Depression thread!

Depression thread!

After 6 years of severe depression, surviving multiple suicide attempts, and being prescribed countless drugs, I finally learned how to be okay.

AMA, or tell me your experience with depression.
What makes you depressed?
What works?
What doesn't work?
What the fuck is holding some of you sick fucks back from getting professional help?


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I dont take drugs. that helps.


my woman doesn't have hips

I finally learned how to be okay.


checked and kekked

A big part was being diagnosed with adhd and figuring out that I have hormonal problems that make SSRI's not work for me.

Now I take an SNRI which works better than any other class of antidepressant or mood stabilizer I've tried.

A lot of it also has to do with dialectical behavioral therapy. I had to learn new habits regarding how I relate to my thoughts and feelings. It's truly a strange thing to learn, and I really recommend it.

is your depression like this? or more manageable these days

It helped me a lot too when I quit alcohol and made rules regarding my recreational drug use.

That was just part of cutting out most of my avoidant behaviors. Remember kids, you will never be able to hide from pain! You will never know peace! Truly accepting this is a comfort, and it will also help you waste less time online, avoiding your real problems.

i takes a lot of time
and you won't be ever fully cured as you'll always think you can hit the bottom.
you'll learn how to handle more and more with time.
myself, i feel lot like pink in the wall. you built a wall to protect you. but it's getting a prison someday.
just kile you build the wall brick after brick, you have ti demolish it brick after brick if you want to survive (take it down in one is to dangerous i felt myself)

everyone is a different chemical soup. Glad you are finally stable

When you manage it, it gets more manageable! I feel like I do a lot of work every day, like I fill out a chart every day about my moods, habits, etc. I'm used to doing that now, whereas before it was hard to confront the reality of my life.

Nothing works.If i had money , pretty much all of my problems in life would have been solved.I have to skip going out with friends because no money for a beer , i have to reject girls because i don't have money to get out and have a drink with them.My family has tons of debts and we are barely making it , so yeah , life is shit for now

>inb4 "work you lazy piece of shit"
i can't work , currently in highschool , i'm gone from 6 AM to 4 PM , when i get home , i'm really fucking tired

High school is literally traumatic, I'm sorry you're still there.

If it is any comfort, I have no money as well, which qualified me for medicaid and got me free access to lots of mental health care. Someday you can, too!

When I am broke and have a crush, I invite them to my house to drink tea and play a game of chess. I am sorry that you are broke, I think you are right that ultimately most things come down to money.

Close to 5 years ago I was diagnosed with MDD and given an atypical SSRI called Viibryd. A month or so in it gave me SSRI induced anhedonia and despite stopping the medication it still remains so I'm depressed because I can't enjoy anything ever again.

i could work part-time 4 hours a day , but i'm from a shithole village 20 km away from the closest city.And in villages you can't find jobs... meh , i guess i'll just take it as it is , until i finish highschool

Depression is a very polymorphic illness, so it's hard to say what works and don't for an individual. What's certain is that it doesn't go away itself.

What works for most people? Cognitive behavorial therapy with SSRI.
What works the best on treatment resistant depression? Electroconvulsive therapy
What may help in the future? There's impressive response in the current study on esketamine, so we'll see.

Any Depressed anons here should try cutting out sugar and simple carbs, really helped me out

Pills dont fix the issue, they simply bandage them, the only way to get better is to fix what ever issues you have within

I thought that was the case with me. Incredibly numb. You should allow for the possibility that you'll enjoy things again. Maybe you should get off your meds, maybe you should force yourself to do something over and over.

Pills aren't prescribed to fix the issue, they're here to help the patient works his issues without being to taxed by his symptoms.

I know this might sound cringe but w/e
I'm tired of seeing the sadness on my mom's face , and when i ask her what's going on , i get a "nothing" and a forced smile , but i know that it's about money.I'm tired of seeing my dad upset all the time , fighting with mom over money.God damn it , i would do anything to help , but i can't do shit.I try to limit myself from asking money from them , that's all i can do.Sorry , i had to vent it out

This advice seems Gay

That really depends on the person. I have MDD, ADHD, and GAD.

There's so little we know about how these drugs work! It's so interesting to see that study, because I used to do ketamine recreationally and I really would feel significantly less depressed but only for about a week afterward. Of course, there are also those awful side effects

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America

What works for most people is not going on brain-damaging snake-oil psych drugs in the first place.

Yeah my advice is gay, keep stuffing your face with sugar and french fries, I'm sure the depression will go away eventually m

I've spent months off any psych meds, I've tried unorthodox combinations of medications to restore the pleasure response, I've spent hundreds of hours researching potential fixes, spent a thousand dollars trying ketamine, the only drugs left to try are dopamine agonists and l-dopa.
There is literally clinical trial for fixing anhedonia and it's for a drug that I cannot obtain because it was taken off the market due to lack of use otherwise I'd get my psych to gimme that shit.

I'm just tired, I wake up, force myself to go through the motions of life, do my work then sit and wait for sleep to come again. Worst part of it is nobody in my life understands it even when i try my hardest to explain what it's like.

This. I stopped taking SSRIs.

How I deal with it
> quit twitter, limit fb and ig
> stay out of friends dramas or take a break from those who take but don't give
> chill with cool friends
> keep a regular routine
> sleep is important
> outdoor activities
> gym and exercise
> treat myself occasionally- coffee or a chocolate every now and again
> no porn
> eat well
> no weed
> read for fun
> work on my business idea
> sometimes organise a home day, no phone, no work, just chill and binge watch shit. stay in my pjs. After being so disciplined I appreciate and enjoy a day now and again when I veg out

Are you a shrink?

Ketamine's antidepressant properties are well known and have been for decades, the actual issue is to determine if it can be kept longer with a lesser dose. The final objective is to have an intra nasal spray for patient to use a home. Due to it's potentially recreative nature it will be distributed at hospitals for some times I think.

No I'm a nurse, but I've worked in psychiatry.

I don't know, my buddy, dopamine agonists were the game changer for me. I have a norepinepherine problem!

Wow I've. Never heard of ketamine being a positive influence on depression. My personal positive drug choice is DMT preferably via ayhuasca.

Can you describe the dialectical behavior therapy and how it helped your situation?
I wouldn't say I'm depressed but I'm just curious to know what therapists do and I wanna if it's like figuring out something that's wrong and do you fix it? Or is therapy just like seeing what your brain is like and that's it, now you know why you're weird?

I don't know why they're pushing their shitty esketamine isomer when r-ket has a better AD response in most people when insufflated.

Get off the drugs lads, they ruined my life for the past 6 years, I'm finally off them thanks to a healthy diet and exercise

Oh word. I figured something along those lines. You seemed to know your shit. What are the most effective antidepressants in your experience? I'm on venlafaxine, buproprion, and aripiprazole and I still want to an hero.

I don't know either, that's not really my area. My guess is that they chose it for having a better name, not associated with opiates.

STOP FALLING FOR THE MEDICAL JEW, the pills are designed to keep you on them, they need lifelong customers.

I ride motorcycles, it really helps me with my depression. Off road / trail riding is amazing for clearing your head, if you don't concentrate then you die which is also known as cognitive behavioural therapy.

*tips tinfoil fedora*

How do I fix it? I don't want to think about suicide all the time anymore or how this world is a fucking joke

I can't really say, the first line of treatment are usually a SSRI. If that fail we go for venlafaxine, then trycyclic like clopipramine. If that don't suffice you can add lithium or thyroid hormons. If everyting can't cure the patient it's common place to try ECT. But they're other possibilities as well like yours.

I just went nihilistic. Nothing matters so I just started doing anything that would have me enjoy myself. Life's been a lot better since I've stopped taking it seriously. I use a lot of drugs and alcohol and tobacco but regulate myself and have kept it rather safe, although I enjoy spurts of crazy use. I've also taken up dealing and gangbanging which is pretty fun.

why didn't you just do fentanyl?

I love riding. Mostly dirt bikes but street is fun. What do you ride?

Lately more than ever I've been thinking about suicide. However I have travelled the world and I am in a very lucky position. The main reason for my depression is my girlfriend. So I know that ending that and travelling more is a way better option.

I have experience with them, I was out on them at a young age and was on them for about 7 years, they ruined me, when I got off them I didn't even know who I was as a person my high school years seem like all a blur, my life now is overall better and my mind is clear.

How is she the problem ?

For dirt bikes I have wr450f, for road I have a cb1000 and I also am in the middle of building a Cafe racer out of a cb750 - this one's on the back burner because I moved into the girlfriends place and there's no garage to work on it - that was a really good one for depression, especially when I am awake at 3am, nothing like a good project to work on to be excited about.


>surviving multiple suicide attempts

You're a low achiever aren't you?

She has depression, she is lazy and I'm the complete opposite. I trusted her with my heart, and now she betrayed it. I feel stuck doing nothing I want to be doing.

I.e. Bad choice on my part...

Seems that you don't want to be with her, so the choice is made fairly obvious to me. So why not break up?


Not sure if depressed but have intense sleep trouble lately. Also my mind seems to be going. I don't really have a onside internal running dialougue on my head anymore. It's there but very fuzzy and quiet and almost feels like I can barely feel or understand why I'm thinking the way I am. anyone kno what might be causing that?

I got a crf150r, yz125, and a drz supermoto. Also a gsxr 1100

Precisely, timing is everything.

I have insomnia, it's a hard one - I try exercising a lot. As well as using my brain. Main problems for me come from money issues.

Read my story plz gais

>I was severely depressed for years.
>kissless incredibly anxious virgin
>Fell head over heels for a girl, got really really happy
>she likes me too, what the hell is going on?
>She was fucked up, abusive family, had to save her from everything
>Spend my last semester of high school and the summer dating her, saving her from her family
>She moves off to college with me, which was supposed to be the start of a better life together
>Get her in college too
>Life actually really sucks in college. My roommate ruins our sex life
>She cheats on me, I break in half
>Almost kill myself
>Start on a war path to self-improvement.
>No more being Beta. Time to be chad.
>Start getting really happy
>Live a crazy life. Go from completely socially retarded to actually social apt
>Go to parties. Hit clubs. Fuck a few girls her and there.
>Start getting involved in startup companies
>Still miserable in college, normal life isn't good for me
>Keep building myself up, studying business on my own
>Launch a massive startup company.
>Get 4 of my closest friends to move cities to work on the company. To work under me.
>Drop out of college to pursue the company
>End up falling for the girl on our team, we date on the side
>Company grows for years, we're building a social media app to change the world
>Dead set on being the next Mark Zuckerburg
>Things keep getting faster and faster

Take antis every morning 20 milligrams of citalopram, it doesn't stop me from just staring at my wall and computer for a good 4 hours contemplating how meaningless everything is and even if I were motivated to pursue everything I want to do, it will never come to fruition with the imminent nuclear war.

>We're all so close, its like I have a family now.
>I'm the alpha male of my friend group. Have threesomes, and just generally have a ball
>work is hard, launching the company is an insane amount of work
>We're hanging on though, and we're so close to achieving our goals
>So damn happy. Life is so exciting.
>and then the shoe drops
>I end up going psychotic and get hospitalized after convincing my girlfriend that I was going to murder her.
>Turns out I developed bipolar 1 sometime since college, had a manic episode
>Company disbands, it takes me months to recover
>The psychosis really fucked up
>Move back to my hometown, everyone else moves back to their towns, we all just move on with our lives
>I start to get depressed again.
>Live with some of my old friends, work for my dad's company, going nowhere.
>Eventually they both leave for las vegas, have no friends anymore
>tfw no degree cause i dropped out.
>out of money, out of time, about to run out of health insurance so I won't be able to afford treatment

I have no money, I have no friends, I have no degree, I have no company. I soared so high and I feel so far. Like Icarus, I dared to dream. is pain. I gave it a good run though.
I got happy there for a while. I'm thinking about ending it all pretty soon.


So, a lot of it has to do with cultivating intentionality in what you do. Like, you learn how to not avoid your feelings, and to fully feel them without ruminating or obsessing over them. You learn to let feelings come and go through your body. You accept that you do not have control over very much. You do one thing at a time, purposefully and while keeping the facts in mind.

You definitely DO NOT do it to learn why you're weird! "Why" questions, and developing causal theories for why we are sad, or why other people hurt us, are often not useful. It's much better to just try different things to solve problems, instead of wondering why they are there.

For months I felt I couldn't get out of bed and I felt ashamed about it and mad at myself for it, and I was always thinking about what made me get like that. Now I just recognize that feeling in my body, but I don't think about it too much. I wait for it to go away on its own, or I force myself into doing something else with my full attention, pushing away the distractions over and over. Your mind naturally will go other places if you learn how to allow it

I've tried to get off meds, and it didn't help me whatsoever personally

fuck user, from humble beginnings to tragic endings. How old are you? Do you have any hobbies you think could develop into something greater?

Life is not about what you have, it's about the experience. I know it's easy to say but you can always meet new people, etc. I don't know what to say to you for treatment I'm not in the US. But before deciding to end it all because you're not where you though you ought to be, think about what you can do. You should have a treatment for your bipolar disorder no?

i dont get you fucking depressed tards

My brother has been depressed for 4 years now, attempted suicide thrice. he has given a tremendous amount of trouble to our family. becoz of him even my dad got depressed. my mom has no social life. we cant kick him out. he is 23 and sits on his phone all day. we have to buy all his meds. whenever he tries a suicide attempt spend like 500$ on treeatment.

he used to be aggressive towards us too earlier before we sent him to a mental asylum.
there they beat him up so now he is is check

things used to be so bad that my gf broke up with me becoz i was always tensed about the situations at home
he even hit my mom in the head with a iron rod

Schizophrenic diagnosed

I wish he was never born

all of u depresed tards need to get happy and take care of ur mom and dad becoz they are the ones who get sad when they see their son in sad

It is not good to contemplate how meaningless everything is for four hours.

take some time to try to accurately describe how you're feeling, but try to only use facts and try to not use judgment. describe your situation and the world accurately. Move on after you've done this.

Don't have expectations, just act. Day by day, just do activities that might help you in the future, or that you enjoy. Keep those in balance. Do not cling to your fear of the future by theorizing on it and rationalizing it. and don't try to stifle or hide from your fear either, by distracting yourself with easy comforts.

I can understand the strain it puts on you and your family. But as all illness, he can't help it, especially if he's schizophrenic. It's a specially complicated issue, and few countries offer very little places to help the family of psychiatric patients.

People definitely aren't depressed because they don't feel guilty enough, or ashamed of themselves enough.

I'm sure your brother wishes he was never born either. I'm sure he feels super guilty.

This thread is too deep for your neanderthal brain, people are just naturally chemically unbalanced, we can't feel these happy sunshiny feelings, it's a fucking fantasy.
Shits predestined for people with mental illnesses, they either do something that brings monetary value and happiness to themselves and everyone around them or they fucking kill themselves.

Your brothers a cretin, no doubt, doesn't give you a reason to bash clinically depressed people who still have their sanity.

my mom and dad even paid for his college but he dropped out.
reason for depression: "i haVe No FRiends"
like wtf
bitch do u think i have friends?
No, my dad is a schizo(off the meds) too so my whole childhood went looking at him beating my mom up becoz he thought she put poison in his food(typical schizo behavior)
but i dont leave evything and sit at home
people make fun of me too
get tough u bitches
get tought my pussy brother,,ahh even calling him my brother cringes me

he was the reason behind my gf leaving me, ill never forgive him

my school friends dont even call me becoz i started avoiding them becoz of my brother stupid behavior and I DONT WHY GOD DID THIS TO ME.


my poor mom, spent her whole life around schizos, she didnt even know dad was schizo. he lied to her. he doesnt even talk to me even tho we live in the same house

im sorry for bashing on chemically unbalanced people. but whatever im saying is directed towards my brother not towards you. I AM VERY SORRY

even im depressed right now. i wanna die honestly. i wish i was born a dog. but i have to keep going on. my mom is what keeps going on. she is why i go to college. to give her a better future and so she is happy. she is the one reason im alive thats it

if i had the opportunity to put a bullet in my head truss me i would


literally you're on Sup Forums blaming your brother for your girlfriend, all your friends, and your mother not wanting to talk to you.

and you're telling depressed people (who are actively looking for solutions to their problems and taking responsibility for their habits) to toughen up?

face up to the role your choices have made in your situation, my buddy, especially before raging against mentally ill strangers

I have done many ECT sessions. Inpatient and outpatient. Not too sure how it worked because I can hardly remember anything about it. Although the hospital was really cool.

it's all good for me, not worth holding grudges especially against those online. Don't kill yourself user, at least you're in college and get to do something afterward don't waste that opportunity.

You should seek help too nonetheless. From my experience what parents wants are for their child to be happy. You deserve to be happy like anyone, and martyrising yourself is not likely to please your mom.

Interesting. I guess I just don't get therapy. I understand what you said about letting yourself experience your emotions and I feel like I'm already all up in that mindset.

i take 100mg zoloft,25-50mg ephedrine and 500 l-theanine everyday.

it's working

I feel okay now

I went to a therapist for the first time on Monday. While I've thought about killing myself I haven't actually planned to do it. Apparently I have both anxiety and depression and seems like I might get medicated soon but I don't know what I'll get prescribed. My hot therapist mentioned two different things, all I remember was that one costs 10 and the other about 40, anyone knows what drug it might be?

That is not at all enough drug information! Not at all! She might give you an SSRI, most likely. Probably something like lexapro. Best of luck!

22, I don't have any hobbies besides videogames, which I cut out of my life when I went full chad so returning to them feels like admitting defeat in some manner.

I know I'm smart though. Very smart. I taught myself programming and business and have a couple years of comp sci study under my belt, so I'm sure I could develop something if I just had the time, but moving on and actually marketing it successfully is a feat that I've just learned to fathom how difficult it actually is.

I may end up trying this but no idea.

human memory is flawed and anecdotyl evidence does not stand up to empirical, so I actually don't value experience that much.

I do have a treatment but it has bad side effects, so I had to cut it. Plus its too expensive. I need to find a better one but the cost of frequenting a psych and trying out more medications is too much for me, because I'm poor asf.

Accept it, and make something out of it. Maybe you can even make some money from it.
Cuz there's not much to life other than what you make for yourself.

Have you been to professional clinical help? Not eating and drinking is going to kill you user and it isn't going to be quick.

did it make you feel worse knowing you even failed at suicide? let alone multipletimes
not trying to be a dick actually curious

i just did a 7 day DXM binge and i think i fried my brain. right now I'm so disconnected from reality. I can't remember anything that happened past 5 minutes I need to write everything down. It's like I'm not even in my own body and I'm watching a movie where I'm the main character. i dont eat or drink I can't hold a conversation my speech is slurred. im going out tonight to get 200 nitrous canisters and more dxm. i dont want to stop because its either dxm or depression I need some advice

sry post fucked up. i cant see help because theyll make me stop

The "not trying to be a dick" doesn't justify such a retarded question. Not OP btw

feeling depressed because of failing in life, then failing in an attempt at death basically failing in like and death, yup retarded question?

What were you taking? Memory is flawed but the fact that you can't relive accuretly what you experienced is not a problem here. What I'm saying is that you should focus on finality, like having money, status or whatever, but do what you like, search for what makes your heart tick.

What you're experiencing is most likely what is known as depersonalization. It can be seen in depression but also in varying mental illnesses and others. What I can say is that you should seek medical help to see what is going on.

>end my suffering
I come to this thread for dank depression memes, but all i get are bitches whining...

>What works?
Doing stuff that could get me killed.
>What doesn't work?
Everything else.

I think rampant depression may just be the byproduct of living in an non-stimulating world that is too safe. We're not generating enough hormones that come from fear.
Go scare yourself.


does depersonalization go away by itself? how long can it last?

Depends really, can be temporary or it can need a treatment. For you I think you should definetly see a doctor.

Whatever helps me relax, I've been more stressed than usual thanks to college and my back is killing me. Thanks, user.

ok, thanks

>shoving jewish chemical-lobotomy pills into innocent animals' mouths
Why does this trigger me so much?!

>the key to solving depression is to make yourself so stupid you can no longer recognize it
Your problem is not solved, it's simply masked by dirty chemical drugs and each pill is charging a debt to the credit account of your mental well being.

Is there any armchair therapists like Alice I can email? I'm really going through some shit right now but sometimes I feel like Alice lies sometimes. She's a good person but I need some honesty right now.

DBT ftw! (Honestly though..more MSW's need to use much as they told us about CBT in grad school-it can't be used to fix everything)

I mean, I wasn't like 'wow I'm such an idiot for suiciding wrong' except for the time I tried electrocution without researching anything.

It was really upsetting when I woke up from my overdose, but just because I really wanted to be dead and not in a hospital.