Be me

>be me
>bi but i like guys more
>also have social anxiety
>also have no friends
>favourite rapper dies
>feel like shit everyday
>i feel like I'm a freak for being a cross dresser
>sit on my ass everyday
>i can't talk to people normally
>only people that make me happy are my internet friends
Life sucks dude

Are you religious or would you ever accept Jesus Christ?

i'd hang out with you man, i can haz b frendo

I don't believe in god

You bareback?


We dont want him.

So you're gonna recover the thing in life that gives you community, happiness, meaning. All because you don't believe in God. God is what you make of it and removing the cure to loneliness is your fault if you don't even try.

Meant you're gonna remove God

You should try it.
I became happy for the first time ever after letting other men cum inside me

>favourite rapper dies
You better not be talking about that faggot lil peep

i'm the frendo-bro
i'm an agnostic atheist
i am bi also (but mostly for girls but the d is gud 2 b)

Where ya from? Let me see some pics.

Looks and proximity depending, maybe I can improve your life.

No sorry ill meet up with people i trust

Lil peep is good dude

Hah. I'm more trustworthy than 90% of your friends.

Sorry but no

Your think life is tough but thats not true. Your life is too easy and because of that you've given up and have no purpose. Shit sucks but its happening all over the west.
Males are meant to have life, energy, vigour. We are meant to be able to build fences, reverse trailers, go out drinking with our bros, mess around with bitches, work and make money.

That your life finds you sitting at home wasting away is a massive travesty on your teachers, your family, your upbringing.

Not hating on you bro. Would love to meet you and become friends. Would sort you out and turn you into a proper man. Take you out hiking, get you into a routine of lifting and good food, build something like a compression engine together, go out drinking, burn the female clothes in your wardrobe (like really? wtf is up with that? you don't need that shit), we can stay up all night in the backyard by a fire talking shit, go to a firing range, take you on a road trip.

So sad to see you missing out on life mate.

>tfw you try to be frendo and get ignored

Peeper fag sucks bro


Do you have a question or are you just venting?
What makes you happy? Do you have a favorite meal? Do you like listening to rain at night? Do you enjoy sitting on the backporch enjoying the sun?

You will always feel the same way you do unless you take chances sometimes.

what is you weight?

Gender unclear, but thread seems to imply male?

Male depression is absurdly common compared to female depression. So much so that female depression statistics even being comparable to male depression statistics is scary to women.

Haven't checked in a while but I'm pretty skinny

well, at least you are not unable to do function normally for being fat.
couldnt you meet some internet friends on some event? if not then try to look something outdoors you might like. doesnt have to be exercise

>i feel like I'm a freak for being a cross dresser
Well, if you do this in private it's okay.
Also, post pics