Rip to one the greatest

Rip to one the greatest .

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Xanax is for anxiety and depression not to make you "chill" still its fucked how he gone so soon

More clean air for the rest of us.

I know Justin Bieber, but who are the other two?

literally who?

A dude named lil peep never heard of him until now. His music is pretty ok in my opinion

who's the nigger and fuck boy in the back?

we started playing lil peep in music class today cause one of the kids is a dickrider of his and he full on had a panic attack and almost passed out

>Rip to one the greatest
Literally who? How can you be great when no one knows who the fuck you are

Faggots shouldn't eat Xanax like candy

Everyone knows who gangnam style i guess he should be burried next to hitler. And taylor swift

degenerate junky btfo.

That's andy sixx

Lil bo peep

Logging out

Nigger you're crazy.
If the "legend" of the brain-damaged millenial generation is a walking talking drug overdose with shitty tattoos all over his face who happens to have a few million views on YouTube courtesy of other retarded millenials, I truly pity your very existence you useless faggot. Kill yourself.


Geez man its not like other artist have died from od and shootings when your parents were still fucking. Also hes racked up more views than tupac and cobane .

Wow it's almost as if streaming music wasn't a thing when they were around... Really makes you think


agreed, who?

good riddance to the waste of oxygen - drug habits. shit fashion sense and awful tattoos are no substitute for talent and/or personality

Painkillers are to stop pain not to make you euphoric and nod out. Your point?

Can we stop with the peep posting.
Whether you like him or not this is fucking gay.

Born in the wrong generation . Its like elvis led zeplin dave mustang couldnt openly display theyre drug use really takes away from.the image.

That joker sucked.

Couldnt have said it better myself

some nigger wanna be white boy died. Oh geeze here we go again. Retard alert.

and less noise pollution

Greatest faggots?

this nobody isnt close to either pac or kc ffs not even playin the same sport

A no talent drug addicted skid who was dating a wannabe actress that is too ugly to do porn...

I’d say he did the world and the gene pool a favour.


'Lil' is industry code word for the gays. blerluuminatis and stuff

Guess trump lost a vote for the 2020 elections.

one less HIV wigger


was it fentanyl that killed that faggot?

im glad he died thats what he gets for acting like a nigger


theres nothing confirmed but people assume so.

thought it was xanax not fent

am i wrong or was he doing both

well then that's his fucking fault. everyone knows you can't fuck with that stuff. it's like 1000x stronger than morphine. smh

fake xanax laced w fent

not him but it's very hard to OD on xanax by itself. like really hard. there had to have been something else in the mix. fent makes perfect sense

hadnt heard of him until a thread earlier. googled him. his music belongs in a cringe thread. glad he is dead

too bad 'views' isn't anywhere near close to selling actual records.

someone said there is video, anyone got?

yeah so he was right. they still don't know. retard

Fentanyl is the greatest invention ever, it’ll get rid of all the skids and tweekers.

here he is dead

>he full on had a panic attack and almost passed out
holy faggotry

this is true

>he full on had a panic attack and almost passed out
you should have given him some xanax. a lot. of. xanax.

w i g g e r o l o g y

Popular on YouTube=good

Nope, sorry son that’s not how it works.

I hate that I wasted a google search on this shit.

Uhh they media just has to say 'suspected', like when they catch someone murdering someone, its 'alleged' until they are convicted, pretty sure if they found a shitpile of xanax bars next to his stupid ass corpse, it's a safe bet he didn't od on rice krispies and fruity pebbles, you dumb cunt.

>buying physical copies in 2017

>too low-class, young and stupid to know about records

Baby Gambino was a known homosexual. If he didnt have to worry about you judgemental pieces of shit he would have been out and still alive.

Are you really going to sit there and tell me youre to poor to afford bluetooth devices in 2017. Geez user i dint relaize being to dumb to input your credit card info on i tunes made you high class.

Yes, you ARE retarded.


>you judgemental pieces of shit

Pretty pathetic when people blame shit like that on other people.

records and a good audiophile setup cost way more than non-physical music, poorfag. If you weren't so fucking retarded you'd know this, but, whatever, go ahead, continue to put your stupidity on display, it's kinda comedic and a little bit tragic simultaneously. keep digging that hole, douchelord.


Pick one

>records are better because they cost more and sound worse

Don’t bother with him user, he’s just upset case when he messed with his dads equalizer he fucked it up and caught a beating for it.

mobile fag here, anyone care to post the video of him on the couch so i can screen cap?

I'll empty one out for 50 Cent.

mobile fag here, anyone care to post the full video of him on the couch so i can screen cap?

>calling it a equalizer and not a reciever
Ok user go play outside

Sorry about the extra chromosome. actually, disregard that, you clearly have some kind of developmental or cognitive disability, if i'd realized sooner, i would've just let things go because you really don't know any better. i know things are tough for you, it isn't so much that you're defective or anything--you are just differently-abled, so just keep trying and take it one day at a time, ok. here is a nice picture of a nice dogge, just for you.

Fucking kids these days..

This is a receiver

Post your setup and then mine ;)

rip lil skeet

>calling someone dumb
>to dumb
>to poor

And this is an equalizer

your father is ashamed of his hipster faggot son.

Two different pieces of the stereo, dumb dumb.

Don't worry, you can't beat this shit.

Show me what you got user ill start with car auidio

Its nice own stuff

>mine is bigger than yours
>my stuff gives me validation
>being serious
holy fuck you are beyond faggot. you probably ask guys to pull it out so you can 'compare' but what you really want is to look at dicks. not like anyone can just pull pictures off of the internet anyways right? wow, you are seriously defective.

Will you faggots stop arguing about who can suck the most cocks and post the couch video

You actually carry around pictures of speakers so you have them ready to show people? How do people even react with a straight face? What do you expect, people to be like, "wow, because you showed me a picture of speakers, that means you are respecc"? hahahhhahahhahahahhahahahaha holy shit dude.

Whats wrong user we're just audio heads cant you appriciate good equipment . Dont tell me you lied about your knowlege of audio and dont acually own anything that resembles an person who enjoys high quality audio

>projecting, aside from the part about having a father

If you think that some car speakers = good equipment, we're done here. You're a fucking joke.

Yes user i carry pictures of others people stuff :)

Ive had both sundown SA-12s and a DD9512. all around awesome products

>sundown audio

Isn’t that the shit they sell at those liquidation stores?

Hold on user i barely started my tour .

But wheres your stuff ?

sundown audio are high end subwoofers, cant get them at normie stores like walmart or anything

Ayy my boy . Im looking at copin some 915 that dd i have is a 612 . It was the sub that started it all.

Nobody fucking cares. Rest in Fuck off. Damn drug addict.

Naw dude its all high end subs .

should have gone with Memphis