Proudly owner of a unregistered vicious beast. AMA

Proudly owner of a unregistered vicious beast. AMA


Seen that pic yesterday. OP is a faggot

what is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?

Nice, do you tell everyone how much of a sweetheart he/she is even though he/she would maul a baby first chance it gets?

Friendly reminder to anons the best defence against a nigger dog attack. Your options are limited but these methods of defence are effective
> stuff a finger up their ass or pussy
> try rip off their balls
> Gouge out their eyes
> punch the windpipe
> strangle by forcing both thumbs into the centre of the lower neck

Randomly hitting kicking will do nothing. Go for the soft spots. Stay calm, stay focused, dont panic. work through the pain. Also good luck if theirs more than one. But we will cover that next lesson.

Forgot to mention. Keys are your friend. Put them in between your fingers, great for blinding a dog.
I always recommend carrying a Swiss army knife. Comes in handy generally, but perfect to help defend yourself in a dog attack.

Where does the animal sleep? Do you have children? Do you feel completely safe around it?

why would you own a unstable and unpredictable animal? do you have kids in the same house?

I came for dog pics. Please post dog pics.

sleeps in the patio. I have 2 kids 2 and 5yo. i feel safe however I keep the kids away.

which do you mean? an african, or a european swallow?

African or European?

That is a good dog, if it's treated well. Pitbulls aren't more aggressive than other dogs, they're just more dangerous when they are aggressive, and the vast majority of dogs aren't aggressive if you treat them right. So, OP, would you agree that it is a Good Dog?

Would like to line them up and shoot them point blank in a row in front of their awful owners. Anyone who owns these things is either a nigger or a bleeding heart retard. Both would be fun reactions.

you're a special kind of stupid, aren't ya

Says the pussy nigger who can’t defend himself and has to buy a big nigger dog to look big and bad.

I don't own a pitbull, don't particularly want one either. Plus pitbulls aren't all that big

yeha man its been a cool bud. i found him on the street. 3 months ago, still a puppy. now it's getting bigger and starting to bite stuff around ( not us)

That's just him teething, get him a lotta chew toys and really discipline any kind of chewing on furniture/people tho. Unless you already know all this in which case just pet him for me k

I am a Pit Bull owner, have had mine 7 yrs (since he was a baby) BEST dog i have ever had. He is extremely loyal and loving, VERY protective of his family...which is exactly what i want and expect outof him.He is registered,fixex,and chipped as are the law requirements where we live(sadly only required for Bull breeds). Yes he is strong and powerful and yes he can be aggressive UPON COMMAND . Loyal,loving,strong,and fearless...who wouldnt want one?!?!



This is true , "APBT" Pits are not really big 50-60lbs on average (mine us about 64) the very large ones are typically the ones that have been cross bred to get more size

>aggressive UPON COMMAND
LOL @ your confidence something won't go wrong. Things go wrong a lot more easily that people assume...

7 yrs of responsible ownership has proven this...thoae that "bash" the breed are those who dont have or know it...Pits are only hyped in the media... there are far more aggressive breeds...its all about the training...

Lol...youre a fool