Ask a high functioning autistic person any thing

Ask a high functioning autistic person any thing
Pic is me

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worst thing youve ever done that was directly caused by the autism

Up to 4th grade I hugged every one in my class and they started to avoid me because of it...

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I'm a guy so stfu fag

"functioning autistic" people want so badly to have something about themselves that if they're completely uninteresting they come up with dumb shit like this... fucking improve yourself and you won't have to have an excuse for why you look retarded and do retarded things....


Not OP but this a real thing. In the latest dmv asperges was merged with autism spectrum disorder and reclassified as high functioning autism. Have you ever seen a sperg? They aren't just awkward man, there are "normal" human faculties just completely absent, most notable being empathy.

I have been medically diagnosed with aspergers syndrom a form of autism

how do we solve Liber Primus?

You just describe me


Have you tried any psychedelics?

dont play retarded with me ya fuck, how do we solve LIBER-fucking-PRIMUS??????

Me too my dude. I can fake empathy/emotion with logic though so sometimes I can go some time before being exposed. You have any savant tier abilities? I'm pretty naturally gifted in math and programming

No tried weed once but nothing

What in the he'll is liber primus

then how do we solve Liber Primus?

>I'm a gay so stfu fag



is that the key?

Objectively, what is the best army in Warhammer Fantasy

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Do you have / did you have problems communicating? Mom works with autistic people

Yes, jewgle will tell you all you need to know. Alternatively, type "solve liber primus" into wolfram alpha and see what happens. That shit can calculate a y=x that draws any given pokemon on a graph.

Ghostbusters shirt. Confirmed autist, adult with kids clothing.

I excel at math and science

Yea still kinda do

Fuck off just because you think you're a male doesn't mean that you are, Fucking trannies these days kys

Are you gay/bi/straight?
Have Asperger's myself

this type of shit is what I'm talking about... You have been told by someone in a coat you have a thing wrong with you BUT you're really good at this so its "savant tier" abilities... whatever, you're an ass who can't feel sorry for someone losing their dog and you can program... wow....

Nice man, be aware of your talents and try to set up your life so that you can get far riding on them alone. Or chill with neetbux, either option is fine and I won't hold it against you. I have a great interest in science myself but all my teachers for it when I was at school were complete cockwads, made the subject shit. Still I like me a good sciency vsauce.

great... whatever... if those same people would've said you had a brian vampire would you believe that and start sucking blood? no, instead they told you you are a robot so now you tell everyone who didn't ask that you have robot emotions... WEAK MIND

name your most autistic accomplishment

Pretty much yeah. It should be noted "savant tier" was mostly facetious. Most of what I say comes directly out my ass, it's more fun that way.

Kinda taught my self empathy and sarcasm. And thank you

is it really lack of empathy or plain disinterest?

I'm the same way. I'm just a god tier league of legends overwatch and smash player. I'm world class in all 3 of those. Wish i was good at something useful.

how many times a day do you say the words "my condition" to other people when you're around other people? I bet you just love to bother mother fuckers with your story like we are supposed to feel sorry for you... "I would love to have a life but I have this condition that prevents me from being able to communicate well with others" this is bait to get a listening ear thats attached to a person that takes pity on you... talk to a hamster, they won't be wishing a fucking train would derail and murder you in order to save them from hearing your dumb made up shit....

Not him but very good question. I would answer a little bit of both. But I think there is a cause effect relationship from lack of empathy to disinterest in empathetic people.

Wanna sign this L?

None .and I don't try to use it to get out of doing stuff it makes me want to try harder

This. Sympathy and attention are for bitches show me the money and I'll do my goddam best

thoughts on this song?

Memes....or loading screen.

Im still here

what is the capital of demark

they're very different in my mind
empathy means incapacity to understand/anticipate others' emotional responses
disinterest means you can completely understand, but also think it's unworthy of consideration, perhaps expecting more from people in terms of emotional maturity

Geography was never my strong suit

Well logically, I know that if I call someone a fat fuck they will probably be upset, so I don't call people that. In more complex social scenarios though, empathy is a pretty big crutch and you start to notice it isn't quite there. Disinterest could just be a product of vanity, if I'm being honest I don't think very highly of the average person making emotional displays and such.

>fat fuck
you don't also imagine if you were that fat fuck and someone called you 'fat fuck', you would feel disrespected?
>I don't think very highly of the average person making emotional displays and such
I don't think many people do
emotions aren't highly valued in society
they mislead people, lead them to do stupid things

Acknowledging what you said about emotional maturity though, that is pretty true and not too difficult for me personally to notice, since it generally correlates to people having better control over their actions, acting more logical. This is appreciated, and people like this are ok to be around. People who are prone to suddenly start screaming and crying, or freaking out over some minor problem, those kind of people I prefer to avoid at all costs. I don't have a standard rational response to irrational behaviors

Yeah well there's another layer to consider for me personally in that I'm just fucked up (most eloquent way I could put it) I'm actually a little underweight but if someone said I'm a scrawny bitch my takeaway would just be that I am indeed underweight, and that would get a reply independent of the insult layer. What I'm trying to say is a good 95% of people will be insulted by what I've become desensitised to. Wether I would want it happening to me is a REALLY bad gauge of wether someone else would appreciate it.

>People who are prone to suddenly start screaming and crying, or freaking out over some minor problem, those kind of people I prefer to avoid at all costs. I don't have a standard rational response to irrational behaviors
I'm not sure anyone does
I prefer people to do their best to manage their own emotions responsibly, rather than burden me with trying to manage their emotions for them.
I think that may go for nearly everyone.

Yeah very true, if I'm being honest it may just be good old fear at play. I don't have any idea what someone like that would do and know it is unlikely I'll be able to react properly and in time. So I avoid it where possible.
Also checked

would you think they may be disrespecting you, though?
I think everyone gets inured to things they've accepted: they won't respond as passionately after the billionth time or even care

Op here I found this test on r9k here is my results

Yeah but I don't care. Someone who alters their opinion based on things like that isn't someone whos opinion I value. That's how I rationalise it to myself anyway.

I think I have some kind schizo disorder, as a learned defense mechanism. This is a self diagnosis from and armchair psychologist yes, but I consider myself rather self aware. Where I'm going with this is that if I find a soft patch of skin somewhere I will burn it and stab it and grind it till it's polished armour. I kind of have an addiction to finding the next thing that could get to me. What this means for other people is that nearly anything they can think of has been used up and doesn't get to me. It's quite handy I must say, but everything has a cost.

Another point of interest is that some people really don't like it when they can't hurt you, which quickly turns into a game of cmon guys we can break him eventually and always ends in everyone being incredibly pissed off and me saying cmon guys I never wanted this this is on you. But I'm rambling.

Hey another autistic person, ever enjoy relishing others suffering