shes so pitiful. 10/10 would refugee
You're too kind. She has a few super powers one is max cute stats.
No you must stop *keep going* panties are for under clothes *this is great* you shouldn't do such things. *I love stripes*
>What are hips Alex?
Good afternoon stapler sempai

"Trick or treat....I got a lot."


Johnnie Walker was my first bottle of alcohol I got, quickly moved on to other brands of scotch. Lagavulin is my favourite so far

don't mention it

So? What makes you go around and act like that?

I like Chivas and Glenfiddich a lot

I don't have any other stripes sadly

I need to buy a new bottle, I only have a bottle of Jack Daniel's left

... ew

8/10. Pretty good

I know only really got that because I was low on funds at the time

fair enough

>unattended apples



times are hard when you just got a car.
up to much?

btw all your waifus are trash and Im lonely and need companionship on discord :(

>a wild holo has been caught

Nah. Stay lonely for calling my waifu trash

>a strange feeling that you are being watched suddenly rushes over you

Aнacтacия — звeздa, чтo вeдeт мeня
Fluffy head

And thats just rude. Like people that smash pumpkins on Halloween....why

Cute (:


I’ll keep them. Not an imposter verified. I will haha that won’t be until tonight. I jut hit 25 on the 11th haha.
Have you been playing war games too? Also 3 mags is not enough...you need 200 round belts!
I am only kind when it comes to friendos. How’s it going?


it's okay, footage won't be shared

I have, and I need at least 2 belts. Preferably in a cloth cloth

Switch it up friend

Ohh. Okay

I watch Horrible Subs mostly

Quite ok. Playing some games

What makes you think I'm an imposter? Was there another not too long ago who was pretending to be me?

What games I wonder

Still fortnite and some osu in the breaktimes

Feeling better today?
I’d imagine, we just finished our games up and got wrecked haha. Aviation should not allowed to play infantry any more.
Sorry friendo.
I was just teasing is all.

It's fine. Just didn't know it was you. How is your day going?

She doesn't fit Koume's dress


Yeah. The new part of my job I'm doing is much better than before

How were the tires?

This is what I'm gonna do to all of your waifu's pussies.

could've been smoother but it's done now.
how are you?

I'm doing okay. Heading home now. I picked up some smoked sausage and a date square at the local market

It’s no worries. It’s been a good day so far, how about yourself?
That’s good to hear.

You still in the military?


Ah im doing okay. Work was a little tiring and stressful. But i'm happy at home right now

did work get better?
nice are you cooking something tonight?

Chair Force should stay in their hotels smh

That’s fair enough. Looking forward to that today.
But I’m not in the chair force... I actually have to go to work. Had more of a problem with cooks shooting our own helicopters than our “enemy force” except for the night they did a mas cal and just killed off a ton of people.

Its better than it was, but I still felt sick.
Nope, just going to cut it up and eat with cheese and crackers

alright that's a good start :(
that's a nice snack you're making me hungry

Cat girls nah cats and girls yes


Just practicing/ learning a piece
>tfw you suck this bad at sight reading

I guess it's time for a >walk

That's not old though, imo

Those are usually fine subs

Its probably the best I can hope for
Sorry :(

shebby horo

I think so too from what i undestand

no you could still find better but if it's ok for now then fine.
It's okay I got a snack too now

This is the best I can do for now, sadly :(
What did you get?

Eu claimed~