To straight male anons with attractive sisters...

To straight male anons with attractive sisters, are you secretly sexually attracted to her or is the idea of incest disgusting?

Asking because I have no siblings.

Absolutely disgusting. Never thought about it without feeling grossed out.

It's almost as bad as the amount of faggots that try to hit on them

>Source, younger brother of 2 sisters


obviously you wouldn't wanna fuck them they're older than you


Nah. I find it disgusting. I can appreciate she's good looking. But that's all.

Once at the beach when she was in a bikini I checked her out. She got on all fours to sort her towel out and I got a great view of pussy and ass from behind. Enjoyed the sight but felt conflicted. Didn't stop me from fapping to it later that night and wondering what she would be like to fuck. Realised that's not acceptable though, put it out of my mind and went back to appreciating the millions of other decent women out there unstead of my own sister.

Besides we used to fool around as kids and that memory us really gross to me now and makes me cringe.

Generally not attracted. Incest just doesn't really come to my mind. We have seen each other's 'parts' as adults and joked around a bit once while curious, but no 'bodily fluids' were exchanged.

Even if I were older I wouldn't dare to do shit.

My sister is hot and I can appreciate her hotness, I found her nudes on her phone and fap to them, but the idea of actually doing anything feels disgusting.

>Besides we used to fool around as kids and that memory us really gross to me now and makes me cringe.

What did you do?

Back when single digits use to copy our parents. Lived in a literal trailer park, no space so often walked in on parents. Would get naked feel each other up and I'd get on top of her and pretend to screw. Tried to fuck but couldn't get it in. The whole memory of it makes me feel like shit. Just treat it like it never happened and assume she remembers as well and like me tries to suppress the memory.

Lol same shit happened with me. Fooled around when we were like 14-16, somehow mom finds out, lectures us, and now the memory of it makes me feel like crap. We just try to repress it and pretend it never happened, but one time I was drunk af and accidentally me, it makes me cringe like nothing else.

>be me
>no sisters, no femcousins
>oversized fat kissless virgin basementdweller
>almost as fat as my mom
>almost as ugly as my aunts
>have a porn calendar in my room, mom doesn't complain
>envy college guys who at least CAN TALK to a woman
>watch all those incest threads
>start posting fake stories about barely reasonable incests
>self-promote my fake news with usual samefagging™: "moar" "plz cont" etc
>fags appreciate and even claim to have fapped to my fake stories
>fags ask MOAR and MOAR
>end college still kissless virgin
>got a job
>accept coffee from female coworker
>tell her I own house, car, and even a small cottage
>suddenly she's interested in me
>fast forward one year, got on first base
>marry her, still virgin
>a few weeks later she's pregnant (OMG I DID IT!! my PENIS actually WORKS!!) and quits job
>and I'm still here creating shittier and shittier fake incest stories, as if my pleasure was someone discovering my ginormous faggotry
>will continue until wife eventually finds out what I'm doing in incognito mode

I'd fuck my sister then regret it afterwards


I have never wanted fuck my sister. But i can sell her as sexual slave for you if you give good price. She just stupid bitch, little daddy's princes, so i dont have sorry for her.

That's bad dude. At least for me we were way young so theres the very real possibility she doesn't remember. Also thank fuck my parents never found out. That must be even worse for you that others know about it

Typically find wincest hot in the abstract, but don't actually get turned on by girls in my family.

>little less abstract with sister tho
>this site is fuckin me up more time goes on

>accidentally me

My sisters were always the instigators of stuff. I enjoyed it greatly. And I never once told either of them no.

sexually yea kinda, though a LOT less than if she were a stranger.

Romantically not at ALL, the thought of making out with her is disgusting.

The fantasy of incest is hot in porn and erotica but I have zero sexual interest in my sister even though I recognize that she's fairly attractive

Even though I enjoy incest porn the thought of my sister disgusts me. Sister is about 6 years older than me so that might be it.

I would bang some of my cousins that are only 1 year older than me though, even though my sister is unquestionably hotter than them.

I meant to say "and accidentally mentioned it" Idk why I wrote that lol.

are your sisters older or younger than you? I recently learned about something similar of a close friend and want to understand what's going on...

One is 18 months younger than me the other is 7 years younger. Let's call them a and b. B (the youngest) started early. She was 8 when she ca me into my room without panties and climbed on top of me. She turned around and stuck her pussy in my face and said for me to "kiss it". I did. She liked it and asked again. Ended up eating her out for like an hour. I was diamonds after that and she was sitting on my bed so I stood up and stuck my dick in her mouth. I face fucked her for like 30 seconds and came down her throat.
And that's my first blowjob. I was 13.


13 - 7 = wtf????

user, we need to talk about the direcrion your life has taken. care to explain or have I just read it wrong.

This is both great and sad at the same time.

Yeah, the math doesn't add up there...

I don't have any sisters, but I had a semi-related experience.

> gf is 21
> she has two sisters and a brother
> sis 24, sis 17, bro 19
> they're all kinda trash
> her dad was divorced and they lived together
> whatever.. She was hot
> after a few months we move in together
> her siblings visited regularly
> their jokes were outwardly sexual
> I thought it was odd but whatever
> it wasn't uncommon to come how from work to her brother or a sister being there
> well.. One day we got a blackout at work
> a flatdeck clipped the electrical pole
> wouldn't be back up for hours so we all went home early
> figured I would surprise her (she didn't work)
> get home and hear her moaning in the bedroom
> nice.. She's masturbating
> then I notice her brothers shoes are on the rack
> wtf mode engaged
> listen closer.. That sounds like fucking
> sneak through the kitchen and peek in to see her skinny af brother pounding her missionary
> I didn't know what to do.. So I stood there
> ... With the most awkward erection forming
> it didn't take long and he had pulled out to cum on her stomach
> I hung back and when he hit the shower I came to the bedroom
> I've never seen a facial expression like that in my life
> shock, embarrassment, Shame, etc..
> all I said was "we need to talk, I'll be back after he's gone."
> and I left until my usual home time


TayTay is so cute, I would fuck her tenderly :3


Okay.. I have to type it out.
Don't let it 404

Personally no.

Everyone always said she was hot af in HS. I was popular with upperclassmen because she was older, and regularly ribbed with "we're doing an overnight teambuilder at user's house, as long as user's sister is there!"

Personally, I know she was attractive but I never thought of her as anything but a sister/friend (she bought me alchohol and shit, made tramps leave me alone when I was too fucked up to make good decisions about relationships, etc)

> didn't have this typed out

type faster faggot

you misspelled fuck her brains out

doing my bit to keep this thread alive

> I come home and she's on the couch
> fully dressed and lookong at the coffee table
> I just stood in the dinning area and asked her to explain
> she said it didn't matter because our relationship was over
> I asked her if that was what she wanted and she seemed confused
> I asked again why
> if I could understand maybe we could sort it out
> mostly I was curious.. Didn't think I would actually stay with her
> she tells me a rather unique story about her family
> their dad hadn't been one for discussing appropriate sexual behavior
> so when they were kids and experimenting he didn't interrupt
> as far as I am aware their wasn't anything pervy from the dad

It's disgusting. Nuff said.


> his point of view was that playing dr etc was part of growing up
> except it didn't stop for her, her bro, and eventually little sis
> so they kept experimenting
> apparently they all lost their virginity to each other
> she and her little sis had even been together
> after they grew up it mostly stopped
> but if her or her brother were between relationships..
> .. They would be fuckbuddies
> I saw the logic in that at least.. No sex with random strangers and it's better than a hand
> what needed more understanding was why she was fucking him while dating me

I fucked my brother quite some times. It lasted for a couple of months but I decided to end it because I started dating a guy. It was nice while it lasted. I don't feel ashamed nor embarassed

I have a littler half sister, I only met when she was a baby

Seeing her grown up, eh I would more then likely still tap that ass

> turns out it had become casual to them
> just killing time..
> she wasn't going to ever date her brother of course
> and she would stop
> I veered it down another path
> at this point I knew I would be leavong her
> no fucking way would I last with someone like that
> I did however want to milk this
> over the next few months I managed to fuck her with her brother
> I even jerked while her and her little sister hooked up as a show for my birthday
> didn't get to fuck her sis though..
> ... Ironically that would be "cheating"
> did get to bust on their tits though
> once the inhibitions were loosened it got weirder and weirder
> eventually after avout 6months I was done.. The drama got outrageous


expand upon the drama

Definitely. I would love to fuck my younger sister. I try to feel her up and spy on her whenever I can.

Her brother was kinda punk/emo and was jealous of needing to ask before fucking her. Got a bit highstrung which I understand since conditions were placed on his sex life.

Her little sister wanted to fuck me too.. Ot started as teasing my gf but eventually it turned serious enough that they got catty.

I would never think about fucking my sister or my other brother for that matter. Probably because of the age differences. Sister is 26, little brother is 16, older brother is 20 and I'm 18. Plus my sister is a little bitch and the youngest sibling is like a child...