I'm gone for 20 minutes and no one made a new thread in my place edition

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Requesting This Cheetah Girl, Taking a shower


I'd love too see a drawing out of this!! I'd adore you forever for that!! Thx & have a nice week! ^^

Goodluck & Go!!!

Whoever said I was a cleric, I am a nun.
I bless you with God, not a heal.

Also don't lewd the nun or no bless.

your faith in god heals my heart, is that not enough reason to call you such?

h ewwo everyone

the heck is the camp wazlo gay shid

showers arend even sexy u scrub

can I marry the nun?

MemeMan here! Any requests?

I thank thee for letting me hold thy hand
My resolve has been strengthened a thousand-fold

She's married to the holy one. :C

Requesting to draw first things that come in mind while listening to this:


Mind if I get a tomato on top of your head?

Ponk's here, What it do?

Lewd the nun.

Fair Maiden! I have been besieged with guilt and have reveled in sin! Is there still hope that our all powerful Lord and Saviour will show pity on my wretched soul?

I didn't understand what you said, but I know a hungry person when I see one.

Here, have a delicious sandwhich, made with german rye bread, salad, cheese, onions, mayo, peppers, ketchup, beef, pickles and tomatoes.


any other requests of the non-lewd kind?


Dammit i always miss threads closing

hebbens to betsy thas one scrumdidliumptious slamtown you made there thank

it do sandwich

Requesting christmas lewds

>reply for all the (you)'s i got right before thread closed,

any last request before i go to the shorwerrerezuhrz

Say, friend.... Would you like to purchase....
Some illegal merchandise?

gimme a kissu

also takin req

Requesting (You)
To do this thing:

I would like to see the embodiment of rage, please.

Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Hey, pssst.... I'll take the one on the top left...

but I want to smash her

thank you friend, I just cant see right now. Would you give me eyes?

memeperson gimme a fress meme to wash down dis sassyboy with

buh we havent even had thankday yet

draw a colorful fractal out of butthole


quickie req before i go out?


I think of a game over screen with that music

sure m9

Heheheh.... thanks for coming...... Tell your friends that they can get some.. good... stuff here... im not plotting to kill them no... its just free stuff...


see thisss



You got it man, I'll bring all of my buddies at once.
>them (you)s are the best

was working on it last thread. I ain't no Van'Gogh.... so... here ya go...

Wtf is this?!

already did it.

I guess I'll stop posting for today. see ya.

But i gave a different song lmaos

you angered the doggo
Now perish

nice, nice.... have another one as a sign of my goodness...

eh fuck religion

Nice try, fam. Doggo no scare me!

Requesting cherry pussy dipped in a chocolate bath with sperm

It's the first thing to come into my head.
Wut about it?

Are-arr You Shitstain??

sweet! You uh... also got any ways to fulfill...

I know it's a lot to ask, but can anyone here draw Chris Dorner in an iconographic style? I'm debating on getting it as a tattoo.

your drawfagg name pleese


Nein, imma wurm

just request fam, I'll see what I can do

I think Popopoka, aka Nutbutt, or some high quality A++ should get on it

>Drinky Cat

>Rolled up newspaper to the nose
Down boy! DOWN!

This is probably one of the oddest drawings i've made in these drawthreads

This fresh enough?

this seems to ba the best request i got
i'm not gud at fractals, so i made dis


e-ew no, that's not pure,
gimme one of those (you)'s tho..

keeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! WTF!
>i cannot unsee THAT thing!

aw yiss frish mem so refresh

requesting you to draw Nutbutt lewds

His anger neglets any kind of attack!
You have no chance!!!

And thell your friends about me!.... especially if they are underage... heheheh...


Haha uh oh

>No chance
HA! There's no such concept! I'll keep trying to defeat you until my dying breath!!!
>Throws squeak toy

No because I am a nun.
I am married to God, as said.
I am glad, adventurer. I hope your many journeys bring you great happiness.
No bless for you.
What kinda sin, I can't ask God to clear you of your sin if I don't know what it is.

ur improv skilles are shit dood just take the hit it'll be mor entertainment for evrybody

ur just gonn make this whol interactive medium of edutainment pure shit by bein a widdle bitch

jus take the hit

itll be funny

okay bye

draw this niggar petting a tiny cerberus

Alright, might I get an armored ghoul going to town (eating) a corpse?

I would hitter in the shitter. And I ain't no quitter so in the end you'll be bitter after I ruin you turd spitter.


>I can't ask God to clear you of your sin if I don't know what it is.
It should be: I can't ask God to clear you of your sin if you thyself don't know what it is.

How could this be?!?! The doggo Is distracted!

Gomen senpai, but imma 11 y/o kid with plot armor.


sure, gimme some time

>Throws brick at doggo
That was the plan, fam.

requesting you as loli, heavily pregnant, all sweaty, pumping cum out of user like maniac, POV style

I make only the freshest!

Aww shiit! I can see! Thank you Kind sir, though I must give these back to you

Requesting an MGE cheshire cat being swallowed whole, alive, and head-first by a giant snake. Then to the side, show a cutaway of the girl entirely in the snake's stomach. Lastly, show the snake slithering away with a bulging belly

>t. i have no scream but i want to face


Take all that you need friend! I look forward to seeing what your mind puts together

Ew. No.
What is your sin and why am I cleansing you of it? Hurry it up or I'm making God punish you.
Gross, no.
Talk to God about that.

fucking normies these days


No! See


Like you'll have a choice.

>who tf trows a brick to a doggo
You hit his head, killing him in the act. Hope you are proud.
Fucking Dog killer. Imma gonna call PETA on your ass

>high expectation


Call me Sarj I guess

PETA would thank me.
Their official stance is that dogs in their modern form are unnatural and should be put down.
Or something to that effect.
>In short, PETA hates dogs.
And that was the idea. The dog was clearly evil. Red glowing eyes and all....

You can keep em, user! I got an extra pair

awww... can I still have your eye?

oh, alright! Maybe I can find my old pair later

Taking requests ?, nfsw?


Oh holy nun, may you bless me and my travels into the sinful waste? I am not a god fearing man, but i am faithful to the holy spirit.

Hey, how are you doing?