No feels thread?? Feels thread

No feels thread?? Feels thread..
gf left me after 6 years and said I was a disapointment and that she was sick of me and my shit and went off with another guy whom now after a month calls, the best thing ever, luckiest woman ever, all other men (me) were dipshits and that she cherrishes him so much and loves him forever.. I'm so crushed because I believed in love.

just fkin go to Kasan Road
srsly KyS
it's literal heaven
just dont vape or it's 10 years in the drainer

Know a woman in my family who does this.
>starts relationship with guy
>things go great until you fuck up in the slightest way, either that or she's always been a bitch.
>dumps you for someone else and talks shit about you to her friends while praising the other guy.
There might come a day when she comes back to you begging for you to take her back.
Tell her to fuck off and move on. Some women are like this, the less they reproduce, the less of them there are to manipulate poor guys' hearts.

really?? but for 6 years?? I've even met our parents and family it was that important to me.

She ever date anyone before you?

I feel your pain op...bitches are only loyal to their options.

no i was her first

Give name, we'll do the rest.

nah i know the rules.. NYPA. I'm not even sure if revenge will help me.

Will sure as hell give you a chuckle but ok.

best thing to do is to move on... I know it's had not to but is for the best

Well then maybe she wasn't sure what she wanted in the first place.
She probably still doesn't know given that she's calling this guy the best thing that's ever happened to her after only a month.
But hey, I don't know your life.

You're not crushed because you believed in love. You're crushed because you believed in unconditional love. After 6 years, the only reason they leave is because you take them for granted and do not try to make them laugh and smile as much as you used to. Love is a constant upkeep type of thing. But don't despair OP. If you keep that in mind for the next one, it will have a better chance of working out for you.

Bitches flop around from homie to homie now. It's practically woman physics. Fuck over the guy you're with, then praise the other guy who has a bigger dick or fucks like Jesus fucks with bread.

That's the problem, I think. I got in my first relationship when I was young, spent 6 years with the guy before realizing that I was going to spend my whole life with one person and I got really scared, got cold feet. I felt stifled and like I was going to miss out on forming relationships with other people. We talked it out and now we're broken up to see other people, but I would never trash talk my ex, I learned a lot about life being with him. We're still really close and even try to be each other's wingmen.
The way she's gone about it is super cunt-y but I think she might have been in the same boat as I was.
I wish you the best user; I hope you find a new lady that is the light of your life (and you hers) and makes your ex seem dull in comparison

that does seem kind of, but she hopped into another relationship immediately.

yeah she didn't even know what school he frequents untill that month ago..

It's really really difficult :( and i wasn't negligent i kept working on myself to make things better but she didn't even cooperate for the last 7 months..

Invalid opinion fag

>but she hopped into another relationship immediately.
With a guy she barely knows. It was just a rebound I'm sure, that, or she was cheating on you. Either way, despite what I said about my own relationship, it seems to me that she was bored/scared of the relationship. I'm sorry she's being a cunt right now, but in a few years she'll feel really bad about her actions toward you.

My advice: move on. Whether she was cheating on you or found a rebound that fast, it's apparent that she's "moved on" at this point. Don't get back with her (if she comes back to you), your relationship will never be good, imo.

Take everything you learned from your relationship with her, improve it, and use that knowledge to become a top notch partner for your next woman; however even then, take it kinda slow, you don't want to put your heart and soul into someone only to see them trample it. Also, value yourself highly (don't settle for a relationship just because you can or it's comfortable and 100% do not settle for a woman you aren't whole heartedly infatuated with), try your best to always exude confidence, and try to get comfortable being single: if you're happy and you love yourself before you get into your next relationship, you will carry that happiness and love with you into the relationship. Do not get with a fixer upper, do not try to fix people, it will either drain your soul away, or once they're all fixed up they'll leave you.

Sorry about the wall of shitty advice, hope at least a tidbit is useful

Why? I'm just trying to give some insight from the woman's perspective based on my own experiences
Oh I see you called me a fag, you think I'm a gay man. Whether I'm a man or not, that doesn't make my advice or experiences any less relevant in a similar situation.

But I gave her so much of my time so much of my everything and she threw it all away.
I'm always about fixing things and improving, I see alot of potential in people that are not using it and it's always been that I try to bring that out.
Am I doomed to being miserable then?


No, definitely not. The people you want to help are the people you should make friends out of because those friends will likely stick with you for years to come. For a committed relationship, though, you should find someone who you can use as a springboard to positive outcomes, and they can use you the same way. In a good relationship one shouldn't be fixing the other (or visa versa) you should be bringing out the best in each other, no fixing needed.

That's because I and (we) that do that have already solved many many problems that are facing each one of them and haven't figured it out.
All that we are left with are the deepest and most disturbing issues.

I did that too, I gained a really really good friend who was and probably will be always thankful as I basically saved their life.

That's good. I say keep building friendships like that while you search for a woman that compliments your strengths and covers your weaknesses. Then if you do find a woman like that, don't feel defeated if things don't work out/you never even get together, just means it wasn't meant to be. Keep searching, you'll find your other half.

God I feel bad for that dude, being your "wingman".

Im not trying to shit all over your life and your relationship with him, but if hes like me or any other guy whos spent that long with someone (that I know), you're putting him through some weird kind of hell.

And I'm not saying that as if you're a bad person or that its not entirely his own fault, or that it feels that way all the time, but I guarantee you theres a part of him that is thinking you're going to get back together and live the rest of your lives together. And every time you run off with some other dude, or break up with some guy, hes either being filled with hope or dying inside. But he probably wont ever tell you that, and thats his own fault.

If I were you, I'd stop that shit, but only because every dude i've known in this situation has been this way. Especially if she broke it off.

If an opportunity presents itself, talk to him about it. Really see what he honestly thinks and feels and if its not this fun platonic thing, then run.

I could perhaps talk to one of my previous exes who didn't basically just crush me like a bug but was a decent enough of a breakup not to leave me like a dead soul.

>gf broke up with me after my birthday
>had to see her everyday cause same college
Lucky I have a strike so I don't have to see her for now.

I won't tell you to cheer up OP, but I just genuinely hope you're doing alright today. I know some days makes it unbearable, just wait on those good days.

yeah ill try going to ned now maybe some sleep would help

Thanks for the advice and concern, user, but we have thoroughly talked this through. I know there are still some romantic feelings (on both sides), but just as much as he is my wingman, I'm his. I want to see him in a happy relationship with a wonderful woman. We spent a lot (in perspective of our lives currently) of years together, and that time/these feelings wont just disappear, I know that. I know at some point we'll probably have to part ways for one reason or another, but I really hope that we can be lifelong friends. He has told me that it makes him sad sometimes, and we've talked about parting ways, but we've come to the agreement that we're both happier like this.
I will definitely try to re-open the subject because I--100%--only want to see him be happy, even if that means I don't literally get to see it through.

if anyone is still here, I'm willing to share something that happened to me just hours ago.

Shoot my man

I'll try to make this short.
My father has been declared handicapped for about 20 years now, I'm 25.
Basicly all of his arteries are scewed, he usually has 7 surgeries a year.
I've saved him from 2 attempted suicides, one which were I basicly saw my dad become lifeless at some point.
Today, after months of treatment for a strange wound, basicly a big gap in his upper leg, an infection. His arterie (idunno how it's spelled) popped and left the entire kitchen covered in thick cherry red blood.
I supported him, he collapsed, and we applied pressure to the wound.
I have never seen this amount of blood in my life.
I have thought for 20 years each day, that he might die suddenly, I have a feeling it's today..

i just want to say, he had his flaws, like any man does..
But this guy wanted to help everyone by fixing shit, anything.
He's done a lot of crazy, messed up shit in his life... but damn this man is my hero

A fellow Ontariofag?

I kind of did the same to my ex except not talking about it and after 5 or 6 months. she was a complete cunt about it too

good night everyone.
Who ever's left.
I hope tomorrow I still have a father

Good luck user.

>With a guy she barely knows. It was just a rebound I'm sure, that, or she was cheating on you.
I don't think that's necessarily true. A lot of people are just afraid of being alone and pick up the first thing that comes along after ending a relationship, especially a long one. She probably got comfortable being in a relationship, so she doesn't remember what it's like to be alone. It's self destructive behavior but she's no longer OP's problem so fuck her

fuck off leafposter

i think my parents wasted my teenage years
they never let me do anything or helped me with anything either because they were too strict, didn't want to, or aren't smart enough (though considering their lack of formal/modern education they're certainly not the bottom rung of intelligence). And I may or may not be fucking up my early 20s on my own due to odd situations (also particularly because of my parents choices, but I can't blame them forever anyways).

Dear anons, would you mind visiting my thread?


whoa man


Cute girl in my class and can't work up the nerve to talk to her. She's all I think about and I can't even focus on my studies I just drink now

Not really feelies, but need your advice

>got a friend, grill
>Be friend with both her and her bf
>They live apart and only see each other like one week end out of two
>Grill stressed af cause she's always been kind of anxious and needing a lot of attention, and she's got an exam coming right up
>Buddy's kinda tired of her shit, like sending texts every two hours in the night when she can't sleep
>Start replying less so she'll cut her crap (he does it once in a while, it worked,)
>A moment ago, she had that friend who had troubles with his gf and started hitting on her
>As things weren't going that well with her bf, she did not disliked it. Still "nothing" happened
>Emphasize on the "nothing" I think even if smth happened, I'll never know

So she's going to sleep at this dude's house tomorrow. I don't even know what to think, I know it's not my buiseness, but I don't want her to turn into a whore cuz she doesn't get enough attention
Wat do ?

If she's sleeping at his house, they're going to bang.
Tell your buddy his chick is going to bounce if he doesn't pay attention to her, and tell her to knock her shit off and quit being a whore

she won't become a whore after sleeping with one more dude.
If the relationship with the first guy doesn't work for her, it's best for both of them to end it.

Still I would feel like betraying her doing that but it's probably the best choice
I mean, I can't tell her to not do it, cuz it won't work if she wanted to, and she'll see me as a shit friend if she didn't thought about it

Banging someone else, nah. But cheating = being a walking cumdumpster
If she left him and got drilled after that, I wouldn't care that much

>But cheating = being a walking cumdumpster
I understand the negative feelings you have for it. I agree with them. However, they are pretty strong on your case. Man, people simply are like that. It's not nice, but it's not murder. So maybe just ignore it.

also, if she's really going to fuck the other guy, whhy would she be so disingenious to tell you she's going to him?

I have cheated on my partner before, fucked up my whole highschool and that was a good lesson learnt.
Not that things got any better, but hey, at least I have standards

I heard it from another friend who's less close to her. If she said him but not me, I may be paranoïd but it sounds fishy.

I know I shouldn't make a fuss about this, but I onky have a couple friends and I just want the best for them

well, do what you feel is right, I guess.
You can just tell your friend about it and let him deal with it himself.
Or leave her be.

Think I'll just leave her be and if she mentions it I'll confront her
Thanks for the (You)'s mate







Just told my crush how I feel. She gave me the "I thought we are friends" shit. Feels bad because I cant blame or anything since I cant force her to like me in that way but still feels like shit because I dont know if we can remain close after this.


If you stay close thinking she'll eventually like you, you're done goofed
Shrug it off and stay friends or part ways

Prayers and good will for your pops, Sup Forumsro




Calling all anons, especially depressed and generally feeling unwell:

how much do you agree with the pastas/captions posted here?
are they accurate descriptions of what you feel, or isn't it very closely related?

Getting tired of captchas, will resume posting if it doesn't 404 like all the others

Why don't you get it together instead of making shitty threads?

Some are very caricatural, so unrelatable, but still can make me feel
Some others are pussi feels and just make me more angry

any one that is totally accurate though?

She will continue this cycle the rest of her life. Fix ur problems. Move on. Transmute negative emotions into positive emotions

Tell her you don't think it's q good idea.

Depends on the mood

so ill let you fags know whats on my mind. these threads are good for that..

3 weeks ago my girl and i went out to a show with some of her friends. i never get to "cut loose" and have fun so i downed two bottles of wine then went to the bar i work at (so i drink for free) with her friends i had two shots, a beer and a cocktail. i was RIPPED by the time i left the bar. i dont even remember leaving. i guess i told my coworker hes "the greatest person ever!"

i was tore up. you get it.
well, we all crammed into a car and went to the show. this is where shit goes blank for me so ill give you what i remember..
-i remember getting to the show and going to the bar area, buying a beer i didnt even want. i dont remember what i did with this beer.
- i remember looking for my girl and her friends
- i remember going to throw up
i remember finding my girl and her friends. watching some of the show then they all left so i went to throw up again lol (light weight) im more a weed smoker.
so the last time i go to throw up i think i fell asleep sitting on the toilet because i leave the bathroom and the lights are on at the show and ppl are leaving.

now before i tell this next part let me tell you...this friend is a short fat ugly bitch

i finally find my girl and everyone is PISSED AT ME! im drunk and confused. they tell me i been "playing grabass" with her friend all night my girls in tears and they all leave me with no ride in a dangerous area at 3am.

so i call up a friend and get a ride home. sleep off the alcohol. next day i explain to my girl that i dont remember doing that. its out of character for me.
were still together but its like were room mates now. she doesnt look at me the same anymore and she hasnt even tried to be sexual sence the incident..shes not mad at me and understands.

i do not remember doing that to her friend. since i dont remember it i feel like im in trouble for nothing. it doesnt feel fair..but i had to of done it for everyone to be so angry...

Booze didn't forced you to do it
Your dumb self wanted to and alcool just gave it the lil push it needed to express itself; thus playing grabass

not with that chick. shes real ugly. if i was going to push for playing grabass i would of rather of done it with the other chick. she was hot! but this chick isnt. shes so fat shes perfectly round. not into it.

i donno what my dumb self was honestly thinking..if i did do it..

If you were that drunk, you may have thought to yourself "yeah, she'll be easier to aim than her thin friends"
Why would they lie to you ?

also i just wanted to have fun... thats what makes me the most sad about this situation. the rare occasion i have fun and it went sour.

nah. i doubt that. im not interested in either. just between the two her friends better looking.

tough stuff, man. Maybe you just wanted to be very funny?
like, since that ugly girl was so ugly, maybe you came up with brilliant idea of pretending she's not, because that's... I dunno, ironic or sth like that.

Anyway, did you try to talk to that fat girl?

I just got a bj from my girlfriend a few minutes ago. Feeling pretty good right now.

i dont know. i remember having a boring night then it went real bad. apparently i met a bunch of my girlfriends friends that night at the show i dont remember it at all!

i apologised over the phone for now because i feel embarrassed seeing her. i told her i will apologize in person at some point...

I mean, maybe she remembers more. Something that could help you.

she doesnt wanna talk to me and i dont wanna talk to her. i dont think i want to remember im just being patient with my girl. i know i hurt her. it breaks my heart :(