what do you most regret ?

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waking up every day

Getting married.

I'm divorced now, but fuck that all to hell.

Not injecting a lethal dose of memes and OD’ing right now!

Not going to bed with Debbie Almond when I had a chance.

Not investing in bitcoin
>meme aside
Not much really, maybe that i should have fucked better the first time i got laid, but then again i was so drunk i didnt know where i was so yeah
fuck it
regrets are forever, but are so fucking pointles ya know, its done and it will never be diffrent

Also, forgot to say sauce for that gif

>what do you most regret ?
>Not getting more education
>Not learning about investing/saving/budgeting earlier in life
>Not pursuing a career path in an area I was passionate about

Not telling her how I really felt

I wasted so much time as a teenager. I am very happy now but sometimes I wonder what I could have achieved, if I had worked harder

Going to school. Few days espacially.

Being raised by my mother.

>not playing a sport in school
>homeschooling grades 5-9
>not getting fresh teen pootang while legal
>saving bitcoin i bought instead of buying drugs

My life

I let myself get fat

my unending ignorance

Having children and getting married at 19 was the dumbest fucking waste of everything that I've ever done.

Not telling you that you are a faggot.

Letting someone talk me out of suicide

Had a fine ass fuck buddy and she needed an actual buddy so i set her up with a lez friend of mine and those two bitches cornered me wanting a 3 some (fuck buddy was a solid 9 but the lez was maybe a 2 and a "naturalist" so hairy as fuck) i told them id have to think about it and they decided i wasnt as important and cut me off... Havent heard from them for years now but i miss my fuck buddy thats fo damn sure...

Having an affair with my best friends wife. We can’t go out with friends without eye fucking one another.

Dating my first gf. She was 4 years younger than me and fucked up everything in my life. Wish I hadn't listened to my dick

>fell in love with a girl over the internet
>we agree to meet
>we are in a park all day and talk and shit
>she says she has to leave
>I didn't kiss her
>she doesn't talk to me anymore
>she says she doesn't want to be in a relationship
>I didn't kiss her

Im pretty sure my life would've been different today if I wasn't a faggot.

why do you think she left?

Spending a decade of my life sacrificing for others when they wouldn't do the same for me.

Allowing my ex to study abroad in Australia because I think she fucked just about everyone she met over there

I think she was bored, and it was kinda late, we were togheter like 4 hours or something, but my autism was there too and I couldn't do anything about it.


Bro, its natural to listen to your dick

I had a chance for a threesome in highschool and I didn't make the move.

I was at a party and I had just broken up with my girlfriend. I wasn't upset about it at all though, she was a cunt.

Anyway, I had been drinking most of the night and decided to get high. There were these two girls I knew getting stoned in one of the bedrooms and I walked in to join them.

We smoked (just the three of us) and then we started bullshitting. Talking dumb shit you do when you're stoned.

At some point all three of us were laying on the bed with me in the middle. Things were definitely moving towards something but I just never pulled the final trigger.

At some point, someone busted in the room and we just moved on and went back to the party.

No doubt, that was my best shot and I blew it.

Tounge kissing a prostitute.. No shit I actually did this.. Herpes fucking blows!

Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's the right or the smart thing to do. Humans evolved intelligent brains for a reason

Honestly, and this will sound really emo or whatever, I most regret having been born. I feel like the bad outweighs the good and that I would not be missing out anything if I were not here.

Im trying to say that when you get older you can oversee things you do but young guys almost always follow their dick.


If it makes you feel better, I know people that did achieve quite a lot so far in life but they are still miserable fucks.

They have money but they are married to their job along with resentful marriages. They hate going home.

Prioritizing this to the point death becomes appealing

Still no sauce


It's actually not too late to invest, there's tons of places to get >100% and if that's not your thing then bitcoin itself is still rapidly increasing in value

not opening this link. Don't be like me, kids

How’d u find out

The day i almost had a threesome.
>smoke with both girls
>one gets sick, gg.
>/wave threesome

Not talking to that super cute girl I saw on the bus. If I happen to see her again (or an equally pretty one, which is a high bar to reach) I'm gonna talk to her, no matter if there are people around or if she has headphones in

Do it m8, i believe,.

I will agree. But I still regret following it and wish I had kept my head. The memories I have left of her are not worth the results of the path I took.

not Transitioning at age 13 to become a qt femboy

Skimmed it but nothing sticks out?

Not quitting opiates when I had a chance.


I feel you man, all you can do is do better in the future. We all have things we regret.

Never hurts to try unless the thought of rejection would deter you from trying again?

Her best friend went with her and was friends with me too and gave me the play by play of shit that happened

and you didnt say yes? you couldve at least had the story

My regrets are from college, a recent period in life
>How expensive college was - no financial aid, 50k a year
>Not working harder in college to boost resume and portfolio strength when looking for jobs
>Not asking that really cute girl out from said college.
>Not keeping the relationship I was in stronger/being a weak person
>Falling off the /fit/ wagon
>Making no friends and until my later-ex introduced me to hers the last year

In general just being king beta and not living up to my potential mostly a result of self-loathing and absolute absence of confidence. Quiting karate during high school was a mistake too, 5 years of training down the drain when I was almost a black belt. Beating my dick like a mong since I was 12 and getting bad death grip.

Yeah. Not investing and/or mining in 2011 when I was first aware was a mistake. Whatever.

One more: staying away from drinking and drugs. Only really had a good experience on weed this year and didn't start drinking till I was almost legal. Can regulate myself well, once in a while pretty fun.

I had a situation sort of like that. One of my old girlfriends, friends, used to tell me how much of a bitch my girlfriend was.

They weren't wrong, she was.

However, as soon as I dumped her, they turned on me so fucking fast. I even confronted them about it and got no legit response.

I should have told my ex all the shit her friends talked behind her back but I left it alone. I needed to distance myself from her as much as possible.

so this one time i was hanging out with my gf at the time and we were laying down next to each other. i decide to put my hand under her shirt and i start playing with her tits (we are teens). eventually we move over to my gaming room and i start fingering her but i dont get to see her pussy. my dad barges in but my swiftness allows me to pull out my arm. my dad leaves and we go back to it. thats the story of how i almost lost my virginity.

I should have done porn instead of going to college.

Ever opening Sup Forums.

Well, to be honest i did invest some time ago, and made around 100$ so far, im still learning
I know man
Also i smoked alot of weed (as in fridays only on parties, not a stoner and have a job), also did drink/am drinking alot, so i dont really get people who dont, i have a friend that is sick and isnt allowed to, which i understand and is fine, but man who doesnt enjoy atleast a beer once in a while

This thread is full to the brim with people regretting not fucking someone. Guess we dont care about shit but just pussy, i mean its hardcoded in our brains to fuck so yeah (i have a few stories anyway)

Grew close to her friend we even fucked a couple times once they came back but we stayed friends...ex was way hotter but the friend gave some good head

Vaping 100mg dmt

To all the people regretting theese fucks. Yall regretting the fuck that could potentially make you an misserable alcoholic baldhead who comitted suicide on the golden gate bridge. The butterflyeffect women can create is astonishing



and the ugly people losers try to hurt me ugly way so i cant cook for myself so i have to depend on there shitty food ugly way and so i dont know what to do

I shoulda been worse

for me ... Spending like 50K in bullshit. MMh ..: Weed for 10 years now, alcohol, bitches, drugs (pills cocaine) and some big fucking shit !! I regret alot. And I didnt mention but im 22 eurepoan fag
Feel a little better, thanks OP

sticking my dick in crazy

keeping my boy penis

my choice in women


Wasting time on Sup Forums

i only have one regret to this day ive spent 22 years on this earth and ive enjoyed nearly every minute until one day when i was 12 i was at my grandmas house and she cooked the greatest chicken korma curry you'd ever tasted the only problem there was to much. see the 12 year old me didn't have a mans stomach to handle this ungodly amount on my plate it came 3 hours later and the taste came back to me but it was to late i wasted half of my plate because i couldn't eat it forgive me lord.

Being a socially awkward fucktard. Getting removed from regular high school because of it. Not having a network of friends and normal social experiences.

I'm 39 now, had 1 real relationship (with a fucked up drug addict), and think I should maybe give up on the idea of ever getting to fuck anyone under 30 without paying. I'll probably spend the rest of my life alone.

Both of my parents are dead (my mom just recently) and me and my brother barely communicate (he's a mess too).

I'm also broke, after a long period of unemployment. I'm very employable, I was just being irresponsible and hoping for the exact right thing to come along (it just did, at the very last minute).

I have had a few times when girls made it clear they were interested, but I was either too oblivious to see it in the moment, or too scared to act. Now it's too late and I'll probably never have the things most people take for granted.

Not telling my dad to keep that crazy woman out of our lives when I was 9.

I am not the user you were responding to, but the thought of rejection would definitely deter me.

>Quiting karate during high school was a mistake too, 5 years of training down the drain when I was almost a black belt
Karate is bullshit. Being a black belt in it means you weren't smart enough to stop. The only belts that matter are Brazilian jiu-jitsu. There's a reason you don't see karatefags in MMA, because it doesn't work.

being a edge lord atheist during my teen years.

not telling enough people to fuck off

Procrastinating on everything, overestimating myself because of that, sounds weird but it is like this. Could have a good life, but i fucked up at some point, now its to late to change things fast. I should have made my decisions when i was 20 years old. Now i am a 28 year old student who will finish at the age of 31...i hate myself so much for that. Always wanted to be one that wins in the game of life. I just should have stayed in the army, back then they told me that i am a good soldier and i should try to become an officer....well those chances passed. And if i try hard enough, something will always come up, if it isnt the money or studies, its the girlfriend or family. Sometimes i think i should have gone to another country and do a clean start there. No messed up friends, no messed up jobs. Just pure work and determination.

Wasting my time in regrets and what could have been instead of moving the fuck on and appreciating what I have.

It's hard not wishing I had taken some of the chances I had. I could be rich or with that girl from NJ, or have my Master's by now.

Or I could be in a shallow grave.

The possibilities are endless.

telling my dad i was gay

Spending 10 years in the military and not getting out earlier. Spent the last 4 years in floundering with a "Do I wanna stay in? It's easy money..." attitude. Got my BSN and have a good job now, just wish I didn't start the job at 33.

Also, not going to a Dio concert in 2008.

Ain't that the truth

running away. My life is shit now.

Do this day no one knows? Thought of fucking her again?

I am 11 years older than you. I regret not going into the military. My dad was in Vietnam and didn't think it was a good idea. That was back in '96 and there was nothing going on anyway. After college, I thought about taking a commission, but it would have been a pay cut.

Yeah, you're kinda fucked time-wise. You could always go back in as a restart. But, that's probably not good. See what you can scrape out for yourself in the private sector.

Get your shit sorted out.

I never saw Dio, and I don't regret it. I've seen like a dozen of Sabbath's and Ozzy's farewell tours.

Very wise post from user. I’d listen to this lonely/virginfags

Opportunity cost, man. Doesn't matter if it could have fucked shit up bad. It also could have been fantasitc. We don't dwell on the hypothetically bad, we dwell on the hypothetically good.

More often than not, missing out on pussy is a bad thing.

The day i first discovered Sup Forums

Locking myself in a relationship with a cheating whore for too long before realizing I don't have to be a doormat and I can stand up for myself and be confident in what I want and still get pussy elsewhere. One bitch shouldn't control your dick like that. Two years I spent being a pathetic faggot obsessed with a girl and justifying her cheating. Cringe thinking about it now.

A lot of ppl regret specific investments they didn't make in hindsight. Fewer of them actually make investments though.

I invest in vanguard index funds. Been pouring 6 to 18k a year into them my entire adult life. I'm 37 and i dont regret not investing in bitcoin or appl or anything like it. I'm a millionare now without ever being able to predict the future.

Try the same. You'll be a millionare in less than 20 years and you'll regret nothing.

Regretting is a waste of time. Learning and improving is not.