I got a wad of 100 one dollar bills from a friend. It's funny and all...

I got a wad of 100 one dollar bills from a friend. It's funny and all, but how the fuck do I get it converted to a single bill?

It's called a bank you stupid fucking nigger

Take it to your bank you fucking idiot.

My bank is super far away and I have no car.

Why? Just use them as is. They'll be gone faster than you think.


I want them in my bank account because I need them to buy an m16

There's no larger bill in circulation you dumb cunt.

go to a strip clup

>buying guns with anythin but cash

why are you trying to convert it to 1 bill if you're putting it in the bank?

dude what. just take it to your bank then and deposit it. the teller just runs it through a machine that counts the money.

glue them all together

lol whats the problem then ya retard?

I'm buying online

I already said I have no car and my bank is really far away

do you not need to go to the bank to deposit money where you live or something?

>I wanna put cash in bank
>but bank far away
>how take cash to bank w/o going bank Sup Forums?
>no bank too far
Get up and walk to the bank you lazy shit.

so whats ur plan here bud?

>convert bills to single bill
>want to buy gun online
>still have no car, cant get to bank
>now what

>underrated comment

Well, the first thing you have to do is count the money. This is important. Then you take your credit card and go make purchases equal to the total amount you have. At the end of the billing cycle, your credit card company will send you a bill equal to the total of the money.

ATMs are real you stupid fucks

>gets money as joke(assuming that is free money to you)(maybe just some money for that one time you gave your pal a bj)
>no car
>probably underage since asking what to do
>wants to buy an 'm16' online
>stupid nigger won't have a ride to local ffl/dealer

Moral of the story. Dumb underaged niggertard

We'll I'm buying all the parts to a retro ar build but it's just easier to call it an m16.


for a hundred bucks?

how are you gonna get there?

There's one right near my house

Nigga I'm buying parts. I need another $100 to finish buying the parts.

Buy something for $99.


well, if your making this thread in the current environment and your general display of cognitive dysfunction are any indicators, good luck assembling a weapon. just make sure you know which end the bullets come out of.

hey op me and my family are all worried and rooting for you to get to the bank. what state do you live in maybe we could get you a ride if not do you know if there happens to be a bus route you could take? last suggestion is maybe buy a lollipop at a gas station and they'll give you change. that's what I usually do at least.


>Doesn't know how to bank