You got my lamb sauce? Edition

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Requesting a three panel comic. The first panel should show lelya as her normal self sitting infront of her computer, with a text saying pre-Sup Forums drawthread. The second panel should show her being nude with unwashed, longer hair and hairy pussy fingering herself with one hand while using a laptop with the other. This described with a text reading: "NOW". And the third panel should show her dressed like a slut and fucking a fat guy with her saying: "Fuck me harder daddy". With the last caption saying "After Sup Forums drawthreads."

Requesting This Cheetah Girl, Taking a shower

/r/ trying to solve this german 3D puzzle

Requesting more Naganadel fanarts.
Porn welcome

Requesting a boneless pizza please.

Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

Is this a Pokémon?

hello, how's everyone?

Requesting Sacrier godess as a phone wallpaper, perferrably yellow and teal. Appreciate it.

A NEW Pokémon from us/um

Ring an espeon version of this.

I asked for suggestions at the wrong time, lel. But yeah, there was Daisy, Pauline and Lucina that I liked so far. Any others?

nigga you gay


show me your oc's asshole



How do you make an oc

Junko Enoshima.

Requesting an MGE cheshire cat being swallowed whole, alive, and head-first by a giant snake. Then to the side, show a cutaway of the girl entirely in the snake's stomach. Lastly, show the snake slithering away with a bulging belly

Delthea from fire emblem.

Whats the name of your stream

Hey there threads, I got time for a request or two.
Give Mama whatcha got, lovelies.


No, dont eat the cheshire cat.

Cheshire cats are for hugs and love and kinky stuff


Requesting a woman wearing a bikini and hiking boots please

Might you serve me a mug of ale?

just draw a character showing her butthole, simple


Show us what you got. Pray tell me what might your name may be?

Hey leyla did you disable chat on your stream?

Show us those beautiful teeth of yours

>take a quick nap
>wake up to sleep paralysis
>get a visit from the intruder
Not so good stuff...

Did you ever do that comfy request?

Aww shit dude that sucks

hey its cyberman guy again lol

taking more requests


Requesting a femal superhero getting her costume stuck on something and it tearing off of her.

It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's one of the most terrifying things

>In case Barchive and others don't work for you
Previous thread backup(s):

>you can archive threads with a bookmarklet

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>try also archive.org

>and repost back if links don't work

Can i get a sword hand?

Oh! shit that's why I had SAI open last night. My bad, no, I didn't.
Nope, it should be on still?
It's on Picarto, just type Leyla
Awww man, I wanna do Tharja AND Palutena too, so many choices

Yeah. Its awful

why use this one instead of the other archive site?

Battle damaged crusader knight

>My bad no I didn't
Oh, well ok then
I would still very much appreciate it if you were to do it. If not.... Then that's fine

im doing pretty good

doing more requests

did you stop using discord? Havent seen you for a while now in any server

Hey fren, how are you doing?
How's the avatar coming along?

Have one on the house

Because it doesn't always work. Usually when i go to Barchive, it shows me "Error 503: Service Unavailable".

Requesting gogo from big hero 6 only wearing a pair of jean shorts

the pain is intense

Hey, I'll do it for you. Just gotta finish another Samus mass request.
No, I just set my thing to offline so I wouldn't be immediately messaged once I hopped on.

draw frein lewds with enem lewds side-by-side

You could just turn off PMs in the settings. It's what I did.

Thanks my friend!
I toast to thine health

Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Thanks for the delivery btw

>Appearing offline

Was someone spamming you or are you ignoring all messages at the moment? Ive been messaging you with no reply in yv server last week. Feels bad being ignored


its going alright, I think fren's name is Blobert. Blob for short. Blober for medium. Really only planning on using him for interacting with the other avatars, where it goes from there I'm not sure

>Was someone spamming you

>Ive been messaging you with no reply

>been messaging you with no reply
>been messaging you
>been messaging
>was someone spamming
>spamming you

>Feels bad being ignored
>being ignored

>spamming you but with no reply. Feels bad being ignored

Yeah. Gee. I wonder.

Whenever anyone messages me on Discord it overlays in front of SAI and I have to tab out to start drawing again
I'll set it to do not disturb when I'm drawing then

What time is it?

Good to see the development
I've since decided to abandon playing a character, it was more work than what it was worth

Hi, guys! I'm just here for a Q & A. Ask me anything! Just don't be stupid.

the autism of Sup Forums

*most of the Sup Forums archive sites with Sup Forums archiving show me Error 503

>Whenever anyone messages me on Discord it overlays in front of SAI and I have to tab out to start drawing again
Hate this.


has kitty ever had anything up her butt

why not fiddle with SAI's settings or google for some tweaks?

>Just don't be stupid.

Who are you?

Clip Paint studio and i try but then I start drawing and leave servers

deus vult and all that jazz

Wow thats deep. haha no problem.

...And what are you doing my Sup Forums-house?

gotcha, I was feeling the same way tbh, just decided to make Blobert as a character to talk through

Thanks comrade

man, give google a try
>just be specific on your search query

honestly almost every OC doesn't start "original". Usually inspired by something, but work on it and give it enough life till it stands on it's own.

Im on yv server and sent a message with a photo once. I blame the way I wrote it but fuck you

Oh right

Frien is no more, now its just me, Blobert :D



I took inspiration from Wolverine and Beast from the X-men animated series >_>

i am becoming a beautiful butterfly

Drink some coffee

requesting belly dancer link crying

so you work at a supermarket now, blowjobrobert?...

Yeah, I mean...who hasn't these days? Haha!

You almost had a decent pun

draw your selfportait

any chance I can get the code or an invite if theres a discord?

(this is me:


The guy who was doing frien got tired of doing the same thing all the time so he decided to stop doing frien

who is standing near that Non-pc?

Cyberman Fighting a cyberworm?