Today, I got expelled from university for putting up "It's Ok to Be White" posters on campus last week

Today, I got expelled from university for putting up "It's Ok to Be White" posters on campus last week.

How is this not racism against whites?

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WDAY wtf nigga you in Fargo?

No, they realized that you're a fucking retard.

how did you get caught? nigger snitched on you?


he probably facebook lived it like a retard

You're either lying, or you have no fucking clue what you're doing. They can't expel you for putting up posters. What did you actually do or are you making this shit up? It would have to be something like, you put up media where it's not allowed, or did it after being told not to.

So what really happened? Otherwise, you can just get a civil rights lawyer and go to town on your school and get a big settlement.

No. I wore a mask, but they looked at a bunch old video footage and found footage from early in the semester of me wearing some of the same clothes I was wearing the night I did it.

so fucking what?

must have been in your contract

According to @Barth2032 you are allowed to post them. Sue the school.

You spoiled your bait, faggot. I give you points for trying though.

lol theyd still have to prove it lol

how many people wear your clothes or did you go out dressed as a twinky?

Go back to Sup Forums IOTBW is dead anyway...

he is white though. he has no civil rights.

and yet you can get the boot for putting up posters. they already branded it racist propaganda. to them its like he went around putting up posters of hitler.

>They can't expel you for putting up posters.
every campus I've been on have required permission to post anything anywhere, including cork boards specifically put up so that students can post ads for room mates
the university had grounds to expel him just on that
but if he had not been posting political messages contrary to that of the university he probably would have gotten off with a warning

No, he does have rights, and he can sue the shit out of his school if this isn't just bait.

Lies. You did not you Danish prick. Op is a lying fag.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Because it's NOT OK TO BE WHITE you fucking racist peice of shit

Get the fuck off Sup Forums, call a lawyer right fucking now and talk to him about suing your school for wrongful termination of contract.

Judging by your wording I gather you're British in which case you're probably fucked, but it's still worth a shot. Do it now, don't even bother replying.

If he is retarded then every black lives matter activists is a flaming faggot.

you put up a slogan that has a certain meaning. "its okay to be white" is used by alt right white supremacists. of course its ok to be white. but it depends what you want to SAY with it. and obviously you are just trying to dismiss racial struggle that people of color are going trough.

its the same thing like black lives/ all lives matter. of course all lives matter, but one group tries to say that there is increased killing of blacks committed by the police and they try to raise awareness. "all lives matter" tries to dismiss that, even though its a perfectly fine sentence on its own.

so dont be surprised if people react like they do. still i feel sorry for you getting expelled, it would be much more appropriate to have an evening where people could discuss and debate about this subject in a healthy manner.

You may think it's not ok to be white, but guess what it feels fucking great to be white, you worthless nigger.

Wow, you took the bait hard.

Look at the stupid nigger bitch being petty. What a dumb fucking nigger. Typical nigger. Around here, they're all hookers and crackheads. They're worse than animals, tbh

What school?

Also, lawyer up

>is used by alt right white supremacists

How do you know that it's ONLY posted by alt right white supremacists? How do you know that white people not affiliated with the Alt Right just wanted to protest political correctness run amok? Or someone who just wanted to troll SJWs?

Has it occurred to you that this opinion you have about who the people are who put up these signs was put into you by liberal media propaganda?

>around here

they're like that everywhere

by "around here" he meant inside the moon's orbit

People like you just want to scream "racist" at everything. That slogan started on Sup Forums to bate people into calling it racist through the media. It's not a white supremacists alt right slogan.
Fucking dipshit. Learn before you open your moronic cock holster.

Personally, I think BLM and Antifa and all those other faggots went too extreme and aggressive, now everything they do is counter productive and everyone dismisses it as leftist bullshit

>depends what you want to SAY with it

haha you're retarded

>dismiss racial struggle that people of color are going trough

super retarded

>increased killing of blacks committed by the police and they try to raise awareness

mega retarded

does it feel good to be brainwashed?

have you ever heard the saying free speech means you can say what you want but that doesn't mean people have to like it. its obvious your school didn't like it. and no you have Zero chance filing a law suit.

Cring Thread

My friend was expelled for putting up posters. They were making fun of a girl that died a couple nights before.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Adolf Hitler. The logic is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of National Socialism most of the facts will go over a typical goy’s head. There's also Hitler’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from racial superiority literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these facts, to realize that they're not just true- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Hitler truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the inherent truth and power in Hitler's existential catchphrase "Sieg Heil," which itself is a cryptic reference to German “Hail Victory.” I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Adolf Hitler’s genius unfolds itself on the entirety of Europe. What fools... how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a Swastika tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (and not a jew) beforehand.

newfag detected

everyone here knows its impossible to be racist towards white people right?

wtf lol the school can expel you for pretty much anything they want it simple say its of low moral character read the student handbook of pretty much any school....

All he'd have to do is show proof that the college allowed any other flyer like blm or Mexican pride and he has a solid discrimination case against them.

>That slogan started on Sup Forums
>It's not a white supremacists alt right slogan.
Pick one

If what you're telling me is true then share your story and email me with the information you have about what you did and what happened to you:
[email protected]

You can do so anonymously if you want.

You're obviously lying but call the ACLU (a liberal cuck organization I'm sure all you alt-right faggots hate), they might take the case and you get good, free lawyer.

well yes and no... go to China and its not impossible, be in the US or western Europe and yea its impossible. If you are white and think something is racist towards you then well sorry to tell you this you are a giant faggot

will require some actual proof however

Good for you racist fucker. I don’t even know how you got into college with that mindset wait... you are white so it was given to you

Racism = Prejudice + Power

In order to be a racist, one first must be in a position of power. Therefore, it isn't possible for a non-white person to be a racist. If anything, any hatred a non-white person feels towards white people is justified.

Troll harder

Around here, we call that bait, son.

it's ok to be racist, just try to be less stupid.

I'm not trolling. I sincerely believe every word of it.

So if I am white and poor and in an area that niggers attack you out of the blue is that racist?

you cannot be subject to racism if you are white because you yourself or your ancestors typically weren't oppressed or subjugated.

the only case i can think of are the Jewish..

Op here. I'm not racist.

To be a racist, you have to hate an entire race. I only hate niggers, but I don't think that all black people are niggers. I have nothing but respect for a black woman who works two jobs, goes to church every Sunday and manages to get her children into college.

yes it is, you racist scum

>they already branded it racist propaganda
it is racist propaganda. you know that very well, and so does everyone else. this "subtle" campaign isn't fooling anyone.

no that's just unfortunate circumstances and probably a terrible up bringing on the attackers part

Put up a sign that says "Don't be a chimp"

and your argument is what exactly? you know that calling someone retarded is not a very convincing argument to prove your point.

>asserting that white people aren't subhuman is bad

It is. Time to call the ACLU and make some bucks. The universities have some much goberment cash they won't mind tossing a few mil your way to bury this. Remember most of their students and donors are white.

The left (useful idiots) always and I mean always way overplays their hands. Then everyone else sees them for the brainless idiots they are.

wtf racism is just the idea because some is of a different race then you.. they are not equal it has fucking nothing to do with who and when someone was oppressed.. Just because these feminist single minded professor give you that as the definition doesn't make it so.

Ok, well, congratulations on being retarded!

LMAO this can't be real.

It IS bad. It is provocative and upsetting to non-whites.

>Who are the Irish for $1,000

You're a legit complete fucking idiot if you aren't just trolling.

There are videos on Youtube of school officials doing the exact same thing.

It's because the leftist shit simply doesn't make sense. It's all based on populist emotion. Literal hysteria and madness. How else is it going to go down when an entire political party's ideology is literally "muh feelings"

Male tears is a euphemism for semen . Congrats cum chugger.

Good goy!

Its okay to be white. Way farther from racism than any Black Lives Matter propaganda.

>falling for something this obvious

A skool can expell you for any rule violation yeah okay

>How is this not racism against whites?

Because they know you're clearly a moron looking to start shit.

White people aren't oppressed. Grow up.

For the love of God something as serious as the alt-right posting Its Okay To Be White posters without permission is for sure reason enough to be expelled.
How dare you condone such acts of blatant racism?!

Unnaturally dyed hair color is a sure and certain sign of at least one of two things. Personal mindless hubris, or she associates with trash and is subject to bad counsel. Women like that are a special breed reserved for junkie trashy guys who will beat and cheat on them and pass them on to the next trashy junkie guy.

(OP) #
>How is this not racism against whites?

Because they know you're clearly a moron looking to start shit.

Black people aren't oppressed. Grow up.

It's not personal, you just can't compete, whiteboi

it's because you're too stupid to be in university

Lmao a dumb nigger would fanatsize about the big dick he wants to see on the jew media. Too bad your' so gay you can't see past a dick.

Its okay to be white = not smart enough for school?

point still stands, if you don't have the background and your just a privileged white guy it is impossible to be racist to you as the only struggle you would have had to face is doing chores for your pocket money

Op is a racist faggot

Its not racist. Its fucking dumb though.

Who the fuck outside of the internet fox news and shit you read on tumblr is actually taking your rights away or stopping you in any way shape or form from going about your day?

Its a boogeyman user. And university is no place for someone who cant critically assess that fact and realise that when you live in a country of 300,000,000, its easy to find a million examples and allegories to support a claim, and still have it be a total actual non issue and rare occurence.

yes, you're a fucking moron. you're better off getting a job in a factory or a fast food place instead of wasting money searching for an education.


Yeah you are right about not wasting time on an indoctrination certificate.
Being 23, and rich off my personal success without debt is pretty fucking good. You can keep getting upset over a poster though, fag.

>indoctrination certificate
>rich off my personal success
>actually flat broke working in a gas station with a meth addiction
you can't hide your shit from me

Never touched meth, and don't do drugs including tobacco, and alcohol.
You don't know shit except how to project.

>post more memes

Mike Cernovich said he would pay for a civil rights lawyer for anyone expelled from school for this. Try contacting him. He's a lying snake though. I wouldn't get your hopes up.



No you didn't. Show us the expulsion papers.


No you weren't.

take that shit to Sup Forums dude