How do you feel about Female Weight Gain?

How do you feel about Female Weight Gain?

Overweight girls are disgusting.

Well, it increases the possibility of Sup Forums users to get laid.

This is oddly steering my interest...


I'm ok with it over the course of years of a relationship, but I wouldn't get with a girl who was already big from the start.


It's literally my fetish.

Only have videos though nothing to upload



Got any in between pics?

it's just more of them to love

It's mine as well. I love it when scrawny chicks become fuck-blimps.

This is the opposite of what men like.


No... no it's not.

It's like an ad for weight watchers
Before, and way before

This is a great example of when you are too fat. When your belly extends past your tits.


Depends on the guy.


Really? Are you sure? Am I homo?

as long as she's healthy and not one of "my 600lb life" kind of fat girls. I don't want my girl to have a heart attack while I'm in the middle of fucking her. It makes it awkward when you take the time to finish

You might be.

it's like a "Watch Moar Porn" movement for males:
- easy to do, extremely difficult to undo
- easy to reach a point of no return
- idiotic as fuck, and idiot people love to brag about own idiocy
- basically yet another mental illness requiring the devastation of the body

*Plus: no equivalent Male Weight Gain exist.


It's a heavy subject

>no equivalent Male Weight Gain exist.
you're mistaken

Well... fuck it, going to fap to that trap thread then.

It's a healthy precursor to pregnancy in some cases


this one doesn't look half bad


There are people into fat males. They just never start threads here.

mostly fags I think but yeah

Look I'm all for reclassing woman as property but this is just sad.

>There are people into fat males

you said "people" because you cannot say "women".

mmm good god i love me some dors feline



There are women into fat guys, they're just way too closeted and angst-ridden about it.

Women have this ridiculous notion that they can't be perverts.

I have a feedee friend whom I'm feeding fattening up... she's just as fuckin perverted as I am and it's fucking awesome

I make all my girls gain at least 50lbs when i get with then. Then i have them lose it. If they can't i dump them.


Mega diamonds

how can we know all these are not inverted weight loss pictures, OP you fucking fraud?

Many of these are well known gainers in the feedism community

I sometimes wonder how many college women use the "Freshmen 15" as cover to glut themselves.

Nothing like a tribute to giving up.

I like to think they all do. Secretly, all girls just want to stuff themselves and get really fat.

Simple. No loose skin or surgery scars on the thin women.

They're fuck-blimps.

It's a nice fantasy. Being the college guy to enable all those new gluttons.

pretending any human would be stupid enough to spend a second with you....




Ah, Chromix's girlfriend :D



I can appreciate it sometimes.



Somewhere between the two is great for me.

It is very disappointing.
Most of them could be very attractive, but instead they give up on life.
But if it wasn't for those fat basic bitches, i would never get laid... so theres a plus i guess.

is there moar of herß

Most of the girls in this thread are ugly as fuck with the overweight as well as without it.

Just one year... Cherries before

Cherries after

Sadly even google can't find her, to my knowledge anyway.

and now Cherries very recently


She's perfect, every step of the way.

>lost touch with this chick that was kind of cute in high school
>shy type
>liked vidya
>skinny as hell
>was too much of a basement dweller to move in on her
>fast forward to a few months ago
>she somehow finds my number and texts me to hang out
>remember that small cute bod
>confidence way higher so say sure
>meet up and she's a landwhale

Hugely disappointed.

yes indeed.... and felt like a dream

I'm sure you let her down too.


Disappointed because you realized you'd never be able to satisfy her

My dream wife is a woman who plans to use her marriage to me as cover for her shameless gluttony, not knowing I secretly I hope she gets obese.

Unless you fuck the belly-button

Even if you like fat bitches you have to acknowledge that the term "in shape" exist for a reason.

Fat people are literally blobs that look less human-shaped.

I've heard the phrase "tipping the scales", but this is ridiculous.

I agree. Sup Forums is just full of beta cucks who can't attract anything other than land-whales.

that's her appetizer cake, before she eats a full size one.

You'd prefer we went for traps and cuck, lol.


you have to not be fat first to call it Weight Gain. Then it's just fat cows getting fatter

holy shit

if she could lose the belly weight and keep dat ass, yummy

holy fuck, how do you even gain that much in 3 years

That's ThickSnoww.

Probably one of those expensive powders designed to cause weight gain. Feedees use them all the time.

I couldn't care less who you guys go for. Go for whoever you want. I'm just explaining why a lot of Sup Forums might not find fat chicks so bad.

Friendly reminder that traps are still gay though.



>Well, it increases the possibility of Sup Forums users to get laid.

Um, NO.

what is photoshop you unbelievable chimp

Requesting the obese girl with the muscular chad bf

I know someone has it