Which game should i get?

Which game should i get?

Cod . Which is wierd to say

I was thinking that and just wait for bf2 to drop to 20 bucks or someshit

Battlefield one

>EA scam

There are sites out there where its cheap as fuck (40€ +premium +all dlcs)

The game is really fun

Diablo 2

Both blow horse balls

Bf1 is boring as fuck


Get Pubg like a man.

Already got it. Its cool with co-op.

Get battle toads instead

Already got it babe

Dubs doesnt lie.

Emulators are a fantastic thing


dont get cod, ive been playing that shit for 12 years and this new one is something else, i can't go positive most games and my previous KDRs on cod have been 2.0+. guns do fuck all damage and the maps are shit because there's too many angles and places enemies can come from / hide and the gun balance is shit.

Not with friends

And its better than both of OPs titles combined

Also battlerite became free to play wich is also great with friends


World of warcraft

none of them

Obviously neither?

Sounds like you’re just bad tbh

>not paying for god teir game.

What about Titanfall 2 my boi?

bad with a 2.0 kdr ok retard

This. Getting a PS4 for Christmas and one of my buddies has been beating the hell out of that game lately. Kinda stoked to play it with him. Fuck Battlefront if you have to pick between those two. Don't feed the shekel-grubbers that is EA


Please don't buy bf2, it has terrible buisiness practices that we can't support at least for now. If the game sells well it will just signal to other developers that they can put horrible micro transactions on a full price game and get away with it. Maybe buy it on g2a or something as a kick in the teeth to ea

I heard this has gotten way better. Still a grindfest, however.

Whats so bad about a good grindfest?

I didnt say it was bad, ive heard its just a bummer trying to make guns and suit and whatnot. Isnt it like open world meow?

I just recently made this decision. I got star wars be all dlc is free and cod has a season pass on top of the $60 for base game

Don't expect world of warcraft scale open world.
Its only 1 map but they are going to the right direction.

Battlefront 2 without thinking, looks fantastic cant wait to play it

Both shit tier cash grabs tbh.

2.0 kd ratio isn't that good fagot