Femanon here

>femanon here
Men disgust me.

I’m a lesbian and am sick to death of you ignorant bastards. For starters, no, I will not show you my tits. I don’t see how any of you have the right to tell another woman to get naked, you dogs might see women as flesh for your pleasure but NOTHING gives you the right to take advantage of a woman just because you believe that you’re ‘stronger’ or ‘better’. You describe women as ‘cumdumpsters’, quite frankly I’m enraged by this, if I ever heard you say this word in real life I would punch you so hard you’d be in a comma for the next month.

What gives you the right to think that you can tell us what to do? I will never be ordered around by a man. Actually I’m so passionate about this I managed to get this ******* guy suspended from my work for making sexist comments about me and ordering me to get him a ****ing coffee every minute. Now he’s learnt his lesson and is making ME the coffee.

I weep for a world without men, a paradise. Without men there would be no crime, no wars and everyone would be treated equally.

Unfortunately I can’t see my utopia happening anytime soon but I warn you, women’s rights groups are still fighting for equality and in the future society might not be quite so lenient on you misogynist bastards.

>TL;DR you misogynist bastards will have your privileges taken down soon

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That's cool and edgy.

Normally I would say tits or get the fuck out, but I guess you're an ugly lesbian feminist, so pass. Just gtfo cancer whore

And lose some weight while you're at it

That the best you got? You want to insult someone, do it properly.

Of course, that would require that you actually have a couple functional brain cells, which I realize is asking that you grow significantly from your current larval state. Still, the experience might be good for you. Get out, see new things, learn to understand the depth of your absolute and staggering intellectual inferiority. Maybe even find a zookeeper to wipe the drool off your chin and shut your slack-jawed, gap-toothed maw before you begin flopping about spewing verbal sewage.

I realize you're not entirely to blame for your condition, however. In many ways your parents are the greater monsters for inflicting you on the world, with any luck those diseased mongrels had the decency to slink off into a swamp before dying of shame, instead of spawning more of your misbegotten ilk.

men are disgusted by you too lol :p


Good evening Ivan

You've got some decent tits. I'd fuck you

Everyone above this line has been trolled. Also, stale pasta.

We don't care about your self-assumed "rights", you're a baby making flesh bag that isn't serving it's only real purpose in life. Congratulations for literally nothing, the new American way.

there you go




what is the name of this porn actress ??

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it's a femen

tl;dr hurr durr look at me in a wymyn. gd luck babe



Tits or get the fuck out has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with this is an anonymous forum. You don’t see men posting on here “hey I’m a guy” and then talking about whatever. Chicks that do that most of the time are just looking for attention from the men on this board. Just say what you going to say you don’t have to point out that you’re a chick and if you do we’re going to say tits or get the fuck out.



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Jeez op, you have some raspy stretch mark ridden boobs... ech.

Show tits or gtfo


The Rules !! is The Rules!!!


( thanks )

here is a gift for you, fagking idiot

But you aren't fighting for equality you hate men you don't want to be equal you want women to be better than men and that's why nobody takes feminism seriously. Cause of people like you congrats your single handedly ruining your own movement. Real feminists hate people like you

Best FAP incoming !!!!

Listen to your own cries you need to get help

Thanks Bro ...

I give you a Cookies !!



boring copypasta is boring
stop boring people

Shitty bait thread

You know you got to have a very high iq to understand rick and morty. ....

>world without men
This paradise you speak of would die in a few generations. Without men reproduction can't happen. I really don't understand how feminists can't see that. You idiots want all humans to go extinct because someone called you ugly. Grow up.

Tits or gtfo



Just a friendly reminder that if your a lesbian and you use a dildo, your not lesbian by your choice but by ours.


Nice bait

Typical femitard


Stale pasta bait is stale

Not knowing the above is the above.

Show us your tits!

I think the OP had to brush off the cobwebs before serving this super old ass pasta.

well No man wants you......so it is mutual

Bet you went to uni and have a degree in womens studies instead of a real degree..

Go act like a diapered baby else where child

I like femdom
Please keep degrading me


>armpit hair
>hipster glasses
>the smug sanctimonious look of someone who believes they're doing good

fuck outta here

I don't need any "rights" to think, say and do whatever I want. "Rights" are invented by politicians in order to control people.

I'd love for you to punch me into a comma OP

Winter fags be baiting.

If you think that I will ask you for tits, just because I have penis, that is sexist, you HYPOCRATIC FAILURE.

old but still working apparently

You forgot humongus TITS and that's all I care about.




Gotta be a bait...I'll bite. The only way we will even fake care about feminism is if you blow us.

Guess what op? Nobody cares.

Sauce? Can we turn this into a facial thread

This chubby belongs to the femen from Spain

I don't know her name but I like watching her "activism" footage.

look like someone had a lot of time to loose, me too.