Anyone ever moved to America illegally?

Anyone ever moved to America illegally?

Im currently living in Finland and im bored as hell with my life. Im thinking would it be possible to take flights to New York and maybe get small appartment and a job near manhattan. This has been my dream for many years but what iv heard its really difficult to just move in USA legally. I just basicly want to come over there and drink with ouy guys and have sex with as many woman as possible before i die. All tips on how to achieve this are welcome.

Bumping with this finnish lady

You would move from Finland to the US? And lest me get this right... no body is forcing you? And you are mentally healthy? Coz if, why in the world would you leave Finland for the US?

My stats:

30 years old
Brown semi long hair
really fit with couple tattoos
Work as paramedic in Finland

How Americans treat refugees such as I if they found out im there illegally?

Have sex with traditional woman. Get her pregnant. Family forces you two to marry. Stay with her (legally). Done.


>Im thinking would it be possible to take flights to New York and maybe get small appartment and a job near manhattan.
Fuckin lol. Good luck mane. People already living in NY with long family histories there and already having jobs can't even do that.

you're not really a refugee if you're not in any risk

idk, america is okay, if you want a more party life you should consider las vegas. either way, you will go broke.

I mean, why trade finnish women for american? Aren't they pretty good in Finland?

Because of the adventure. This is great country but they are slowly ruining it with all the immigration and insane feminist shit. I need some MAGA in my life

This is best advice so far.

If you think there's less immigration/feminism in America..

Be warned. Overstaying a tourist visa gets you banned from obtaining legitimate green card later. You have to wait 8 years to apply again. Even if you find someone to marry you'll be denied from overstaying your tourist visa.

Move to wisconsin. Lots of alcoholics and u can hang out with ponsse faggits

Well im talking about really small apaprtment. Like closet or something. And by job i mean doing dishes in the local strip club or something similar.

Well not that kind of party. Just want bunch of american friends i can go out with every weekend for beers and have fun.

Theres good women here and then theres bad. Same deal in every country. Living with a good one atm but she started pressuring me to have kids so its time to bail soon.

Melania had that dream and she's first lady but had to do unspeakble things to get that green card

Why not go legally? If you're a trained paramedic surely you can get a green card?

A closet apartment in near Manhattan is like $1400 a month. Good luck...

Try picking apples in Michigan or out West. If your fast like the Mexicans you make a ton of money

I was also thinking about going to Texas. My dream is to somday be able to say "We don like em darkees ere" on the drivers seat of my pickup truck

You'll be lucky to even find a room for $750 month

Yes. Gay for pay is not an option for me. Atleast not atm.

I think i would need to go to amerian school first since the education might be different from the one that we get in Finland

Ouch. Didnt know its that expensive. Maybe the black neigborhood would suit me better. Afterall i live in Helsinki where there is tons of blacks and arabs.

Tfw crippling commitment issues force's you to move halfway around the world

Those neighborhoods are all being gentrified and are just as expensive

That actually starts to be the same price that i pay atm. In Helsinki the rents are almost same as Manhattan. There was even a story about it in a newspaper. My previous appartment was like 16 square meters and the rent was 800 euros. I think thats close to 1000 dollars.

It's not hard if your name is Juan


Its acceptable to be racist anywhere in the u.s., my nig

Always wanted to see america. Im a huge fan for some reason. I think it has something to do with the fact that my favorite movie as a child was Dump and Dumber.

Imma gonna level with you here: You don't want to try this in NY. If you think there is work, any work at all, that is just waiting for you there, you are wrong. The grimiest, most low paying jobs go to fresh hispanic immigrants who network that shit in advance back in their home countries. There is zero jobs for some dude fresh off a plane with a questionable visa and no contacts. None. Put it out of your mind. Same goes for LA.

If you want adventure, save up some money and arrange an actual tourist visa (not esta) and then road trip. If you want to stay, try for a green card or find an American woman who wants lifetime travel to Europe. If that doesn't pan out (and it won't unless you are rich), you can volunteer for the army with the intention of getting citizenship.

That's your options. Imo you are asking to trade down, but if it's for adventure then you just have to find out for yourself.

go through the proper channels. If you get caught as an illegal, you're out forever.

I think i have better chances on blending in since im a white guy. Surely they wont deport hard forking Finnish dude.

dont u get a green card or some shit if someone hires u?

I thank you for this response my friend. I trust that this is the way to go. I was thinking for the tourist visa thing and im totally going for it.

About the army thing. Can i really volunteer for the army even tho im not american citizen? Im also 30 years old.

I am sergeant in the Finnish army and loved my time there so i think i would like American army also.

Look honestly... stay in Finland get a nice Pension, then retire in Thailand... prob, solved.

I have no idea on this one.

then don't go to NY/LA
they're liberal hell holes, but at least they don't deport illegals there... you might be able to lay low and stay long-term

Most of us here in America are borderline retarded, no need to worry about education. If you're a paramedic you can get in easily. I hear you on the immigration, but my hometown in Minnesota is pretty much only Muslim refugees so its not like it will be different here. I think your biggest obstacle is the cost of living, unless you move somewhere less expensive (basically anywhere else in the US). Good luck user.

Finland is easymode. Im not looking the easy way out. Im looking to do something crazy with my life.

check local rooms for rent on craigslist. if money is issue, thats the best way to compare the different neighborhoods in terms of housing costs

I don't actually know if they would take a 30 yo. This method is usually for young hispanics who want citizenship and have some type of connection to US, and it is always infantry or something like that. They might take you for logistics, but not infantry. There's an embassy in Helsinki, you should ask more there, or look around at the Army website.

What would you suggest then? Some southern state?

Thank you! My dream is to wake up inside small appartment and walk outside and have cup of coffee far away from home. Would be awesome.

>Gay for pay is not an option for me. Atleast not atm.

So you are ok with it as long as it's NOT ass to mouth?

>Dump and Dumper
sounds like a bollywood blockbuster

Canada my friend!
Free health care
Cops don't care about pot really
Hotter women
Better booze

MAybe if get addicted to heroin. I saw documentary about junkies who live in New York few years ago. They went to suck off some turkish pizza makers for 20 dollars and then went to score heroin lol


Dude what, in Milan 80m2 are about 1100€ in good places, a decent room is about 400...

I don't think 16m2 is even legal, I'm in a 60m2 apartment and it's way too small for me, my parents house is around 400 and it is Ok

I'm talking about small towns tho

Its kinda funny, most people this days are looking for something secure, to have a solid salary, good health care and pension. A healthy work environment... yet you seem to have it all but you would give it all up for an adventure. Why don't you just take a vocation, see for your self, take a brush with the reality in the US and then decide for yourself?

as much as others talk shit... LA/NYC are best choices in terms of job opportunities, if you wanna stay, youre gonna have to learn how to hustle. nothing is handed out unlike in your home country. id recommend lower tier neighborhoods inside a big city. shit tier hoods are cheaper but i dont want you to become a statistic.

Last tip, rural towns like those in the south are less accepting of outsiders (regardless of race).

You realize paramedics in US only make like $13/hr in US right? What do you get paid there?

Your president is even more cuck then the people who run my country. Im sorry

I can only speak for my little sliver of Indiana, but you won't like it here. This is the type of place where you are either happy doing what you're doing or you are never happy. Don't get me wrong, this is a great place to live, but it's not like Hollywood would have you believe. You can do damn near anything you want in life, but at the end of the day you will still be doing the same thing, at least for the most part. I am happy here and most people I know are happy here, but if you think running away to America (or anywhere else for that matter) is going to make a huge change you're mistaken.

It's all about attitude, not location.

>Last tip, rural towns like those in the south are less accepting of outsiders (regardless of race).

100% false.

Its true. And its legal as hell. Its the center of Helsinki. I had to choose if I wanted to keep my bed or sofa so sofa had to go. Had some amazing parties there tho. Appartment i live now is 60m2 and the rent would be like 1200 euros if it werent my gfs own appartment.

Too cold in Canada.

>the south
>100% acceptance
pick one

Dude I think I know you but I bet that only the thing about you living in your GF's place is true. You don't have a job and sure as hell aren't trained as a paramedic.

I love the idea that i dont know what im going to do tomorrow or next week. I have reached the max level and now my life would be just maintaining this situation until i die. Maybe get couple kids and die as an crumpy old man like everyone in this dark godforsaken country.

You're pretty much good, but man the US isn't the fuckin land of freedom and dreams and shit. Country's in the pooper and my boy Donnie J aint making it much better

Finns are all brown these days. Nobody'll believe a white guy is a Finn.

Not OP but does this means that I can't just move to USA?

I'm an Italian student, working as a video technician (if you want to do anything that involves pixels moving I'm good) and doing decent money here where we have like 40% of young unemployment.

I was thinking that I'd like to move to NY or LA in a few years, just to see if it's easier, I mean I have a very specific job that usually requires big events and big budgets, is it that difficult?

come to Italy then, Milan can't be so much worse than Helsinki

I was looking at moving to Canada, but after some research I found out it's just as hard to get a visa as the US and its more expensive.

Healthcare isn't free, its included in the increased tax you pay.

Do you have a job that you love doing and go for it with a smile every morning? Does this job allows you to support any fantasy for your personal life ?
Like let's say you wanted to discover a country ( in a totally unrelated example let's say USA)
Could you go there and afford anything you want ? for as long as you want?

If no then you haven't achieve "max level".

My current salay is 14 euros/hr. Its like 16 dollars I think.

You are right about the location. I would just like a fresh start. A new life away from all the things here. Some solitude.

Naah then you mistake me for someone else. Why would i lie about that?

>be me 23 yo Tennesseefag
>have black boss
>call him nigger and blue gums and jigaboo and whatever else comes to mind every day
>he tells me to go fuck my sister after I get done with my dog
Being racist but having a black friend is cool

Because I know a guy who's 30 and only he's dumb enough to plan shit like what you're up to. There are not that many idiots of your kind in Helsinki.

not having a blak friend/slave like this

No you get a workers visa which you probably have to renew every year or so

Italy is kind of hard since not so many people speak English there. I might be false but isnt it like France where people think you are nigger if you dont talk native language?

If you are talking about making tons of money then that is like couple percent of the population here in Finland. Im talking about max level in the terms of: Job, gf, appartment

Thanks lol. Next time i see you ima punch you in your dick

you can't do that in Finland?

>Dump and Dumber
I would watch that movie

Naah. Racism is crime here.

Euro fags like to pretend America isn’t fucking awesome

well, if you're into trucks and guns and casual racism, this is definitely the country for you

Read it again.
>Last tip, rural towns like those in the south are less accepting of outsiders (regardless of race).

Small towns are the most accepting groups of people to be found in this country because you actually have to live with these people. It's not like a city of 20,000 where you can just ignore everyone because your social circle is already full.

Him being a paramedic in Finland means nothing in the US. He'd have to go through all the US schooling then and then he'd have to pass the national registry.

The military isn't hurting for people and won't take someone brand new to the country. If he was here on a student visa maybe.

Thanks for all the responses and tips lads. Im going to take vacation to US next year and maybe see how things go from there. Who knows you amerifags might meet me in person in near future. Wish me luck and thanks again!

No, consider that i'm from '95 and since I think 93 or before we've all been studying English since we were 7 to 19, legally. Of course not everyone is able to keep up with a difficult conversation but yeah, you can definitively live here, especially in a big city like Milan, nearly everyone is able to do that there.

Definitively not like France

Also we're generally quite nice to strangers, even racism that's way too common towards niggers and (used to be) slavs is nonexistent for common europeans