Oh America, how did you let it get to this?

Oh America, how did you let it get to this?

It’s the juice fault

Liberal here - that person is obviously retarded, but I could find a picture of a retard from your side too. This post seems like a waste of time.

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The kids that grew up in the 90s were coddled. That generation has not seen a legit threat since the Soviet Union collapsed. No more existential threats. The 90s kids were told that they would be the ones to make a difference, that they're super special. Now we got a generation full of faggots and deviants

>Oh America, how did you let it get to this?

Can you stop posting this every fucking day?

Conservative here. I agree we can pick retards from each side but you must agree the retards are getting worse and larger in numbers. Normal libs, conserv, and middle are shrinking and more extreme nutjobs are growing

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Also, teaching kids to accept diversity was a big thing in the 90s too. I remember my public schools having assemblies on Martin Luther King, native america dances, and fighting racism. My history classes had Trail of Tears, Nazism, and slavery. Now we have a rise in interracial relationships and white guilt

So let me get this straight. Years and years of being pounded in out heads to not say anything bad or mean or generalistic about black, Mexican, Asian, etc. But wearing a shirt that says white men are terrorists is OK. Imagine if it said black men are criminals. His ads would have been beaten


And then we got feminism getting out of hand. Feminism has always been about making sure girls and women didn't get a raw deal. Feminists have been operating on the assumption that society will always have a problem with women. First they asked to go school. They were allowed. Next they asked for jobs. They were allowed. Next they asked to divorce shitty husbands (the legit shitty abusive ones, not the falsely accused ones) and keep the kids. They were allowed. Now they insist on fighting us all the time because they no longer have any serious issues like the ones their grandmothers faced. They are enhancing microagressions as their new problem.

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Why don't anti-White white people just kill themselves.
Them living is contributing to their perceived problem

The girl in the Op is English.

Oh Canada, our home and native land

I counted to 30