What is the worst thing you've ever fapped to?

What is the worst thing you've ever fapped to?

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I uh, I fap to casual porn. Like the normal stuff you know. I'm not proud to admit it but it gets me off. Just watching a penis slide in and out of a vagina? Wonderful.


Consensual hetero intercourse between adults

I have a video of me throatfucking my ex with a double-ended dildo for two minutes. Nine inches deep, throat bulge, the works. She pukes at the end. She fucking hated it and asked me to delete it. I didn't.

some guy pouring after shave on some asian chicks clit in a taxi

she wasn't happy

I fapped to this character after she binged.

lately I am obssessed with CEI porn... that kinda non-standard porn choice...

GTFO. disgusting

That's half gay. I prefer about the same thing, but without the penis.

Can you show it?


prob this.

no but I'll post her holes


Yer fuckin mum m8

Post some frames of the video please. It seems so interesting

cp scat

Babysitting Cream

>cp scat
I feel you

>inb4 edgy daisy replies

Horses fucking was probably my lowest point.

one frame, it's 12 inches long

That girl who hung herself on live me?

Dude moar

No user is referring to a cheesy pizza video called daisy destructuion

I bet you hold hands too, you crazy fucker.

I’ve fapped to niggers... in not proud of it one goddamn bit.

Ohhhhhhhhhh. That doesent exist

nah, just go to r/dildothroating

>what are you watching, she asks
>you have a thing for porn
>begins jacking my penis off
>blow my load all over my computer and her hand
>you made quite a mess user
>walks out of the room like nothing happened

it does exist faggot, it was posted here back in 2014


but now that's full gay.


Then post it . If it exsist user prove me wrong.

Consensual heterosexual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

Jock tf



my mom



I understand why this is hot because I am a heterosexual male who loves bimboification stuff

also >teamates = guys to drink tea with?


more then once I'm sad to say

I'm heterosexual too
I get aroused thinking this happening to me


It really is something impossible to forget.

I'm going to hell

Who is she


There's a whole Wikipedia page relating to that dude.

>CEI porn.


and I'm not sure why

oh fuck its spreading

It's funny cause she's a nazi


>Then I grab my glock from out of the dresser put it to her head and whisper get the fuck out of my house.



A picture of your mom.


In my teens I once fapped to my 60 y/o neighbour lady doing gardening in a skirt

too fucking soon

Too soon

>super fucking horny
>go to deviant art
>start jacking
>dog walks in
>woof (Sorry, i didn't know you were busy)
>dog sits there, and doesn't leave
>bark (So what are you looking at?)
>furry porn
>arf (so you have a thing for animals)
>dog starts licking my cock
>blow my load all over the keyboard and his mouth
>rrrrararf (you made quite a mess user)
>walks out like nothing happened

hahahha, your hand is so fat



Is this the new “to be fair you have to have a high IQ...”


I once fapped to 2 people having consensual sex in the missionary position

The video where the Japanese girl ends up having a seizure at the end of the video. Then all the naps run around freaking out.


Also some video where a guy fucks a blonde mare and cums inside. Literally a horse. Still makes me hard tho, it was a beautiful mare
It's called "blonde mare fun" but I'm not going to look it up now since I dont want any dolphins.exe

Fucking casuals
>pic related

Girl pov


are you fucking 12?

this is just some edgy tryhard shit

Probably Painal stuff. Feel immediately bad afterwards but I can't help it. Unlocks some primal ass drive within me.


Do it

All porn cept creampie is for virgins

I had webcam sex with another guy.

I'm not even gay, just lonely and wanted to feel like someone was turned on by me even if it was a faggot.

I masturbated to someone fucking a sex doll.. so I basically masturbated to a guy masturbating. Not proud

owo i'll help out


Please God don't





I fapped to this for some reason



Expected this