Where's little sis OP?

Where's little sis OP?



What the hell

threads like those make me regain hope for Sup Forums

also to answer your question : probably lying under OP breathing heavily.

fake and gay

No freakin way this is real.

I want to believe but I can't.

We watched it unfold earlier today. He was posting whatever a reply with dubs said as a response. Still I think it's unlikely that it's actually his sister

Bump please.


bump post more of your sister OP and or more text

Bump for interest.

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thebarchive Sup Forumsthread/751183352/

I believe every word if this because it’s exactly what I want to hear.

Nigga was replying to himself from another phone or Facebook
Op u got bamboozled


Bump, someone with the means continue this

>little sis
>never talked before

I was thinking of that but i've never had an iphone so i didn't know how the texting worked

>like that's the least believable part

Dude just upgraded to the X so this is a new phone for him.

not a bad time to start fucking your sister

As good as any

all these new fags ..this shit has been kicking around for months if not years now

Shit, is it not a blank screen every time with iphones?