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I'm on DXM what do?

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watch alice in wonderland, sit in a dark room with music/glowsticks

ive been on dxm for 7 days now.

try it with nitrous

smoke a bong

Got no weed my man

How much?

Enough to hit the second plateau.

When you have an acute/sharp constant pain in your lower back, probably the left side, see a doctor.

No idea then, I've only done it once, but I'm pretty sure I hit third. I just closed my eyes and listened to the most psychedelic band in my library. It was pure bliss, my man.

hi Stephen!

No this isn't Stephen.

Solve puzzless,

Link to puzzles plox?

Probably you try to stop coughing.
I've been given this today.

or try to solve lumousity like 5times in a row...

Also find some IQ test that are free and take them several times...

I don't remember how, but it somehow gets me into feeling your neurons will get dissociation pattern organized then.


Get your ass back to making music and leave the drugs alone.

But the drugs are fun!

I've done more DXM in the last 12 years than anyone would ever believe.

I have experienced 17 ego deaths, each one greater than the previous.

I have met gods and demons; I have sat inside a star and felt its warmth in my soul.

I camped beneath heaven and took a visit to the underworld.

I miss it. The more you do it, the deeper the storyline goes.... I just never have the free time to get that far down the rabbit hole anymore.

If I ever decide to anhero, it will be on this drug. I will go on a binge until I just don't come back.

Sit in the dark with a small amount of light in the room. Put on a good trance album. Drink some caffeine an lay down. Let your thoughts wander and take you for a ride.

8888 911 75

Numbers never lie.

Focus as much as you can, that's what to do on dissociatives, before taking proper trip, so you can take back stuff you tripped, because you are going to have some distraction patterns memory.