The sun has just imploded into a black hole

>the sun has just imploded into a black hole
>the Earth will be crushed into infinite nothingness in 8 minutes

How do you spend your last few moments of life?

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Go outside, look up and try to witness as much as possible. 8 minutes, there's not much else to do.

we'd have a bit more time than that, m8

if the sun suddenly turned into a black hold we would freeze, not be crushed. orbit would continue normally

A black hole isn't an instant death, since we really have no idea what they are once you're inside.

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actually, subjectively you're never inside.
the closer to it you are, the slower time goes. So you can come closser, but will never (from your perspective) reach it.
Just like Zeno's arrow.

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>black hole 149.6 million km away
>orbit is unaffected

>the sun has just imploded into a black hole


I thought that from an outside perspective it would appear as though an object would never reach it

nice try OP, but we all know the answer. You can simply move 8 minutes per hour from earth.
where it's still warm.

nah, from outside it seems you get there just normally. But inside your clocks slow down.

carrying on with what I was doing we would know only when we plunge into sudden nothingness and darkness.

it is not possible for Sun to collapse into a black hole, it doesn't have the mass to do it

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It doesn't matter if the Sun is a big giant ball of flame, or if it collapses into a point (a black hole). If the mass doesn't change, the Earth's orbit will be unchanged.

It's going to get cold as fuck, though. And there might be a wave of deadly radiation to worry about.

The sun collapsing into a black hole wouldn't actually crush the earth. It would only get extremely cold. You see, the only change is that the sun would become more dense. The mass of the sun therefore the gravity wouldn't change. If the gravity of the sun does not change, neither does earth's orbit.

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>>the sun has just imploded into a black hole
>>the Earth will be crushed into infinite nothingness in 8 minutes
>How do you spend your last few moments of life?

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Im agree, the gravity will be the most little problem


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stand outside and watch it all happen

this is true. As far as the gravitational force between the sun and the earth is concerned it doesn't matter if the mass is distributed or condensed in an infinitely dense region. Newton proved this like 400 years ago.

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if im fucking honest me and everyone thats human will just panic for 8 minutes and then die

>the sun will never implode into a black hole, >the sun is nowhere near massive enough for that, even if it was the supernova blast that causes it would kill us, if the expansion of the sun doesnt kill us first.

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Our sun doesn't have enough mass to become a black hole.

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Actually, it would take a whole lot longer than 8 minutes for a black hole to crush Earth.

Time would slow down to nearly a stand still and everyone on earth would experience the sensation of slowly being torn to pieces over several years time.

I've been on this thread for about 12 minutes now, and nothing's happened... are you sure the earth is hurtling toward a black hole... since everything on the Internet is true... riiiight?


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You can't experience "being torn to pieces" over years of time. Human life and senses have limits, at some point a human dies, just because his remains get stretched doesn't mean he's around to feel it

ok nerd boy, now pretend like you used to on the playground... what would you do if the earth was going to end in 8 minutes? I mean, you do know how to have fun outside of astrophysics class right?

Not true. As the black hole is so dense, it would immediately start increasing in mass. More than enough to change the orbit. Still, if you're talking in terms of being "sucked" into the black hole, iirc being closer will result in stronger gravitational pull, which will cause an increase in speed, which would also change orbit.

So, you're basically flat out wrong.

>not realizing that the gravitation shortwave of such an event would obliterate every object in our solar system nearly instantaneously, because gravitational shock waves move much faster than the speed of light.

>Time would slow down to nearly a stand still and everyone on earth would experience the sensation of slowly being torn to pieces over several years time.
not really.
as the time would slow down, so would the action of our neurons. time would seem to go just as fast as normally for us.

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I just got another idea, a crazy adventure to send a spacecraft spinning around a blackhole on a constant orbit. It should be warm enough right?

You're correct. From an outside perspective, you slow down and stop at the event horizon, and red shift. From your perspective, you fall in normally.

If the sun retained its mass, the earth doesn't get crushed; its orbit stays the same

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What are those?

>it would immediately start increasing in mass.



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Even if the sun somehow imploded into a black hole, considering it is nowhere near that stage of its life, the sheer explosive nature of the preceding supernova would vaporize the solar system in less than a second.

Assuming, somehow, it doesn't explode, black holes do not create mass. If the black hole took the place of the sun, it might be much, much smaller in size, but it would be the same mass. Therefore, nothing would change, except, you know, freezing to death.

Imagine a moon suddenly appearing in orbit above earth instantaneously. That moon has mass and that mass generates gravity.

How long would it take for the gravity of that moon to be felt on earth? From the instant the moon comes into existence, how fast would the gravity of the moon travel the distance between the moon and the earth's surface. The act of gravity reaching out into space is called gravity waves and the speed they travel is off the charts.

yeah, that's what I expected.

btw, would it be possible to survive using the heat from the earth core?


B-but... Isn't the sun going to retain its mass? And mass is the thing that sends out gravity?

I just noticed how weird gravity is with its global range. Fucking hell

when I learned about this stuff 3 years ago they didn't know shit about the speed of those waves (beside them being really fucking fast). Did anything change? How precisely can we define their speed now?

>I'm agree
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Black holes immediately start growing as they accumulate material (mass), even material at the sub particle level. Even though possibly negligible, the change in mass and therefore speed, is measurable and the orbit will indeed change.

It's finite, and for that heat we'd have to bury deeper and deeper into the earth. Either that or make some kind of weird heat recycling system. That'd probably give us enough time to start a good space program

Theoretically yes, but unless you've already tapped into that energy somehow, you don't have much time before all of the heat trapped in the atmosphere dissipates.

The problem is much larger than it appears. While the earth may radiate some heat energy, the temperature of space is roughly -450 degrees Fahrenheit, so even if you crank your space heater (see what I did there) up to max, everything will literally turn to ice in a few hours.

I'm pretty sure that gravitational waves travel at the speed of light

but it would take much, much more time than 8 minutes.
perhaps even years.

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can we start around volcanoes?
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In order for the Sun to become a black hole, it would have to gain a shit load of mass. Without gaining mass, the Sun could not become a black hole. If a black whole's mass were to be suddenly reduced to the equivalent mass of our sun, it would not have enough gravity to stay a black hole and would explode violently.

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The detected to neutron stars orbiting each other in a collapsing orbit and realized the collision was going to produce gravity waves. They set up a bunch of new gravity wave sensors all over earth and the gravity waves of the collision reached us before the light of the collision event.

> gravitational shock waves move much faster than the speed of light.

Yes, this is the point. Even though it may consume sub-atomic particles, a few of those drifting through space aren't going to suddenly cause the black hole to rapidly expand. In fact, because a black hole the mass of the sun would be so physically small, the earth would have to be within about 10 miles of it before it even started to be affected by its gravity.

Sure, dark matter might feed black holes as well, but truly it is very slow. If the black hole in the place of the sun can't absorb mass quickly, it will eventually radiate away.

I see
well, that's very fucking cool, thank you for the info, user.
Do you know what the speed was, then?

This. In order for the event in the Op to occur, an injection of a significant quantity of mass would have to be put into the Sun, and that sudden increase in Mass would produce a massive gravity wave that would be very destructive.

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No. They don't even know. The sensors they used only worked partially. They just know that the gravity waves got here before the light did.