No atheists, but skeptics welcome

No atheists, but skeptics welcome.

I've been CONSIDERING looking more into the Mormon church.
I feel lost in my guidance with God, as I have been for a while.
I'm right wing, but a lot of Christian sects have really submitted into this "God loves all we're all cushy and loveable." even the CATHOLIC CHURCH has become lenient on homosexuality.

Am I crazy for CONSIDERING this??

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>believing in mormonism

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Idk just atheists seem like cunts in any religion thread

try these guys

God does love all. It's in the bible. There's no debate. Jesus died for our sins and there for any and all sins are forgiven when you allow Jesus into your heart and live your life in his name and way.

Do you need a safe space?

I grew up mormon, I don't go to church or practice the religion anymore but honestly it was a good upbringing for me - I would say there would be no harm done in trying it ou.


read the Book of Mormon

you can get it free at the Kindle store or stop by a LDS church and ask for a copy.

You can go online to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and ask all the questions you like. They are patient and good people

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are good people. You will be made to feel welcome. If you are single and convert, you wont be single long. They will see you married off and making Mormon babies in no time

> Bible
> God loves all
Except the guys before the flood, Sodom, Gomorrah, the Egyptian first-borns, the Canaanites, the Amalekites, Israelites that complain, and everyone who masturbates.


can confirm. all my childhood mormon friends I grew up with are all getting married and having kids already in their early 20s they can't wait to sex

You're crazy for having such a simple, gullable mind that you feel the need to use false Gods to give yourself any sense of enlightment and purpose. I would pity you, but I am too busy making the world a better place with my superior mindset and unquenched desire to learn more about the world.




>atheists seem like cunts
>uses religion as an excuse to belittle other people for their personal lives

> Also, all religions are stupid, but Mormonism takes the cake, buddy.

Are you familiar with the story of Joseph Smith? It's as crazy as Scientology. If you are going to pretend to believe that just so you can feel comfortable about being intolerant to others, you are truly fucked in the head. You'll fit right in!

Some of their beliefs are batshit crazy, but they are super nice and believe in family and country. So take it with a grain of salt.

>...In any religion thread
They never provide sound advice and take part in discussion, literally just become hostile and shit everywhere.

Yeah violence served its purpose didn't it. Loving all does not mean being a doormat, and it does not mean everyone can do everything they like with no consequences. Even the catholic church recognizes reasons for "just war".

I believe in our great lord dumbledore. prove he doesn't exist. protip: you can't!

>Am I crazy for CONSIDERING this??

What are you, 12? God is a brand name. Mormons are retards with a good social structure. Church is a bizarre concept.

Why does every atheist in every thread involving religion come off as a narcissistic piece of shit? This turns me off from atheism.

Spotted the jihadi.
Yeah, the Egyptian babies were totally evil.

That was a time when god lived outside of the heart and god expected a lott more out of his creation. Also a lot of those people lost sight of their holy duty and sinned against god immensely. God started over with us many times. Eventually he was able to send his son to forgive us for our sins and spread the word in the form of the church. Also all that stuff happened before the bible was written.

>I'm right wing, but a lot of Christian sects have really submitted into this "God loves all we're all cushy and loveable."
user, you're a camel jockey. You obviously don't have a problem with teetotaling either, if you're considering the Utah wife collectors.

The old testament is like the rough draft of an essay the new testament is the final draft with all the cushy love shit

Sup Forums is full of edgy atheist teens. Just let that shit roll off your shoulders. Remember turn the other cheek.

OP literally started a thread asking for advice on which denomination would allow him to hate gays more.
He might as well just become Muslim

Joseph Smith was a two-bit con-artist, and only the stupid/misinformed don't know this.

He was literally the L. Ron Hubbard of his day.

Atheism is a lack of religion, not a religion. It's the concept that the ENTIRE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE is good enough. We don't need to add fairy tales to it to make it more cool than it already is.

and it's also not what christians follow. None of that is in the New Testament. That's the old covenant.

It's also true that humans are extremely hypocritical and will claim they believe and follow the new testament and yet continually do the opposite.


Orthodox is the most redpilled religion. But those mormons do have the family thing down. I once met a 22 year old mormon who had saved $120k on his own, no family money. What the fuck? Said that's the money he needs to start a household in bumfuck wherever he's from.

Trips confirm Mormontology

Joseph Smith was a prophet
You dont need to believe user, it's cool

The Angel Maroni smiles upon you anyway

At least OP isn't saying he wants to be a Scientologist

OP the reason you find a lack of connection with god is because whatever sect you’re in isn’t biblical. Simply do, think, and immerse yourself in biblical teachings and gospel, and you’ll grow in your relationship with god. Don’t stress over what you’re labeled. Long as you’ve accepted him into your heart, and you truly believe that, he will guide you to where you need to be.
Even when we rebel he proceeds after us like a sheep lost from the heard

I counted to 30

Angels don't exist. Religion is mass delusion.

Joe Smith was a convicted con-artist. Mormons are in a creepy smiley cult.

Even if the cult makes them better people, they're still in a cult... a cult built on a foundation of lies and gullibility.

Too poor lmao

Think for yourself and don't go balls deep into a religion, believe what you feel is right and not what someone tells you is right.
You shouldn't have to fall into a neatly shaped box to fit in.

I find no religion has anything I agree with 100% on.
If there is a God, I doubt any human has managed to get it just right on some book without fucking up on a lot of it.

Also Mormonism is one of the more laughably insane ones, why in the hell would you pick that of all things?

>Why does every atheist in every thread involving >religion come off as a narcissistic piece of shit?
Because you're insecure about believing in an invisible sorcerer in the sky who invented the world and mankind in 7 days and knows when you've been naughty or nice?

Matt Dillahunty called Mormonism "The second most obviously false religion on the planet." I agree with him. But they did have these sweet-ass cult rituals...

>right wing
>hates gays
would be the religion for you, my friend :^)

If you are dumb enough to believe in Christ then the Mormon Church is the place for you.

stay mad

when you're not 21 any more, and you get married and start a family, you'll turn to religion to set a foundation for your family and children.

The church will be here waiting, and will still take you in with a warm smile and embrace.

>and you get married and start a family

We are talking about Sup Forums here. Edgy atheism is their shield against the sexual frustration they feel from being beta virgins.

lmao, needing some else to indoctrinate ones children. CUCK

There are lessons in both testaments. There are hundreds of versions of the bible because just like history and time itself everything changes and needs updated. Basically it's like this, before Jesus (old testament, collections of story (not yet written)) god lived outside of the heart. It was considered right in God's eyes to live through his word and desires but he never intervened or stopped you from sinning but always punished those unworthy of his love. After Jesus and his death and ressurection god lives inside the heart now and weighs heavily in your life allowing you to follow his way easier and sin less essentially. It's still up to you to not sin but if you abstain or seek forgiveness and redemption you're promised eternal afterlife in heaven.
I'm not an expert but I am Christian and it's a no brainer to me. Love people, even those who hate god or don't believe, and try to help others see the light in god. You don't have to and it's not my job to force you. I plant the seed and you choose to water.

Not mad. Just stating the obvious. Religious persons tend to lack the critical thinking skills to evaluate religions as a social construct. There was a few years when I believed in Santa Claus, too.

I have a son, am in my late 30s, happily married. I'm raising my son without religion, and he will be a better person because of it.

When your only motivation to be a good person is a scary sky monster... you're a shitty person. Religion pollutes reality.

that anger you feel when you lash out at others?

thats the hole from your lack of faith

let Jesus in your heart and feel whole user

you can stop this pettiness found uniquely in Atheists

Former Mormon here. Just don't. The church is full of wacky shit that outsiders don't see. Also the church will never "unmarry" or divorce you from your wife among lots of other trash

You just want to keep those sweet golden plates for yourselves!

From all concepts of religion you want to believe in the most ridicolous one. Kek.

If you want to be a Christian don't be a fucking Mormon. There are sects hundreds of centuries old with well established doctrine and ritual, don't go for a cult.

Except that you will find rarely a person who lives that message. Humans are pretty despicable and use any justification to treat each other poorly.

Considering looking further into it*

fyi americans doesnt do christianity correctly, when your leaders shit talk the pope you better know you are following the prophets of satan

When you point out someone else's view points are different and there for less than yours, you're a hypocrite. No matter how you try and spin it.

That's not the fault of the new testament, that's just humans being shit like they've always been.

The best thing is always what is good and nice. You can interpret an text in every way. Maybe bible ist written ironically?

can't you just marry another woman and so on and so forth? isn't having multiple wives the main selling point for mormonism?

What is the first? Christianity?

When I point out that the Mayan and Aztec ritual human sacrifice is about as evil as things can get, I'm not being a hyopcrite I'm being real.

Morality isn't all relative.

Catholicism is a different form of the Christian religion the same way Christians are former Jews. Christianity came before catholicism

I'm also Atheist, white straight male and I feel we need religion back ASAP it's what bonded white people together.

But it's not relative when one event was thousands of years ago in times before mass communication and information spreading. It's like saying the second amendment can only protect gun owners who have flint lock pistols and powder rifles

you can pretty much ditch the old testament as a christian, if you start preaching it you're more of a jew

And the pope came not long after Christianity grew from a persecuted sect to an established religion. Peter was the first.

> You need a religion as foundation for kids

I have own values from life experience which i would teach my kids. Not some shitty delusional shit which intelligent people use to make money from stupid sheeps

The church does not allow polygamy.

The prophet William Woodruff proclaimed that polygamy was not allowed any longer in 1890.

This was in exchange for Utah becoming a state. Deseret was initially much larger, but pieces were being taken away and given to surrounding states.

To preserve Deseret, William Woodruff sacrificed polygamy as being allowed by the church

Yep, read the Beatitudes. Those are the guidelines Christ gave us. Those are exactly how Christians should be.

So yeah like I said humans being shit isn't the fault of the Bible.

yes, its called orthodox christianity and mericans don't follow it either, blasphemer

>Mormon church
Dude, at least go with the times, use a MODERN logo for your Mormon's church

>pic related

>The church will be here waiting, and will still take you in with a warm smile and embrace.

In my experiences most religous "good-people" are hypocrite and tend to be more assholes when it doesnt affect how other people see them.

in NJ catholicism is very popular. It's those southern and midwestern evangelicals that are the batshit, bible-thumping, insufferable bigots.

but humans wrote the bible?

>When you point out someone else's view points are different and there for less than yours, you're a hypocrite. No matter how you try and spin it.

Facts are not viewpoints. I have facts on my side. No religion in the history of humanity, out of 1000s of religions, has ever been proven true. This is because 100% of religions are false. Your religion is not true, despite your belief systems you inherited from your parents. I'm not sure you're using the term hypocrisy correctly.

Hypocrisy would be me saying "my religion is more true than yours".

I'm saying all religions are false, and are mass delusions, passed down from generation to generation, based only upon where you were born, and what religion your parents believe.

It's not like I have my reality, and you have yours, and I hold incorrect beliefs while saying yours are incorrect.

I'm absolutely, factually, based in reality... and you believe in fantasy worlds.

you can either believe in the mad ramblings written down by a failed scifi author about angels talking to him or be a sceptic . the two are mutually exclusive.

Yes. Think about that. 1,600-1,800 years ago people wrote about the Beatitudes and concepts that were so good and pure humans simply refuse to live up to them.

Watch the mormon southpark episode and laugh your ass off about this massive stupid people. I once met some, they are really nice and friendly, but their iq Gas only 2 numbers

Scientology. Both are relatively recent religions, so they're easy to falsify.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 I declare a meme war

>guy finds tablets from god while digging
>god also speaks to him
>nobody is allowed to see tablets
>somehow convinces community that this is legit (guess yanks were tards back then too)

Somehow people still believe this guy was legit.

I admire the man, conned people and got rich of their idiocy.

If you need an ideology to follow because you are notstrong willed enough to read, emphathise with different viewpoints and then come up with your own conclusions start reading Marx and Engels.
Communism the future.

Dude, mormons believe in magic stones and angels. Those people have the mindset of 5 year olds.


Do it, OP. The mormons are some of the nicest family-oriented people in the world. Unfortunately, they are not redpilled at an institutional level (i think it's illegal), but if you manage to 'naturalize', you'll have a access to some of the most decent, real women left in the US (you might have to study at BYU for a few years to meet up with one)

The idea of God is there too make us better than the sum of our parts, however we can never escape our humanity, which is innately selfish and wicked. I have a hard time believing that there is an all-powerful God if the world is in such a state and it appears that His only interactions are minute and unconfirmed. It makes more sense to compare God to Admins on a Japanese cartoon, porn message board. They only step in when major rules are violated, at the risk of destroying their universe and the user's continue to be mischievous, woeful self-servants who often go unchecked.

>Am I crazy

Yes. And immoral.

Read Thomas Aquinas

and you believe you were created from magic pixie dust which magically turned into a fish which magically turned into a human

magic stones and the angel Maroni seems pretty reasonable when compared to your magic fish story

Who says God has to be involved directly like life is a videogame?

That's the kind of question philosophers and the religious have struggled with for centuries, millenia even. There are some questions that simply cannot be answered, and some concepts that will remain elusive.

The truth is not that the world was created in 7 days, man was crafted out of clay and woman was crafted out of a bone taken from Adam's ribcage, nor is it that all matter in the entire universe just so happened to exist in a single point and explode, then randomly morph for no reason into our incredibly complex brains and circulatory systems.

The truth is in between there somewhere.

large parts of the story date back to even older jewish texts wich in return contain references from again older babylonian and mesopotamian texts just that they changed the names of the characters and gods...