Am taking off my ingrowing toe nail, any advices?

Am taking off my ingrowing toe nail, any advices?

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Try some Xanax afterwards. That is all I got. And if possible, post to LiveLeak.

It's going to hurt way more than you think. And if you don't do it properly your toenail will be fucked up for life.

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On second thought, Xanax before the removal, and after.

make sure to disinfect with whatever you are working with, also try doing your business with a clipper and nail scissors. Wash out wound afterwards and try to keep it clean

I have a recurring ingrown toenail that I have to pull out of my skin like once a month. one a long ass time ago was digging into my skin a whole centimeter. I only know this because when I pulled it out it was stained red with blood and stopped abruptly. felt so good to take out tho, always does.

Found a new tool

Oh god OP go to the fucking hospital.

or no nevermind.
go ahead and hack at it with some tools whatever.

get a knife or something similar, stick it underneath the ingrown part, pull it up over the toe and cut

OP just go to a fucking doctor and get it anaesthetized and fixed painlessly and properly. Unless you're dosed up this is really gonna hurt bro.

I tried to open it and cut it, but it broke and now I'm trying to break it inti small pieces.

I probably won't be able to walk again.

I had that 2 times
-go to a doctor let him do this
-even with local narcotic it hurts
-after remove you need painkiller
-raise your foot above the body when you lay in bed
-Make sure you have everithing for a week in bed because you will have pain when you stand up
-alcohol is bad because it expands the bloodvessels -> more pain

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Why wouldn't you just remove the part that was stuck in your foot?

It's what I'm doing, that's just blood.

Anyway, I took out the part that was molesting the most, I'll go to a doctor so they can take out the rest.

Yeah, don't put tiger balm/icy hot in the wound. It's solid advice.

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Wow that's American way. European way is to register to a surgeon and get it painlessly cut out in a minute.

Don't take it off its gonna be fucked up for life, everyone I know who had an operation (3) still regrets it, I had one for 2 years and fixxed it by pushing tissue in the wound to keep the nail dry and prevent it from breaking off. Once the nail started growing put tissue underneath it to prevent it from burrowing in your skin

Wrong bong here and I would rather do it myself than use the NHS.
Only difference is I wouldn't be drawing cartoons of naked kids whilst I did it.

Don't really see why Europeans like to make everything a NA comparison. I have a close friend that had his removed surgically last year.

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Speaking from experience, it's important that they stop the nail from regrowing

I did this a while ago, make sure you have something to open the bit of skin between the thumb and the nail, dig in with one end of scrissor and pull out, it's gonna hurt like a bitch but pays off. I'll post results.

Because it's stupid when you search on YouTube for some easier surgery and you find American wife doing it for her husband because their insurance didn't approve "cosmetic" deal

OP has no fucking clue what he's doing.


First, lift the ingrown edge until it rests on top of the skin.

Then, use sharp scissors, wire cutters, what have you to slice a few millimeters of the nail off. The cut is performed from the tip of the toe toward the ankle, NOT across the nail.

Grab the smaller section (the one that was dug into the toe) with a pliers, forceps, or other suitable tool.

Grit your teeth on something like a rope or rag. This will hurt, and you don't want to add cracked teeth or a bit tongue or cheek to the equation.

Yank the ingrown part of the toenail out forcefully. The goal is to remove the nail by the root so that it doesn't grown to be as wide again.

Use something like WoundSeal, Celox, or equivalent to slow or stop the bleeding, depending on severity.

Apply antibiotic salve, wrap with a sterile pad or bandage, and check for proper healing every couple of days.

In the future, wear the proper size shoes and socks!

here it is when I actually dug in like i said and pulled the nail out, or at least cut it out.

Make a 10% sodium hydroxide solution by crushing up lye crystals and dissolving them in warm water. Use a q-tip to apply it to the nail bed; this will cauterize the nail matrix, killing the cells which produce your fucked up toe nails.

Also get analgesics. It's gonna be extremely painful.

and this is it healed, it's not hurting anymore and before you fags start sperging out, yes I did have surgery to get my ingrown nail removed and it didn't fucking work, also

don't believe this user, he's bullshitting, you don't have to apply anything else but a bit of strenght when you pull the fucker, I used nothing but my own cells to get my wound clean and my toe back to normal baby, don't be weak.


Visit a podiatrist

Where are you from?

Jesus christ go see a chiropodist, all you are doing is making it worse. I dont know what its called in english but let them do this to you.

if you dont shape it and make it grow a certain way, it will just regrow the exact same shape and stab you again. you have to inject some bull shit to kill the nerve and shit

Just remove the entire toe.
Way more efficient.

Might take a bit longer to grow back than just the nail, but this is a much more efficient way.

You need to make sure the bull shit is fresh though.
It's usually best to harvest it direct from the source but if you don't fancy fist fucking a bull make sure you use a fresh pat.

Why not go one step further and just off yourself?

You don't need to take out the rest (entire nail or infected part). Without that nail part the infected skin will dissapear in a few days. Just put something between the nail and the infected part so it doesn't grow a bit.

I've done this at least 8 times and always worked. Just one time I waited too much to treat it and had to cut the entire nail at the hospital.

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>at least 8 times and always worked.
>always worked.
>8 times

For real, I had that bad habit to cut my nails with my fingers. So it's not always a clean cut. Happened a lot but not anymore.


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you didn't even get the ingrown part.
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go see a doctor op that toe is infected and theres a chance to lose it

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probably will get infected, nice one dumbass. it will one hundred percent grow back and you will have to do this all over againas well, nice one again dumbass. next time you should probably go to a professional to get it done, it costs like $50, stop being a cheap autist.

My dad unironically did this with a pair of pliars, as someone who has seen what it grows back like; get a doctor to do it.