So user, what do you do for fun?

>So user, what do you do for fun?



I don't know what I find fun anymore.



drink alcohol

Whasta bunch of lame fucks.

I play, have sex with GF, grab a few beers with friends sometimes and watch stuff on youtube. But when I am not doing stuff, I don't care about anything. I never feel like I am having true fun anymore.

nothing, too sick and tired.

I surf the net and sleep.

You're always sick and tired?

I have a chronic condition, so I sit at home too tired to really do anything.

fuck girls, play video games, go to the beach

cum here and talk shit with the rest of you faggots

Play shitty video games
Play instruments
Fantasize about going on a killing spree
Ride my car around the countryside just for the heck of it
Smoke weed
Being as useless as humany possible

Do you get a disability allowance or anything? How much money you receive weekly/monthly? How old are you and how do you think this illness affects your life?


What is this "fun" you speak of?
Certain drugs are cool though.

About 1200 a month
mid 30's
it causes nerve pain and saps your energy along with slowly degrading major organs, besides that it's a wee bit depressing as well.

Fucking MOOD!!!

Damn, single or in a relationship? How's the sex life?

Single, dateless / sexless for about 14 years now.

Used to be in shape, slowly got fat.

Cool story bro.

Smoke weed

Yea I know, good times.

Vidja, d&d, guitar, piana, weed with friends, other d&d

I like to masturbate furiously to rape, also point a gun at my head and get naked while dancing in front of my cat

Also get on here, and feed off of peoples suffering.

also improv and bullying
>im a real shithead

What do your parents or siblings think/say?

Mom feels a bit bad about not figuring out what it was sooner since it runs in the family.

Dad felt bad about thinking I was just a lazy shit as a kid.

Brother didn't think it was real at first, he does now.

Think about suicide. The fact that it will all end soon is the only thing that comforts me.

reddit and masturbate