What do you Sup Forumsros think about Osu!

What do you Sup Forumsros think about Osu!

I quite enjoy it when i have nothing to which is all the time..
Post your Osu! related stories in here to

Casual game play iidx


hey i've been playing off and on since this game was created. currently i'm off because i have a new pc and the resolution was fucking with my acc. i hate the new pp system too. if you play this game it should be purely for fun.
i have a few stories.
>used to be rank 20k and now i'm rank 130k
>watched the rise and fall and rise of cookiezi
>had a male friend who i would serenade to sleep with my gameplay when he was depressed.
>using the same tablet for like 8 years. wacom or bust.

I play Mania 4k,shit's fun.Didn't have internet often so my ~60k ranking aint really as high as it could be.Played for two years now,on and off,rusty but decent and can't pass 4.40* yet. Did a 6* in a net cafe once but that's as high as it can go. 28 scroll speed without scaling and hopefully gonna increase that

H A I T A I 9 0 0 P P

Love it

i cant fucking stand anime or osu's community.
but i still enjoy the rythym game

Was you in the osu thread before?

Love the game but there’s so much god damn weeb shit that I have to play it in secret


Been playing for like 6 months and am 50k rank. I can fc 5* maps and pass 6-7*

just play league if you have nothing, theres a champ for anyone

the only exposure i have to OSU is that I watch SureFour playing it while he's waiting to cue in Overwatch matches.

It's pretty insane, and I'm amazed at how good he can play it with a mouse and keyboard vs. cheating on OSU with a pad and pen.

same, but I play IID now, my life is finally fulfilled.


Friendo showed me osu. Played during my breaks at school for all of my semesters last year end became an osu lord. Everyone hates me now.

i'm 'decent' at 4k mania


Miss ohio contest.
Most went to osu.
All are whores.
Partied with one. Sloppy fingering session. Waste of time


played it for a year or two and stopped, pretty good, sometimes go back to it if i'm bored