Lil peep death thread

Lil peep death thread
Do you think it was mariah bons aka Crybaby?

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Rip peep. I fucked with his music hard.

Who killed him

yeah so heartbreaking


Can anyone give me a quick rundown on peep?

hahahahahahaaha i'm glad this cringey little faggot is dead.

embarrassing as fuck.

A girl gave him xans laced with something and didint tell him, then he overdosed

wow edgy vaping kid here

I have no idea who this dude is. What happened?

laced with fentanyl


And did you read this on your newsfeed faggot? Tell me more

A pretty famous rapper, He overdosed on fake xanax

and here comes the funny meme guy


would someone care to post the video of him on the couch

I think he meant the one where he's dead



has this video been seen anywhere?

I wonder what he’s dreaming about, I’d say a big ol’ Ice cream cone

they killed lil peep to shift the news away from liangelo ball shoplifting


It's funny because they don't realise he's dying.


They thought they were being so funny filming him passed out.
This is gonna haunt him for a while. kek

lol thanks for the link. I hadn't been able to find that anywhere. u da real MVP

Literally who?

One less white wanting to be black.



It was probably the aids that killed him.
What a whiney little faggot.
Absolutely shit music.

i'm sad af still after finding out this in the morning, he was just starting, he was increasingly getting better and better quickly

ur probably listening to drake darkie

Fucking degenerate loser.

who cares.
his music was shit.


Pretty famous yet no one seems to know who the fuck he is. I listen to a decent amount of rap and had no fucking clue. But I don't listen to this cringy millennial shit.

it lil looks like lil peep is lil dead

and this is a webm from your porn folder right?

The amount of people actually getting offended enough to call others edgy over jokes is pretty sad kek all you're doing is giving out free (You)s


no. its people like you

Everyone needs a (You) now and then son.

what a roast

The human race is better off now he's dead

underrated post

you are arbitrary

who the fuck is 'lil peep', and don't "rappers" realize the whole 'lil' thing is dumb as hell?


This dude is what's wrong with music today


lol "wrap" your lips around my dick

people like this are why tattoos are viewed negatively in the civilized world

lil fag more like

>A pretty famous rapper


A nigger-of-the-week Soundcloud rapper. Not famous.

the only real lil peep

ayy hol up.. so u is sayin we wuz sugar-coated marshmallow confectioneries?

his tattoos look pretty cool tho


and then some

nope hes working on his abs


maybe he just needs new batteries

This peep faggot is the epitome of edgy, how bout you stfu

human garbage - video of him dead that his best friend posted on social media.

Is the meme that everyone pretends they knew who this was? Literally never heard of this fag until today but all the comments make it sound like he wasn't a literal who.

sa u ce

the ync front page


I hold my hands up, that made me laugh.

no, it's because it's fucking disgusting.

>Pretty famous yet no one seems to know who the fuck he is


big baller brothers for life

LOL niggas gonna nig

Fucking trash can just needed some milk

czech um

Half the threads on Sup Forums today are already about this faggot, can we keep the cancer contained please?


The fact that this no-name faggot has been posted on Sup Forums and nowhere else on the internet speaks volumes.

This is a meme right? This severe edgelord was actually a person that died?

Ur just the only one that didnt know about him thats it

i know everything and i dont know this fag

This is Good lol

Someone gave him xans laced with fetynal


So many people dying of that shit

same what nigger

this bitch

think for one second. how can xanax be 'laced' with fentanyl. how would one lace a tablet with a powder?

cut it up, mix it, re press


Blaze up the fents

upload the real size pic

yeah an user already linked me but thanks mang

I have just been so happy all day after hearing about his death.

Now if every other rapper could off themselves this world will be a much better place.