Walk into your home

>Walk into your home
>You find Milly Bobby Brown standing there
Wat do?

> "hey moot"

Punch in her stomach and tell her to get the fuck off my property



I would make love to this 13 years old woman.

instant wood

>Milly Bobby Brown
loads mcgee should be his name

Offer her a bowl of oats.


make her eat a bowl of eggs

Make bitch lasagna.

Go get her some eggos, duh.

Maybe a selfie?


Tell her that I thought she was fantastic in ST. wish her luck in her career.
spank her bottom

get her a bowl of soup

i'd kick her out and lock the door

I say "stranger things have appeared in my home"

turn 360 degrees and walk away

u so not funny


Ask her for Natalia Dyers phonenumber. Then Call her parents to pick her up.

Scoliosis detected

Bruh if you turn 360 degrees you'd be walking towards her

Get my sister and make them best friends

Go back to math class kid, you'd still walk into her again you retard.....

not if you moonwalk

Calm down Ed. Go make another lampshade.

Fucking kek

When I was young I was the male version of this girl. I have pictures where I look like her twin. Now I feel weird because I'm fapping to myself but I'm ok with it

Dick 'em down

Rape ofcourse

Pull out my concealed and likely shoot her to death. Granted I dont recognize her before she dies, she gets the intruder treatement

Hello, new friend

>13 year old
Pick one.

ask why the fuck she has three dog names:
milly - a dog's typical name
bobbie - another dog's typical name
brown - yet another dog's typical name

Fuck her brains out

Ask her to marry me

"sorry, who the fuck are you and why are you in my house?"

So you can have a Three Dog Night.

give her eggos and call her parents to come get her. fucking sick fuck

Ask who tf Milly Bobby Brown is

Ohh burn.....


Sniff her hair and rub her shoulders like uncle Joe would.

go into my room, change into comfy shirt and sweat pants, lock my door, and smoke weed.

cause she a bitch


1st post, best post



Call her parents before one of you degenerate pedophiles shows up and tries to diddle her.

MODS!!!!! MODS!!!!

Im glad im not the only one

I'm from Plainfield. Seriously.

>Tell her to make me a sandwich
>Bitches love making sandwiches