Test your fate

Test your fate

will i pass my driver's exam

should i tell her?

on the second time?


Am i gay

Does m love me

Am i secretly gay for gajo

Should I quit?


Is my friend secretly in love with me

Am I in love with M?

Does he regret Monday?

Should I spend all my money on drugs and whores?


Will I recover?

Well, will I recover?

Will i get over here

does b like me


Should I call my ex this weekend?

Should I post more anti-gay stuff?

Well, fuck. I'm going to need to stock up on alcohol.

Does she love me?

>Without a doubt.

Thanks magic 8 ball!

Will I succeed by doing what i want to do?

Should I cum in a library book

Will I ever be happy again?


Should I fap to anime titties ?

Will OP stop being a faggot?

should i engage


Will I ever have a break period in my relationship so I'm able to fuck all the daddy issues sluts on campus and then get back to my relationship with the real deal hoe?


Does she still love me?


will i kiss her saturday?

come on

Should i rape my neighbor?

Should I get back with Nancy?

Has D ever been attracted to me?

is OP a faggot?

Is there someone else I should look for?

Will she ever be attracted to me again?

will i ever get to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a guy with abs and a big cock?


Any chance with her?

Is my girlfriend going to be fat?

does d love me?

Will she lose weight and become a babe?


Any chance with her ever?

Will Vikkie and I make up?

Will I have sex with Monika this weekend?



Will I fuck Vikkie again?

Does Sup Forums want my gf boobs

will I ever to of maybe why ?

Will I get laid this weekend?

This is shit, isn't it?

Will I rape OP?

oh shit OP watch out

Am I handling things right?

Will she turn into sexy BBW?

Is there a chance ?


Will I cum inside emy again?


Will we meet and have great time together?

Am i in trouble!

Will I ever get with my soul mate?

Will I have sex with Deanna?

Yes please

Is she still with someone else?

is the 8 ball gay

Will Lindsay go out with me?

If I call, will we end up back together.

Will I have sex with Prav?


Will I have sex with Ivonne?

Should I go to the dance with her?

Will I get a blowy ?

Will I get gf


am i gonna get dubs?

Where's the love?

Will a fedora make my gigantic man-penis attractive to girl?

Is OP gay?

Will I graduate?

Will I end up back with Lara?

Will I fuck Rene?

Will I have sex with Simone?

Will the cops be looking for me if I go home?

Is Marion want my dick?

Is everyone in this thread, myself included, pathetic and gay for wanting to believe in this random voodoo shit?


will tomorrow be awesome?

Does he really like me?