Sup Forums, im sick

Sup Forums, im sick
help me feel better


your a disappointment to this whole board

how the fuck could you fuck it up so bad you piece of shit holy shit dude fuck

Be lucky, you are not a nigger

Remember OP, you could be more sick than a cancer paitent, but you'll always be a bigger contribution to society than a fucking wireless printer.

well yeah i guess i am
like whats the point of a wireless printer? it dosent move anywhere

It could be worse. You could be a jew.

Wireless Printers = lul. Once it gets hacked, you always go back.

OP here
i am actually jewish...
so it is worse?

i kno what to do
post god-tier shows and movies on netflix



well whats the point in lying about it
we are all user

I know what will make OP feel better!

Everyone, post your most extreme furry vore or anything similar, it’ll fuckin scare the sickness right out of OP

It could be worse. You could be a nigger.
>inb4 a sick nigger jew

>black jew
i would end myself

We can't cure you're skin color

why not


Because, it's a TRUMP world now

don't be that dood

What does that mean?

It could be worse. You could be Selena Gomez.

9/10 times, that dude dosent know that he is/ what is that dude


It could be worse. You could be Sarah Hyland.

^ that image is titled Vanessa Hudgens sex legs


it could be worse, you could be a well adjusted member of society

Trust me, user. it can get a lot worse. you could be a mexican chad

Fuck you and go die filthy parasite


you need plenty of soup and hentai to get better

gargle salt water (1 tsp of salt) and drink some tea with a lot of honey. smoke weed if you have it