What's his name again?

what's his name again?

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That's a pretty high def pic of the guy. My life was just fine without seeing him in HD.

Grand MarfTarken,

Gropey McGropeface

What’s my age again?

The guy who admitted he did it, apologized, and called for an investigation on himself. So go fuck yourselves, cuckservatives.

Al "The Rapist" Franken

henglebrim pumplespats

Luv them titties frankenfeelie

seeing a lot of conservatives jumping on franken in light of this new admission despite moore being the worse offender. let's ennumerate the differences between franken and moore shall we?

>pursued relationships with 14 - 16 year old children
>multiple unwilling parties involved with matching testimonies
>explicitly sexual in nature; actual acts of sex occurred
>threatened retaliation if victims talked
>was in government at the time of incident
>denies everything despite testimony, yearbook, etc

>single victiim, of consenting age
>a model/broadcaster who has likely negotiated contracts; "i will do this, I won't do this"
>implicitly sexual in nature; no sex acts occurred
>victim didn't speak out because of fear of personal backlash, as opposed to an explicit threat
>franken accepts accusation, with a degree of contention, but ultimately acknowledges actions
>private citizen at the time of incident

if franken steps down/resigns as a result of this the media and likely the senate will come down on moore harder than ever before.

conservatives attacked the victim's and never fess up while liberals admit their misdeeds and apologize. Human beings make mistakes but conservatives generally corner the market on hypocrisy

Al "she ain't sleep when I grab her teets" Franklin

There's a reason Trump stumped for Luther Strange instead of Moore

Libtards want a totalitarian thought police state, your destiny lies in a gas chamber or oven. Soon every one of you SJW faggots will be wiped from the face of the earth forever and ever, so help me god.

The load his dad should have swallowed.

When will the Democrats war against women stop?

Let us never forget that Ted Kennedy murdered a woman and got elected until his death and was viewed as a liberal hero until he died

Lewis Black

Anne Frank

This skank is whining about him stealing a kiss from her and pretending to grab her tits. She's just a golddigger slut who's looking for fame.

Senator Grabbertits

I mean she sucks cock for a living who is she kidding?

The problem with drumpftard is that everything is a game for them. They don't follow "rules" because then they might "lose against the ebil libruls who believe in climate change and evilution!!".

You can't have arguments with them, they don't have souls, they're basically husks or NPCs you meet in video games.

Maybe we should ask Ted Kennedy how to treat women

This is highly amusing to me. Does noone see the irony of posting shit like this in a place that does almost nothing but objectify and sexualize women and sometimes even little girls, post nude photos of them without their consent, talk about fucking their mothers/aunts/sisters/daughters, and the like? It's just funny to me to think that any of us think we're any better than any of these assholes and/or have the right to judge them because they're perverts.

>but...but...it's my body and I get to choose

Whats the difference between Franken pretending to grab her tits (I'm not sure he's even touching her) and somebody jerking off to her lingerie pics?

If she doesn't want to be objectified, maybe don't put your naked body in magazine photo shoots. What does she think happens with those once they're published?

At least we don't make excuses and get up on a soap box and proclaim "we are the champion of women".

Wow. A blast from the past. Ask JFK about assassinating blonde bimbos while youre at it.


Trump - "Nobody respects women more than me"

No, but instead of vilifying these people, we should embrace them, because they are just like us, fellow retards and autists who have no idea how to properly socially interact with the opposite sex.

>trump winning a second term
Haven't the dems been winning all elections since trump got elected?

I mean they just won virginia

So what's the game plan?

His name is DONE


Yes, because 2009 might as well have been a 1000 years ago

Hey, at least he didn't murder a woman and get elected for life

>running away from facts
I'm not surprised

I would have more sympathy for these fucks if they weren't a bunch of statists who attempt to take more of my money away and regulate me

There have been rumors for years about Frankenstein and his way with helpless women. Never thought he was funny.

Al "Titty Spanken" Franken

Stop your victim shaming.


If we're supposed to forget things that happened a long time ago, why are you so asshurt about Roy Moore?

>running away from facts

Not understanding facts.
I'm not surprised.


Chaim "It's alive" Frankensteinberg

AL spankin

Rape is still rape user... we didn't set the rules ... you did faggot

>is literally asleep in one picture and not in the next
Your logic is because she showed her tits in a picture it's cool for some old man to grab her while she is asleep on duty. One is obviously non-consented. Stop trying.