About 15 years ago, I found this underwater on a trip to the beach. I figured it could be just a piece of cheap pottery...

About 15 years ago, I found this underwater on a trip to the beach. I figured it could be just a piece of cheap pottery, but I didn't know for sure. Is there any way I can go about figuring out the origin?

reverse side

Smash it

not worth the effort.

Its proably a leverite

That's a fucking fragment of a plate, you faggot

It's a broken *piece* of a plate that's been rubbed smooth by water and sand until some dude picked it up on a trip as a keepsake and for some reason is posting pictures of it online now, as if anyone cares about an old broken piece of a plate.


Does it matter? It's coated ceramic so not ancient by any means. Anything other than a full vase/bowl is worthless. It can't be treasured for the workmanship as there is no full artifact to admire.....sorry user, even if this were part of ancient Chinese dynasty vase, it would be worthless

Suddenly i have a sting urge to. You're probably right.

very clever

Not really cleaver as thats what my dad would say to me if i asked a stupid fucking question like this.


It's some local nigger's broken plate that sat there and got worn smooth underwater until you picked it up. Just keep it as a memento of your trip, dude. It's a fucking broken plate, lol You picked up someone's trash that had been sitting in the ocean for probably years.

That's all I was really looking for, I don't know anything about ceramics at all, so it was just weird to find it in the surf among shells and sand

doesn't mean it's not clever

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It's a plate fragment you tard.

you should still keep it though OP, to reminisce better times

where did you find it?

Ehh its typically what you would say to some one in this case its like telling some one to put on a jacket when thet say they are cold

East coast, delaware state park, indian river inlet i think.

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>I figured it could be just a piece of cheap pottery
Well unless it says "HERMES" on it somewhere, that's exactly what it is. And even then, it's still broken.
>B-b-but user! What if it was m-made b-by Incans 500 years ago!
Then it's still a fucking cheap piece of pottery made by some fucking native American/beta release Mexican. It's literally no fucking different and no more valuable than Mexican pottery made yesterday for sale on the side of the road.

>beta release Mexican

origin: some random beach

Congratulations, its a broken dinner plate

>About 15 years ago,
Cool story bro.

OP needs to give it some LOTR elvish name the way EVERYTHING in Middle-earth had its own name. Name it something like "the plate of Kael'dur" or something, then put it permanently on display in a well manicured spot in your back lawn. Or something. My trips say you must do this.

Potter here. That's a shard from a commercial willow pattern (willow ware) dinner plate in red. It was and still is widely available. It's not valuable.

For example, a replacement plate in that set can easily be bought for between $20-30.