User aren't you even curious about how it would feel be with a guy...

user aren't you even curious about how it would feel be with a guy. Yes it's degenerate but its satisfying and taboo and thus even hotter. You're just helping a bro get a nut off.
Pic Related.

Would you ever go gay user? or is it too disgusting to contemplate.












>Yes it's degenerate

No, it's literally not. There's nothing immoral about consenting adults doing whatever they want to each other's bodies.

it's an abomination

a HOT abomination

t. Muhammad


This is an 18+ board kiddo

maybe if you're a part of an outmoded sandnigger religion that only served the purpose of keeping desert nomads surviving by a thin thread, then yeah, it'd be a major setback for survival

thing is, none of that matters today at all.

basically your brain is like modern hardware running a super old operating system

can't blame anyone but yourself for your slow processing and viruses, nigger

also btw the same text says that eating shellfish is an abomination and you should be stoned to death for eating it... are you now second guessing your next trip to the local seafood buffet? faggot. kys.

Breeding women and loving is the epitome of white sharia


Why would you assume I'm not an adult by that post? Younger people are usually LESS understanding and immature about accepting people as people. You're retarded. Kill yourself.

Who says you can't walk and chew gum at the same time?

i have no interest or whatever. that gay shit just dont get me there brah



this is way better than that fag shit

I'm bi but I'm not even sure how it works. From my pov, I just knew I didn't care who I love or fuck, as long as I could. Curiosity must be a product of repression and peer pressure, I guess I never got curious because I never gave two shits about what every idiot next door thinks. The amount of non-whoring gays is so low though, it's easier to find a normal girl (even that is doubtful), and all my gay action will be limited to fap.

taste is subjective

is this news to you?

also, I like both, so stay the pleb that you are and feel you can only choose one, less intelligent people usually think so because they're brains are smaller and can't grasp basic addition between concepts

why anyone would want to fuck a dude over THIS is fucking insane to me

You can like both

THIS is hot


depends on the context

sometimes you don't have a hot chick around

sometimes you just want to suck on a cock rather than fuck a pussy

but you can like both, and you don't even have to like them to the same degree

for instance, I usually prefer black licorice, but sometimes I'm in the mood for red licorice

still means I like both

is this hard for you to grasp?

Women are evil.

You tell retarded people to kill their self? Fags are truly degenerate

Maybe you wouldn't. Consider how different people are though, especially with the massive population of 2017, all elements of the spectrum are around.

I'm a bisexual dude and I agree. Does that upset you?

>1 example
>therefore every other example is exactly like this 1 example

This is how your brain works. I don't think it should have ever been developed in the womb.

>there's nothing degenerate about scat
>there's nothing degenerate about diaper play
>there's nothing degenerate about furries
wew lads what have we got here

Shut up faggot you dont know anything aboit breeding

I'm bi and not into any of that. Furry art can be okay sometimes. But you're assuming that all non-straight people are into those 3 things. Delusional.

And why would you assume that? I've fucked MILFs my whole life and will continue to do so.

This is batshit retarded, you just made a post about bisexual people being smart, yeah it felt good to read but then you started replying to a shallow troll in a gay bait thread

Please cleanse the gene pool of yourself you miserable twats

How does it feel knowing the baby rekt that before you could?

>bisexual people being smart

bisexual people are generally more intelligent than your average normie... that includes you

What? Not sure what you're trying to imply. I only fuck good pussy.

I don't like that my dick is covered in poop


I see, a high IQ Rick'n'Morty fan, who thinks he's bisexual but he's a virgin.

if he has a nice enough ass then could give it a shot


As a man who has taken a load in the ass by a hot, young twink, I can say that it feels great but 99% of the time I'm still cravin pussy.
The other 1% of the time is after I've been on Sup Forums for too long.

Saved. Holy fuck this is every closet fags coming out story right here. I started with lesbos then solo chicks with realistic dildos then straight porn then 2 dudes 1 girl then 2 bi dudes 1 girl then just 1 dude then 2 dudes then furries, yaoi, shota, bdsm, pissing, guy throatfucking another guy till he basically pukes (this is my all-time fetish) dabbled in bestiality a bit (animals don't go in gentle they just make the bottom guy scream in pain and use them like the sluts they are)

Hilariously I'm in a relationship with a girl right now. She fell in love with me, I told her my situation and she said I can invite as many guys as I want as long as she's the only girl I'm with. Not sure what % gay I am but tits still dominate everything else. Vagoo is kinda gross and smelly but my dick doesn't mind. Love it when we dp my gf and my cum gets all over the other guys cock. Someone come fuck my gf with me and then clean eachothers dicks off

Fuck off and die, Schlomo. Fuck the JIDF Christ killers who spam Sup Forums with the endless faggotry.


Also I feel a little sad for 100% straight guys. Fucking is a great feeling and blowjobs and getting jerked off but when a guy/ girl/ dildo hits your prostate and you cum from that. Holy fuck. It's like nothing else. I encourage even the straightest of straights to at the very least, go make a warm bath and just play with your asshole while you're jerking off. There are nerves back there just like in your nipples, ears, neck everywhere and I have a theory that if you stimulated every one of the body's nerves attached to sexual stimulation your body would explode from purr ecstacy and you'd transcend to the next level of human being.

Maybe I'm just baked though.

Loving men, mb. All women are good for is breeding stock. Men make infinitely better lovers. If it weren't for societal conditioning you would agree.

Kill yourself