RIP Lil Peep

RIP Lil Peep
Lil Peep never had the time to shine. Sucks that drugs had killed him too early. I might have not liked his music but he never had the chance to prove me wrong. I hope he's having a good time in heaven.

he played himself

the fuck is a lil peep

If that is actually him, good riddance to inferior genetics.

Isnt this Sodapoppin?

soda poppin looks like shit

Yea he played too much WOW, unlucky.


Shorthand for "OP has a little penor"

sodapoppin has hernia and is going to DIE soon

mitch is better Cx

Cool tats.

Seriously no ones heard of him, no one cares. Only found out about him even existing last night. He looked like a literal mental patient. Nothing was list with his demise in fact he's done the world a favor by checking out early.

He is not . Gay > adhd beta .

Too bad he has 1.3 million ig followers. How many do you have, loser?


No instagram in hell

1.5 million ig followers. Suck on that.


Lil peep was a saint.

Kek. Top replies.

One less degenerate romanticizing Xanax for impressionable teenagers

I'm alive.

I'll get to go out drinking tonight and grab a pizza with friends. Ill screw my gf when we get home. Will wake up tomorrow morning with the weekend ahead of me and go hang at the beach and perv on tits and ass.

I'd rather this than be a dead rotting scrawny fag with ig followers.

Being alive is actually more important than social media likes dude. Might be a shock to you but that's the truth bro

Yea my friend's 13/14 yo sister got sucked into this kind of culture and started doing all kinds of shit. Got to the point where she started trying meth. Had to send her off to a sort of drug rehab/school.

he already came back from surgery and seems fine

No one cares that your mom is getting papa johns carryout.

Lil peep saved the rap game and probably fucked your girl and you're just a dweeb.

Did you miss his drug abuse? he pops those pills like no tomorrow.

Heaven isnt real

Drug addled waste of air dies
>nothing of value was lost

Wow. Is this the faggiest looking person ever? How the fuck can someone do that to themselves? What a mess of a 'cough cough' man.

Bro do you not take painkillers after major surgery? What the fuck lol.

I guess I would . I am just concerned about dad's health .

You sound hurt, why are you even on this site if you can't handle criticism about someone you haven't even met

haha i think you just got epic trolled Sup Forumsro

This is Sodapoppin and he is hot.

outlived by Wilford Brimley, pathetic

Dam Chance , so classy .