Be me

>be me
>26yo gay user
>just found out i'm hiv+

ask me anything

was taking it in the ass that hard to resist?

yeah tbh

do you know your bug daddy?


you must have been hella surprised lol

Post face, dick, number of partners the bio-hazard symbol popular with diseased guys? My ex gf's new guy has the same tat. Just wanna have an inside laugh next time I see them lol

why did you fuck a monkey lol

Yeah it is a popular tat for them to get

Usually poz guys who are gifters will get it done. So you know what your gettin

Are you open about it or do a limited amount of people know?

Will you be staying off meds for a while so you can gift others?

You getting treated?

Are you a bug chaser? Feeling good now?

do you regret your choice to be gay?

i wish you luck faggot


no. i was very promiscuous

Did you want the gift?

What a surprise



Good for you then!
I've been poz for 2 years now and have given the gift to three guys who asked me to share it.

hot. you any other bugs?

I'm sorry to hear this, user. Hopefully you're coping alright =(

Consult a physician and get started with combination drug therapy. The way that the virus copies itself is error prone, and introduces a lot of genetic mutations into the viral gene pool; only using one drug will result in resistance over time.

And please be an honest person. Don't hide your status from future partners. Don't play with other peoples' lives like that

No, not yet.
Love sharing the gift though. Sex is so much better without condoms.

>the gift

Is there a sub community of you Fags that actually want aids?
Badge of honor? To infect and watch the world burn? Free sympathy?

I ask out of curiosity, not malice

Yes there is. They're called chasers. I know this word is overused in this place, but they are truly degenerate.

How is this a thing? Why would you want a disease that's going to make you miserable later in life?

check out if you require a wild ride

We just figure by pursuing uninhibited sex hiv is inevitable. Once you have it the worry is gone. With meds you can control the disease.

have fun dying lol

We are all dying..

because im a dirty faggot and i deserve it


Hey OP I'm 27, closeted bi and have been with HIV for the past year now.

I would tell you that it gets better but it really doesn't. Are you taking meds yet? Pic related, it's my meds.

I never knew about the biohazard symbol meaning or that it was actually a thing to WANT to be HIV+, not being sarcastic at all but thx op I learned something new today.

I'm getting tested in a few weeks. I'm totally scared to be honest.

How dos medication help for HIV?

I forgot to add that to this day not a single person in my life besides my doctor knows about me having the bug. Can be kinda of suffocating.

How does it feel to know that you deserve this for being a faggot?

makes me hard

How does medication help?
Lol besides it being like chemo to your body, it makes it like you don't have the disease.
Right now I'm undetectable because of the meds and could probably inject a negative person with a pint of my blood without them getting hiv.

Well then I hope you haven't had sex since you got it. Otherwise you're a scumbag who deserves jail time, faggot.

look up poz

absolute mental illness

Was getting aids that hard to resist?

i guess that is a one positive thing about your day

Nah if i don't care about you then why would I care it you get hiv from me?

Why chemo? How does that medicine impact negatively to you body? Does that medicine makes AIDS go away forever?

Hahahahahahahabah faggit.ยก!!!!!???.?!!!!!

How's it feel falling for the scam of HIV and AIDs

kill youself

Why don't you believe in them? Not disagreeing, but just asking out of curiosity.

Hope you'll die painfully and slowlly, you fucking faggot.

When are you moving to birmingham?

Do the world a favor and kill yourself. Its too bad HIV turns into AIDS so slowly. Then youd all be dead, and we wouldnt have this problem

I don't know about aids I have hiv, not aids.
But no the medicine doesn't make it go away forever but if you keep taking the medicine it's like you don't have the disease.
Yeah the medicine can make you sick and/or shit yourself

You dropped this

Not faggot OP, but there's a 99% chance that you'll die from something, maybe even another disease, that's not remotely related to HIV.


My fear of different infections so high that I refuse to all possible girlfriends.
I even can't watch porn, because it is disgusting.

mouth, ass, vagina - all looks dangerous
If i could afford I would have a personal baloon of oxygen on my exoskeleton. The aim is not to breath the same air.

its a virus.

>has mutant logo on back
>massive fag
>wishes i was big, but has trash genes


Its the logo for a company, Mutant Mass