Burn coal, pay the toll

This is what happens when you idolize black "culture".

I'm sick of theses "lil" rappers and the funny part was what his manager tweeted out.

Screenshot and post

"He paid the tolll..."

How fucking homosexually romanticizing...

Dumbass OD'd....he didn't Pay the toll, sail the river....fucker od'd

Ain't got shit todo with Black culture gtfo you dickless neck beard

You get to bang white chics?

Did he burn the coal?

Did your mother have any children that weren't "developmentally impaired?"

He means the white boy was trying to act like a nigger. Was that hard for you to figure out?

wait.....justin beiber is dead!

I have never heard this guy or seen this guys face at all until now. Ever.


::cough:: samefag ::cough::

Literally, who?

Some ugly nigger lover.

because you're an ugly, normie, degenerate loser that likes jacking off to traps and niggers. Try killing yourself neck beard, no one knows you and no one ever will.

Lmfao what are you so butthurt about.

Google it

Did you miss your Thorazine dose today?


Dude, Ultra-Giga-Nigga is a staple around these parts. It's not about hate man, It's heritage and history. Show a little tolerance for a change man and try to see things through the eyes of the people around you instead of just greedily thinking of yourself.

Peace, out.

dude to be fair neither have I

he protected his tweets but he expected it for a year now is what he said.

anyone got his video that is allegedly making rounds?