My girl goes out drinking at the club and messages me this. should i be suspicious Sup Forums

my girl goes out drinking at the club and messages me this. should i be suspicious Sup Forums


sniff her pussy when she gets home.
also, tell her to save her panties for forensic testing.

How do you "broken" your panties? What that means is she is now in a club with no panties...

It was most likely her friends that yanked a little hard on her underwear.

You need to trust her more user, she has broken panties.


Your first mistake was dating someone that goes clubbing.


Defintely be suspicious

Your girl isnt just yours. Basically she is a club whore...

she fucked another dude, m8

fuck off not helping bro. we got married 2 months ago

hater you're being cheated on


you both have shitty grammar. i weep for the future.

I think I remember this thread from some years ago.

Why would she send you this out of the blue?

If I ripped my boxer while out with friends, I'd just throw it in the bin and go commando and not give it a single thought.

It's a bit suspicious that's she's building up to something here.

"underwear don't just break by themselves. do you mean they ripped? anyway you should probably come back home, don't go walking around like that"

If my wife broke panties in the club i would go mental... And whole world wont make me belive she didnt fuck another guy.
Definitely check for secretion on panties and see if her pussy is wet.

We'll it's not a good deal... marriage will not last... not trying to piss you off but you gotta be real... panties "broke" at a club where you arent...Yeah not buying it

This OP, she's got a guilty conscious and she's trying to build up an excuse

Why is she clubbing without you?

Say you're hanging with a friend and send her this

Yeah, she is probably drunk as fuck and getting fucked as she tries to text you, sry about your luck.

Someone has been digging up the old pasta lately.

time to get real m8. when was the last time you broke your boxers? panties broke when some nigger ripped them of and fucked her in the toilet

Not OP, but mine teared this morning when I put them on after being on the toilet. Just ripped them at the band because they were old and getting worn out.

Op has checked the fuck out... check the news for a club shooting...

yup you nailed it. OP is being cheated on

op here. she's no longer replying thanks for making me paranoid as fuck

bro think about it logically though. She randomly mentions that her panties ripped? thats suspicious as fuck. She's trying to create a story before there was even any questioning. She's a terrible liar.

>thanks for telling me exactly what I was already thinking...

Cmon user.... tell her "home now!"

if this isnt bait then yes you should probably dump her shes definitely up to something

tell her that she should not be out at the club without panties

Old pasta and also no-one texts their bf something like that after fucking someone else, they stay quiet and hide everything

this dude. you need to establish some dominance. You can't just let her club like a slut, you're married dude.

except bad liars. They try to create a cover up story before they were even questioned.

If you have a girl that "goes to the club", you've picked a loser, get rid of it and try again.

It's called a "preemptive excuse" OP.
Yeah, there is definitely something going on.

Fill the tub up with water, when she gets home have her get in it. If bubbles come out of her hooha she recently had sex.

>Problem solved.

Sounds like she had a sexual encounter. Go get her home. And talk to her. But don't be violent, if you're violent you can just neck yourself right about now.

>got married two months ago
>she still goes clubbing

Enjoy being a cuck, op.

Good wives don't "Go to the club", neither do good husbands for that matter.

dude chill... you're in a phase after marriage. She sends you this so you can have a thought about it and perhaps get some funny ideas. It's a kind of game women do, nothing harmfull, nothing bad, just a text saying that it broke.

The chance of her actually fucking other dudes, even while drunk, are damn low.
She married you for reasons. Step up and start trusting or go on like that and risk your marriage on long terms.

Also, dont listen to that lonley faggots that tell you bullshit storys like "girls that club are bad" -
they either got punished for their poor decision making and got cheated on or never had a gf to begin with.
There are people that actually believe in this absolute bullshit like blue/red pill.
This is some level of autism you dont want to deal with.

Seems fine to me, just a bit too drunk. Shes trying to include you and have a laugh but obviously drink doesnt help. Must have some nerds hitting on her

This guys girl is definitely cheating on him and he is in denial.
Don't be a cuck like this dude OP.


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>tips fedora

Tell her "lol silly. why don't you come home? you won't need panties here ;)"

>he deflected like a limp wrist, weak chinned, cuckadoodledoo

have fun being unhappy tho

this, backed by dubs too.

My bad, grown ups don't "Go to the club".

Whatever you have to tell yourself so you can get through the taste of another mans cum every time you kiss her user.

inb4 club shooting


She's taking dick. Some dude ripped them off her so he could shove his cock in her.

oh yea she got filled with sperm and it filled her panties do she threw them out. she fucking another nigga


This is how women get away with cheating.

Sorry OP. So sorry.

you're both autistic. Just off her man.

Hope you enjoy STDs or raising someone else's child.


Gee dude give her some room. She broke her panties can't you understand.
>married 2 months ago


Some guy broke her panties when he fucked her most likely. Get tested op.