What are these gauges for and what purpose do they serve in a truck?

What are these gauges for and what purpose do they serve in a truck?

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Those gauges tell you what % your flux capacitor is at. It's very complicated truck science if youreflux capacitor goes under so many jigawats then you cannot roll coal.

It's for the boost bro

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Boost gauge, to see at what boost you are running

The other 2 probably are something like

Engine oil temp, to know that your engine isint runing too high

Transmission temp, to know if your tranny is running too high

Boost gauge to measure pressure within the turbo system. The others are usually AFR which is air fuel ratio, and sometimes the third is battery voltake, intake air temperature.

Basically shit for fuccbois because nobody actually needs to see those things unless you truly have a tuned up truck.

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they tell you when the eco boost or fuel boost kicks in and how it affects your engine, the others might be pressure gauges or a turbo meter.

Thanks for the responses, both serious and not. Does a truck that has turbo need them or are they just for show?

They're aftermarket bullshit gauges. Usually for your supercharger or whatever. One probably measures the amount of dick in your butt for putting all that shit in your truck. Redline, baby.

Depends on what you use it for. If you have it tuned up and are actually towing shit it can be helpful and remind you not to drive like a nigger or you'll fuck your shit up.
Most of the time it's just for looks.

Supercharger in a truck, nice.

If you're running an agressive tune, especially if its pushing the limits of your setup, you usually want gauges. If something is over its limit, thats when engine damage happens. Usually advanced users have gauges becase they know what to look for.

that's actualy good to have the turbo gauge, in case it start to lost pressure you'd be knowing

It shows you how much Nitro you have left so you can get up steep hills.

Mate of mine one for boost, pitch, and roll. Was fun to see boost shoot up and pitch lean back at the same time.

They show how much progress Volvo has made towards creating the ultimate perfect truck.

If it is a diesel truck, One will definitely be for the boost gauge to see what psi of boost your turbo is running, the second will be a pyrometer gauge, which tells you the temp of your exhaust gasses (very helpful when towing with the truck) and the third, if you have a third, will most likely be for transmission temp which monitors the temperature of your transmission and the fluid.

Most trucks have the turbo gauge if the truck came with it. It's the tranny temp gauge that they should have, and rarely do that makes you want to add gauges. You can fuck a lot of stuff up fast before the idiot lights come on.

True, but usually you would feel it in the performance of the car. Loss of boost pressure usually happens catastrophically, IE no boost at all. Small leaks are unnoticeable from a gauge because the ECU will compensate by requesting more boost. The turbo will eventually meet the request by overboosting to compensate for smaller leaks. In that scenario the boost gauge would read normally.

>what psi of boost your turbo is running,
Since when are psionics involved in trucking?

pounds per square inch, not some retard ghosts and shit

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Is there a disadvantage to not having them in a diesel with towing capabilities, or can you get by just fine without them?

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Temp is bloody useful but there's honestly not much use in a psi guage. You can tell when a turbo is spooling or spooled, the guage just looks cool.

Thanks for all the responses

Ding ding ding, in my friends sport's car this is exactly what it is.

Boost gauges, Engine temps, and Radiator temps

Second gauge is fuel pressure. 3rd is oil temp.