I can piss you in front of your girlfriend, and you can not do anything to me

I can piss you in front of your girlfriend, and you can not do anything to me.



You can piss me? K

Powa of injections... too much of it

Stupid ass injecting synthol. GL losing your arms

I love seeing picture of people who inject that shit into their arms, shit makes me laugh every time

When you're so gay you have to start injecting sperm into your arms to become the super fag that is OP.

i can shoot you...
I can stab you...
and even kick the living shit out of your ridicolous fapping arms...
and most importantly, even in your fantasy iIhave a gf and you don't, what a fucking phatetic loser are you?!

I'd fuck you till you love me faggot

on your knees!

Hey, can i have my bicycle pump back, youve had it for far to long!
Totally gay by the way, are you going to a cosplay as Morty in the episode called Mad Max

u cant do anything yr sissy arse feggit
dont fuck with me and my BAZOOKAS, niggers

That's why we have guns.
The Great Equalizers.

yo detuchbag ill tear u apart, look at this BAZOOKA

Holy shit, I'm dying over here

u rly think u can stahp BAZOOKAS witth ur lil gay gun? haHAA

why no one tells him to stop? Why no one tells him he looks like a walking joke? how can something like this happen irl? Like he really looks at these pics and say "yeah I look friggin awesome I post this on social media asap!"

please someone explain this shit to me. I know this might be a mental illness. I know about bigorexia. I know some BBs feel like they are feathers in the wind altough they are 250+ lbs but this shit is on another level.

This is like autism meets cheap illegal drugs in a closed envorinment. Synthol is not even a pe drug but just fucking oil. Oil they inject under thier skins. how??

That's not looking really healthy man. What did you inject? Cooking oil? Industrial silicone?

What a fucking retard.


bet you bench 1pl8 faggot

stop posting gay cartooons idiot



yo that's some bad circulation bro. Your turkey stumps of arms are oxygen deprived.

synthol retard

God I wanna laugh at this guy in person so bad, I want video

How does having to rotate your entire torso to wipe your own ass feel?

they look infected

nice injections you beta bitch


That guy is going to die of so much fucking cancer.

>his core is smaller than his waist
>ridicilously skinny forearms ends up in painfully looking big ass blobs
>pencil neck
>autism face
>zero pecs


What an unbelievably stupid thing to do.

Jantee shaaban is the only person that I know that looks good with synthol

atleast I understand this.

brazilian peasant have seen a few arnold movies so he decided he will be buff like the good old terminator but he lacks the work ethic, the genetics, the food, the charisma, the wits, he lacks everything so he buys cheap oil injections for 10bucks per liter and becomes the clown of town.


he looks obese

If you had the frame for it and you didn't go over board, then you could get by with it.
I mean, if you were doing it for a modeling job or whatever that would be fine too.
I've not seen many that pull it off though, shit usually looks wonky as hell.

I could prick your arms with a pin and watch as the oil runs out of them

i like to see that
> no gf
is that like dividing by zero?

Do they inject it into their dicks,they should.

Because he's stupid,anyone who looks at the people who inject huge amounts of oil and thinks that looks good is just stupid.

Anyway he wanted attention now he's got it.Next he should inject his forearms, chest, and cock.


its no rocket science
you can pull it off if you are already buff as fuck. Thats the point of synthol. Some big ass bb invented it so he could put "fake muscles" on his muscles to get an edge and have better chances to win mr O.

>falling for the biceps meme
Worthless muscles. Take the core pill, and start doing squats and deads.

I counted to 30


Even still, I find almost everyone overdoes it on the back of their arms, shit looks like a tumor.

Can't wait to see you on a amputee thread.

Your mother is obese
He inspires me to work out

fuc off


good luck even TRYING to get a good swing with those massive nutsacks on your arms


could you, in theory, inject this in your penis?

Pic related muscle Eddie
I think he is dead

yeah nevermind

In order to get stronger, you have to actually work out. Sitting on your ass injecting oil and shit into your muscles doesn't do a damn thing.

congrats to him. he has the biggest limp dick in his graveyard and he had the biggest limp dick while he was alive. whats the point? Im sure he had 0 sexual pleasure from that thing he called a dick. Oh yeah, looking at that pic I think he enjoyed the other side of the dick better.

Poor north american guys. lol

Synthol explosions are smelly

Look at that infection

Whow! Did your mother was drunk when she design you? The proportion of your body make no-sens

Learn to Photoshop better

Grossly oversized arms and a chest you could serve soup in, sexy.

i can cut your fucking arms and force you to eat them