No one can stop me. I'm the best, beware my FURIOUS BAZOOKAS OF POWER!

No one can stop me. I'm the best, beware my FURIOUS BAZOOKAS OF POWER!


I poke you with this and watch aaaaall that synthol pour out.


No way.

My body is perfect.

You do you bro. But biceps don't make your chin any stronger.

Didn't some guy just have to have his arms amputated because of synthol?

Lol he would break your biceps


Lol, not you, but your shoulders cannot pick your arm up. Chest looks like a 9 year olds, as with forearms. Stay away from oil, man. You're not getting laid for quite a while.


Oh look at you bleeding out da new hole I made in you...

ur lil sissy gay gun can't neutralize REAL BAZOOKAS


not blonde hair/10
no blue eyes/10

That's such a weak and shoulders, as if you putted all your focus on your arms, looks absolutely horrible.

weak back*

You dont have a body m8. You are a pair of that hand from adams family.

Thats hilariously dumb.

Stop envying me, beta boi.

Op skipped back day, and shoulders, and chest, maybe even leg day. I honestly never understood men like you, like what is the allure to arms? Women prefer a man with shoulders chest and back over arms, arms are not even worth the time or effort they will fall into place naturally if you focus on back chest and shoulders.

Ur not right, gurls like my strong arms and I make love every night with different chicks.

op ovs not the guy in pix .... troll u bum fucks


r u sure bout dat?

That is not a normal arm, not as in you're very strong, that just looks like your arm has problems.Get some help nigger boi



You can just SEE the insecurity in his eyes.

you are dead inside

No muscles, just synthol. What a mental retarded freako.