You laugh you lose thread

You laugh you lose thread

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Shit tier edition


I thought that was a really cool fight actually, kinda lived up to the hype. floyd wifebeater v. manny however....

Umm it was ok. It definitely showcased how a MMA fighter is at a big disadvantage with a lot of restrictive rules, and it showed how out of shape he is (gassed early).

I still want to see Mayweather in a MMA fight. Imagine how popular THAT fight would be!

you know the retired old man didn't really train and knocked out the guy in his prime pretty easily right?

would be the most expensive 30 seconds in the world

yea all he had to do was boil the rules down to anything but fighting and floyd can win easily

He let conor throw his hands and stool infront oh him, he was walking conor down.
He didnt even fight like he normally does.
He was right in conors face.
Conor best asset in mma was his boxing and he got his ass beat by a retired old man, who was parting at the strip club a week before the fight.
Fyi you cant rabbit punch (punch the back of the head) in neither boxing or mma.

its boxing... you dont accuse basketball players of boiling down the rules to anything but football...maybe you do, but you shouldnt

Lmao white boi talkshit and got knocked hard.

White people can't fight

no more YLYL pewdiepie did it first

how about mc gregor vs ggg or errol spence, or any current boxing champ 154-168

it wouldnt go 3 rounds

>walking Connor down
Hide in the corner for 10 rounds like a bitch because you can manipulate the rules

This, literally the most annoying boxing match when Mayweather just tcked the whole time and the referee broke them up literally every 30 seconds. Boxing is such a joke.

watch any one on one fight vs nigger and watch him get knocked the fuck out because chimp family isnt around to save him

Apparently niggers can't spell.

mc gregor got walked down by a feather fisted retired old man who is a shot fighter and didnt train.

Mcgregor, who is known for his power even caught the much smaller Mayweather with an uppercut in the third.

mayweather actually laughed, if you re watch that clip you can see the fight go totally out of Mcgregor in that moment.. from then on it was just an exhibition for the crowd.

Mcgregor had terrible movement, didnt know how to punch and kept slapping at the back of Mayweather's head like a kid would was pretty embarrassing to the experienced eye

>wasn't alive to see any mike tyson fight

Relax bro. He fought hard but he also took a flurry of headshots and thats why the fight was stopped.

The referee broke them up every 30 seconds, as soon as McGregor was landing shots, boxing is a joke, the nigger just manipulated the rules, boxing is like the soccer of contact sports, fucking gay and lame.

How exactly did he manipulate the rules?

Where is the misspelling?

Ducking and tucking constantly so the referee has to step in and break them up, literally every 30 seconds. It was totally lame, they should have let them brawl properly, they didn't.

you know what laughing or shaking your head 'no' means in a fight?
it means you just got your bell rung
Maybe open your other eye and realize a man with zero boxing skills almost lasted an entire fight with "the greatest" 49-0 and could have won if he simply had better cardio

>How exactly did he manipulate the rules?

I love how now you try to act stupid and go straight into denial

This guy knows what's up.

the ref broke them because in boxing you cant hug....and in the clinches mayweather proved he was even now, physically stronger and had much better stamina.

if mcgregor wanted to fight like a glorified gyspy then he should have stuck to fighting.
boxing is its own sport, mcgregor tried to make the jump because its the only way he could make the money he made.

he went against mayweather because if he was matched against any legit young champ he would not last 3 rounds...
it's not fighting, it's boxing. which clearly requires superior hand speed, punching power, punch resistance, stamina and footwork

wathing mcgregor switch southpaw in a clumsy half-assed fashion for no reason other than to do something is one of the funniest things iv seen in sports and the truest sign he had no idea what the fuck he was doing... and then he got kayoed... did you hear he had a severe concussion and was suffering memory problems and balance issues for weeks?

and that's just Mayweather who has glass hands

You're butthurt because obviously a boxing fan, and its a gay sport. Watch MMA dude, its way more manly.

Greatest Boxer in the World


Maywether is a forty-year-old man, he was no longer top 10 in his division, he didn't train and wasnt in particularly good shape. eh didnt even do anything in the fight, he just walked forward flat footed throwing right hands

watch the punch in slo-mo, mayweathers eyes never leave McGregor, he wasn't hurt, or even buzzed by probably the strongest power punch that can be landed, sometimes people laugh because its funny... but really watch mcgregors face in that moment, its classic

Delusional much? He fought someone that is over 40 and is not known to be a power puncher. He would not have lasted 2 rounds if he had been in the ring with someone that had actual punching power. So he got in one significant punch in the fight? That is what you want to gloat about? To say he has "zero boxing skills" is a bit much. He is a trained fighter, but don't act like he did something amazing.

,im explaining to you in as much detail as i think you will understand what happened in a boxing match... you clearly have no idea what you are watching.. MMA has the most retarded fan base. meatheads who treat it like a cult

Any mcgregor fans ... how do you think he would have done against a guy his side who wasnt retired,... canelo, ggg, jacobs?

its like youre 13 bro...are you 13?

>ITT: gym rats argue about what homosexual choreographed sport is better than the other.

Forget that - put him in against Terence Crawford.

even guys like Kirkland or khan would fuck him up

its a different sport

Legendary b8, well done.


what does that have to do with floyd getting choked out? tyson wouldve done a lot better then floyd in mma because of his punching power

>I still want to see Mayweather in a MMA fight. Imagine how popular THAT fight would be!

It's not pretty unless the boxer is committed to MMA and not just doing the fight as a one-off. It almost always goes like takedown > punches > tko or submission, fight over.

In mma? straight up murder them

no shit...but this was a boxing match.

i dont care about who would win in a fight, im not 15.. shaq could probably beat federer in a fight but who cares

mma isnt even pure fighting, it has rules too. put mcgregor in with some 200 lb savage who fucking bits people or whatever and he will get eaten. both sports have different rules... i cant believe how often this has to be explained to people

If boxing who cares? It's a dying sport and will be reduced to a small scene and gonna have to follow the childrens ballet rehersals and grandmas bingo.

so Mayweather is 40. Obviously he is well past his prime but to say that he was "old" and was at a huge disadvantage is not really the case.

Sounds like the black guy was smarter