How about an iphone x "hidden feature"?

How about an iphone x "hidden feature"?
Wireless charging on fire.
Kerosine burn resistant.
we need ideas people

pressure sensors can weigh trucks

Bumping for potential

Break resistant
Drop it off your roof and no damage dealt

High temperature resistant. Use your new iPhone to tell when the oven temperature is just right for the perfect pie or something.

Oof 1 away from quads


more like 10

Lightning: Charge in the microwave


Too similar to the microwave shtick

Wireless earbuds from OEM under 100$

smh there's no potential here. Stop beating a dead horse. We had our lulz and it passed.

it has a nano coating that tingles and warms when inserted into a vagina

That was literally the previous one

X-Ray camera so sandniggerwomen can use facerecognition lock.
(Hence the X name)

blood unlock
cut and pour some blood on the screen to unlock

This idea has potential.
>With iCook you can perfectly prepare your food in the oven to temperatures of up to 320K without damaging your phone-


Since the screens are known for breaking rather easily how about a scale, stand on your iPhone X and it can weigh you

"Just put it in the oven for 3 minutes and it will measure the temperature so it can be perfect for your pies"

This is good

Seems like some people are worried about face recognition. Is there a way we can advertise some kind of irreversible change to enact a "privacy mode"? It seems innocent enough to not seem like a troll.

Better than putting your phone in the damn oven.

Why did I read that as iCock?

naked unlock
click a naked selfie and upload to some website to get naked unlock

I like this idea

Phones aren't jews after all.

You can shove it up a girls cunt and see if she is diseased before you fuck her.

iPhone X looks like a 10 year old version of the Galaxy S8.

Because that's what is on your mind

Now we're onto something