Sup Forumsros wanna give some weight loss advice?

Sup Forumsros wanna give some weight loss advice?
obese cunt here.

Watch your diet and exercise my dude. Make sure not to stop eating, as not eating entirely can make it worse.

look into a warrior fast, costumes fat but still let's you eat

Dont eat more than 2,000 cal a day and exercise.
Mind the carbs.
Take supplements.
Build muscle
Go on >>/fit/

- It's easier to lose weight by controlling what you eat than it is to lose it through exercise.

- Exercise is still very important. Stop sitting around and watching anime.

- It's next to impossible to lose the weight if you don't have the motivation to do it.

fasting with a good diet is great but fasting and then eating shitty food is worst. but yeah just try to slowly change ur diet and if u wanna get weight loss faster just exercise

Not eating isn't healthy but it's a myth that it makes you somehow gain weight or significantly slows down weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is a very effective weight loss tool.


Cut down on meat. I lost like 5 pounds in a weak on a vegetarian diet.

It depends of the kind of meat, I think.

1. get off of the computer

2. get a cycle, any cheap piece of shit should do a steel frame is best especially if your horrendously overweight

3. get out of the house, if you get shit from kids teasing you how much of a fat cunt you are, go out at night (make sure to get plenty of lights the brighter the better especially the rear)

4. don't eat after 6pm, and try to stay away from crisps/potato snacks, chocolate

5. try to find a fruit you like

6. don't get disheartened i lost a stone by doing the above

7 don't give up , i stopped going out after a family member got ill and put it back on
but i've started going out again (usually after 11pm as hardly any cars are on the road polluting my fucking air)

Count calories, eat less than your Daily Maintenance Calories (how much less determines how fast you lose weight)

I go to the gym and don’t eat breakfast ever.

Get a physically intense job. You can’t help but lose weight if you do the work required to keep your job. Best part of this is you will most likely only have to make small changes to your diet, like just cutting back a bit.


Keto Diet. Temp fix to get you started dieting. Then exercise when you lose a few pounds. Youre welcome.

Eat 1lb of baked chicken every day, in atleast 2 meals
Thats it
no carbs
no sugar
Drink nothing but water
You will melt pounds away

True but it help to cut out red meat almost entirely.


This but most people lack the willpower to fast effectively. They fast for a day maybe and then make up for lost calories the next day by eating 5000 to 6000 calories. Then they blame a stalled metabolism for not losing weight and while it might be a bit of that, it’s more because they overate in compensation for the day of fasting.

Oh shit. I meant week.

my motivation is a asian gal i was in a Que with at lidl she was flirting with me, so i keep going out to get exercise so if i come across her i'll look better

go here
No really

also when he/she is at work he/she won't be able to eat, as they will be busy working

start with walking 30 minutes every day. keeps the insuline metabolism up.

watch your calorine intake. you'll be surprised. if you want to lose weight, stay little below the daily average for your age and gender.

eat more vegetables and less carbs. start by not eating any carbs after 7pm.

drink more water/tea, less soda. simple.

this is the base. don't start with heavy exercise and heavy diet right away. you'll overwhelm yourself and lose motivation. get comfortable with the little changes first, then go from there. you can't build a house without the foundation.

dont give up. you can do it if you want it.

i believe in you, user.


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Burn more calories than you take in each day. That is literally how it's done.
There are many tips here in this thread that are helpful, but that is the golden rule right there. Any advice that helps with that statement is good to follow. Anything that has nothing to do with it can be discarded.

Intermittent fasting + lots of cardio.
You can do eet!

well sunshine i do know
i'm fat but loosing weight by what i posted

if you can't be constructive

>no more soda or any other form of sugared drink instead drink coffee or tea ( green tea hot or cold is toptier)
>cut down your meat intake by at least half , preffer lean cuts or fish over fat meat
>avoid anything deep fried or battered
>snack on raw veggies or salads / fruit instead of doritos
>learn to cook some veggie soups they fill your stomach much longer than most foods while containing relatively little calories
>ideally eat salads / soups for 3 to 5 days a weak that way you can eat a nice steak on sunday and still lose weight
>pick up any physical activity that you do at least 1 or 2 times per week . endurance sports , gym or martial arts are top tier but even long walks or cycling for an hour or 2 is better than nothing.
>remove every opportunity to binge on snacks or easy to prep fastfood from your vincinity

STOb WATCHING PR0n (anime)

Eat less.

i didn't comment on that. i'm not a sociopath bro i don't make fun of people with weight problems on the internet

i'm proud of you if you're telling the truth and you've made that kind of progress, keep it up

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walk about 2 blocks a day for a few months, weight drops fairly easily, low impact. Swim lower impact, or eat ramen every day and let it clog you up lost 40lbs on that last one combined with the first over 2 months

What id do is get a physically demanding job like construction, you get paid good and loos pounds, also drink nothing but water

Eat nothing all day and have one chicken breast for dinner. Take a multi vitamin everyday and drink tons of water. Also exercise a lot. It will suck for the first few days but you'll get used to it. Do this for about two weeks and then start allowing yourself to eat lunch, make sure it's low carb high protein

Eat less and exercise bro

Drink lot water and stop eating heavy stuff past 8-9 pm (sweets,chips,etc. included)

Don't eat. It works for anorexic girls, it should work for you

cinnamon and flax seeds are an easy way to boost your metabolism so put it in everything you can stomach.
do not drink sugar and stick to water and coffee.
working out for even just 20 minutes will boost your metabolism before meals for a few hours.
more protein less fat.

Start smoking

I lost 40 pounds by simply eating only 500 calories a day, no more exercise than usual. But if you only eat 500 calories, make sure you get all of your required daily nutrients. I went from 200lb to 160lb now and still going.

Try not to do over 2000 cal.
Move 5 minutes per hour every hour you're awake.
Take walks for 30 minutes.
Pick related is a cheat. Lost over 50lbs while using it and watching anime.

>all day and have one chicken breast for dinner. Take a multi vitamin everyday and drink tons of water. Also exercise a lot. It will suck for the first few days but you'll get used to it. Do this for about two weeks and then start allowing yourself to eat lunch, make sure it's low carb high protein

That's dangerous. Your body requires fiber to function. I fear what would happen to your bowel movements if you did that. Doing that also kicks in humanity's natural starvation instinct which makes it very difficult to lose weight.

You should eat more vegetables. If you are ever hungry eat, just eat vegetables instead of anything else. If you don't like vegetables that is largely because you have been trained not to. Most Americans taste buds have been corrupted by too much processed food. Once you get used to them you will begin to enjoy them. Have smaller portions in your meals but supplement those portions with huge amounts of vegetables. Do not eat out.

The trick to sticking with a diet is making it a lifestyle rather than something you hate that you just need to endure for x period of time. That method of weight loss is guaranteed to cause you to rebound, often even fatter than you were previously and with a diminished sense of self worth and self respect.

If you have money Nutrisystem is a pretty good way to get started to help you begin to understand what normal portion sizes are and what amounts of each food group you should eat.

For me, nutrisystem was a very easy diet as you could have snacks which felt like you were eating naughty a couple of times a day.


Put the fork down?

>no grains
>no refined sugar
>no dairy

Drink only water and go on long walks daily listening to podcasts.

>weight loss advice

The best possible way to lose weight is to get better Genes Faggot!

Quit eating sugar, corn and corn based products and limit your daily carb intake to 20-50 grams per day, people will say you need to eat low fat and low calorie diets but in comparison to a no added sugar/low carb diet they fall flat every time,
Next step is exercise, it doesn't matter what you do as long as it's at least an hours worth a day, half hour burns off lingering carbs and sugars, then starts burning into your fat reserves.

(Sources, dietician bro)

If you are an obese cunt, this will give you motivation to go the extra miles in 3-4 months.

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Stop eating simple carbs (this includes bread), literally all you have to do other than getting off your fat ass once in a while.