Hey boys and not boys I'm looking for some great single player games, any suggestions?

Hey boys and not boys I'm looking for some great single player games, any suggestions?

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The Void

Enchanting game but be aware it's really difficult


Already played but thanks bro

Just checked this out on steam, looks pretty fucking great. Is it a vr title it looks like it might be but idk

Civilization 5 is pretty fun to play would recommend plus if you ever want to you can play online with others. The games are long though and if you aren't into turn based strategy games then it isn't for you

It's pretty old I don't think they re-released it with vr support

There's some free game in humble store right now.

Try FTL: Faster Than Light on steam

Really good game, runs on potato PCs like mine, and hard as fuck (I couldn't even beat the final boss on easy, probably I'm either a shit player or it's way too fucking hard)

Some of my personal favorites in order

Steins;Gate (visual-novel)
Ori and the Blind Forest
Nier; Automata
Portal 1 and 2
Tales from the Borderlands
Thomas Was Alone
Katawa Shoujo (dating sim)
Cave Story

Glorified porn, but still like em:
Sakura series (dating sim)
Hunie pop (puzzle/dating sim)

Ohh ok I meant as because of those sigil things they look like something you'd see in a vr game so i was worried it required vr but no worries

Okay. Just make sure you don't read any spoilers, completely ruins the experience

Not OP but...
>Steins;Gate (visual-novel)
Is similar to the anime? is it better? in wich way?
>Ori and the Blind Forest
I want that so bad, sucks to have a potato pc
see above
>Nier; Automata
see above
>Portal 1 and 2
I've never really cared to play them, even tho I've heard they're really good. Am I missing something?
Never heard of it, what is it?
>Tales from the Borderlands
Related to Borderlands, right? Same as Portal 1 & 2
>Thomas Was Alone
Never heard of it
>Katawa Shoujo (dating sim)
I'm a closet weaboo (meaning I like shit like this, but try to keep it as hidden as possible) is it good?
Never heard of it
>Cave Story
Never heard of it
>Glorified porn, but still like em:
>Sakura series (dating sim)
>Hunie pop (puzzle/dating sim)
Are these any good? I like visual novels with good story, are these any close?

>Are these any good? I like visual novels with good story, are these any close?
They have big anime tiddies, butts and stuff. The whole ecchi package. I heard the puzzles are ok in Hunie pop.

Mount and Blade: Warband is pretty fun if you're into that.

The anime is based on the "main route" of the game. It's easier to get invested in the story if you "play it", as well as it enables you to change the story slightly towards the end for different endings.

It's witty and has interesting characters (the second one anyway). I wouldn't say you're missing out, if you're not into the puzzle-aspect of the gameplay... the story isn't gonna make up for it.

It's a 3rd person beat-em up game about a lone survivor of the apocalypse.
MC doesn't talk, but the game has an awesome narrator.
I recommend checking out the trailer(s) on steam)

>Tales - Borderlands
It's a "Telltale" game that takes place in the Borderlands universe. It has a mix of the artstyles of Telltale and BL.
It has similar humor as the Borderlands series. Wouldn't say you're missing out, but if you like either Telltale or Borderlands, I would recommend it.

>Katawa Shoujo
I love it to bits. I don't wanna say anything about it, I might spoil stuff for you... I recommend jumping into it without any heads-up knowledge. (It's a dating sim, but don't expect it to be glorified porn like most dating sims out there)

>Sakura Series
Glorifired porn with cool sexy animu waifus (if you're into that kinda thing)

>Hunie Pop
The puzzle-parts are good, it has nice bgm and somewhat interesting characters. After "progressing" far enough with each of the girls, you unlock lewds and nudes. (the steam version is censored, but there is a patch online to *cough* fix that.)

The Touhou series

Ori and the blind forest

Made by the guys behind Bastion. Never finished it, but I really liked it. Gonna have to pick it back up. (check the steam page for info)

>Cave Story
Old-school platformer/adventure game.
Fucking amazing theme song....
It's not for everyone, Steam has "CaveStory+" if you want to check it out.

I forgot my favorite horror game

It's about a dying Canadian getting medical help... But in the process of getting said help, he ends up getting stuck at the bottom of the sea, trapped in a research-facility with alien-like robotic monsters.
It has a very interesting plot, so if you can handle scary games... I'd say this is a must play.

Divinity Original Sin 2

arcana heart 3
Plague Inc
kill me.

Bioshock is a good one
All 3 of them

Dust: An Elysian Tale
end almost made me cry lol