User has now super powers. What power do you have and wwyd/ what's your goal?

user has now super powers. What power do you have and wwyd/ what's your goal?

The ability to read and control minds, Professor X style.
Nothing too extreme. Just make my life easier and indulge in some debauchery. I would try to keep it a secret.

Donnu if u would even have to keep it a secret. Just erase the memories

Specific sgapeshifting into a loli flying brick. I'd be a superhero with a name like Danger Lass. And go to school like a real girl.

Like a reverse Captain Marvel. It would be great. And I could have sex with men.

>druidic powers

I would try to fix broken ecosystems, make vegetation sprout in deserts, end world hunger, and after all is done retire with my family in my home in the wild, spending my days playing with dogs and naping with bears.


The Flash's power set. I'd stop crimes and travel the world.

Mind control powers ala Prof. X. I'd use it to live a comfy life in a mansion filled with hot women.

Becoming some sort of cosmic entity. Like, cosmic powers.
being able to teleport anywhere in space, not having to eat or breathe. Being able to manipulate matter is a bonus.

I would go to alaska, there are still not discovered places in there.There i would meditate for thousands of years until i get finally discovered.

plastic man powers and suck my own dick

The power to fucking throw a ball of gay at faggots

The power to control reality and shape it to my will.

I'd use it to control reality and shape it to my will. But just in the area around me. Nothing too big on a mass scale.


The ability to control people like a mass hive mind if i so choose.

I was given the power to turn toast back into regular bread.

Decimate the universe

you know i would if i could

Wholesome AF

Probably invulnerability (imune to everything including aging) and time travel.

Money from gambling
I can retry everything untill i succeed at everything. travel pass future etc...

teleportation or invisibility. not too complicated.

i would just make a shit ton of money and have fun teleporting n shit. not having to walk is a plus.

2. What's your hero name and how did u obtain that power?
3. Who's your biggest rival?

Cum Man. I can turn any liquid into cum. Unlimited range.
I'll just assassinate people on the news by turning their blood to cum.

1. immune to being called a racist, run really fast, attracts bullets
2. nigger man and i was genetically engineered by a white woman and a nigger
3. The Welfare Slasher

Stop time and allow other people to be unstopped by me holding their shoulder. My goal is to do whatever I feel like

easiest decision eva

Speedster like the flash.

That way if I hook up with my ex, I will wear a condom and absolutely ruin her pussy through friction. Like, third degree inter-vaginal friction burns.

Plus cops cant catch you.

Become invisible, and can make objects invisible if I am in contact with them. Or control gravity.

I'd have the abilities of a cartoon character

>Cross gaps as long as I don't look down
>Pull mallets and anvils or basically anything from behind my back
>Can fall from any height without injury
>Can be flattened but will be completely fine after i blow on my thumb
>Stretch my arms to reach anything

>Life would basically become a sandbox and I'd just fuck around