Assuming this was live streamed, anyone have footage?

Assuming this was live streamed, anyone have footage?

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No but they arrested the fag who called it in. Pic related

The dude who got swatted wasn't even a gamer. Just some random jack ass.

it wasn't. the guy he was raging at gave him the wrong address and the retard didn't even check.

hope he gets life

It wasn't. The guy who pretty much said " come on swat me " and gave an address was not his own address but a random one near guy.
Guy who died had nothing to do streaming or anything.
Guy who died it should spend the rest of his live taking hot dicks to the throat.




So cops shoot another unarmed man?

maybe the police shouldn't charge in with itchy trigger fingers based on nothing but a call from someone they didn't verify. how hard is it to check where the call is coming from and ask who exactly is calling to make sure this isn't a hoax?

Lol you try going against a shotgun/rifle/machine gun/rocket launcher

This is closest thing you are going to to footage until they release body cam videos

>that heavy breathing from the dispatch woman

jesus christ someone get her a burger

I read that shit yesterday and was stunned...

>sit st home
>door bell rings
>get shot by cop

Keemstar is pure garbage

Lol 'merica, where cops cry and the innocent gets shot

I was not expecting him to not be white

Piece of shit

he isnt

Yeah, that's never going to happen. Any body cam footage will be buried deep.

It didnt go down like that. According to the police, they raided the house and told the guy too keep his hands up. After a while, instead of keeping his hands up, he dropped to his waist, and the cop shot him. Honestly, with some of them dumbasses that live here in Wichitabi can't blame the cop. There's so many drug addicts and police hating douchebags around here that I wouldn't be surprised if the family didn't lie about most of the story too screw over the cops.

there IS the bodycam footage that's been out for over a day or two now.
beyond that, no.

google it you lazy faggots, jesus christ.

Because american cops ate the bastion of honesty and civil rights

Land of the free yo

From super power to third world country in 50 years. Topkek

You are not going against a machine no matter how scary it is. You are ALWAYS going agaisnt the man holding it. The tool can always be defeated by a man with brains. A weapon is not some Harry potter magic wand. The presence of one does not override intelligent thought.

maybe we need a class in school to tell how people to deal with the police.

if you get pulled over you sit in your car with your hands on the wheel in front of you

you do not jump out of your car with shit in your hands in the dark.

However, the guy who was swatted had no expectation the police were going to burst into his house because he was an innocent man and probably had no idea what was happening.

they should change how they handle Anonymous calls claiming a crime was committed

The guy opened his door to see what the fuck was going on outside and got shot, then he was left to bleed out for 20 minutes on his doorstep.

The piece of shit is the pussy cop who cries if they get a paper cut.

>intelligent thought

Pick one

>intelligent thought
>American police

They actually interviewed that asshole and the idiot even admits to it.

You can not be this retarded.

So true

How can you type that with that big sandnigger cock up your ass. They're raping your entire continent pathetic nation of cucks lolol


Nope, that is a picture of YOU. Cunt.

saw this earlier on fb. guy had the victim swatted over 1.50 USD disagreement on cod, kid reached near his waistband during the incident and the swat team killed him.

This comment came so close to give me cancer.
When you work as a cop in a country where everyone is armed, and alot of them with automatic rifles, you go in with a tad more stress.

The swat showed up... so the guy who called had to tell them he had hostages or heavy weaponry or what not, else they would've sent regular cops.

If you need to ask and confirm who it is, you really think people will denounce? It's anonymous for a good reason my retarded friend

Maybe you guys should watch the fucking body can BEFORE you post on here.

The video shows him at the front door.
Police yell put your hands up.
He does.
Then he suddenly moves his arms again. (video is low quality and far away, he either moves them down to behind him it looks like?)
One officer fires one shot.
Video ends.

Then supposedly they couldn't evacuate him for EMS for like 20 minutes while they cleared the area for traps/more shooters/etc, and he bled out.

I agree that people need to learn to never fucking move once their hands are up. It shouldn't be this way, but it is obvious by now that if a cop views your movements as potentially reaching for a gun (or ignition device - the swatter said he doused the house in gasoline, with his family inside, after shooting his father in the head), you're very likely to get shot.
Again, cops shouldn't be that twitchy. But they are. Just keeping up on news the past few years has taught me this.
Maybe its their nerves, they lose composure with guns pointed at them. But I'd like to think I'd still realize its not time to adjust my belt or scratch my lower back.

You expect these lazy faggots to do research and not just wait for Sup Forums to hand them the footage AND their opinion?
They live under fucking rocks.

Tinfoil much?

Blaming the cops is retarded
But yeah murica is heading down the drain, and fast
They gotta get rid of that nigger and sand nigger problem

>Maybe its their nerves, they lose composure with guns pointed at them. But I'd like to think I'd still realize its not time to adjust my belt or scratch my lower back.
Remember kids, every time you get drunk, or tired, or stressed out, you're minutes away from a deadly game of Simon Says with a fear crazed pig.
Don't make the slightest error!

>scared cops pointing weapons at you
>Not complying
No wonder he's dead. Like so many others. Comply or die. That easy

I hope you get shot during a routine traffic stop

>thinks not complying with police is reason for immediate execution
>land of the free

>nigger confirmed.

Obviously he can. And is

Tf are you talking about murican cuck?
They're raping you ten times as hard as most of the rest of the planet lmfao
God you muricans are retarded

No that is a horrible state of affairs. I don't care if he was doing the electric boogaloo. The policeman needs to wait until he sees a gun, unless the gun is possibly behind something the bad guy could shoot through without him seeing it. If he has the man at gunpoint he had the advantage.

>police dont check address for number of residents and ages/sex before a raid
>piece of shit says: 'uh ya my little brother uh ya my mom. uh ya my dad.'
what if the 28 year old was the only guy there

Almost no one owns any automatic weapon at all. You're post actually gave me cancer

I'm not a murican. I'm just aware of how it works over there... even though I don't live there... How is it so hard for them?

I second this

They have killed plenty of people by being at the wrong house.

Ok buddy. There are tons of footage out there where doing exactly that cost the policeman his life. But ok, let's do that, and encourage cop killers.
Clueless cunt

So exactly what I said happened here.Good job retard

Of course. They have all of that information handy. And all the time in the world to spare. God are you retarded?


your. nigger faggot. learn to grammar.

>the guy who got killed was a father
The swatter and the fucking faggot cod rager should get death penalty

Links please

You're actually defendiby a completely random guy on his own property that had not done anythiby wrong being shit by police.
People like you are what it will never change

No, the guy went outside and was shot for being a dumbass for not following directions that could have saved his life. There's a very big difference in information there.

this also the guys been known to swat people in the past

20 second search by the dispatcher while the cops are travelling there.

Underrated comment.

Yes, because being confused is a great reason to get shot. Fucking fascist.

I wish it had...
We'd have one less idiot to worry about

You copsuckers are delusional.

You're goddamn right they have that fucking information. That's what dispatchers deal with while police gear up. It's public fucking information. You always assess a scene for blowing up the door and rushing in.

I forgot to add to my post.

You're fucking clueless. And you call someone else retarded.

The dispatcher has census info at hand? Suuuurree
And even if true, what if there are other people present? What if some were never declared residents? What if they were guests? Etc etc etc

And the call being not directly traceable by dispatch should've been a serious red flag considering it was a confession,

Any reason is a good reason to accelerate the inevitable ethnical cleansing the US will go through



Are you questioning that police can search by family, Or residential address?
You're a retard user.
How many more people that literally have done nothing wrong need to get killed before you accept there's a problem

You think they wouldn't have if he had kept his arms up and been cuffed? It just didn't get there because he put his arm down and got shot

Infinity is the answer to your question

Not at hand, but that information is in the police database. Do you know how cops know your lying if you give them false details?
Because they have access to your details you moron

Lol you fucking faggot kys

How fucking dumb are you? It's not like its paper files. I don't know if you know this but what ever device you're using to post absolutely brainless shit on is a computer. They've been around awhile and they have something called 'databases' and 'digital files.'

Why did they not scope the place out and attempt to infiltrate?


Why does this shit only happen in 'Murica? No other first world nation has this problem. Canadians have loose gun laws as well, this shit never happens there. Obviously Europe doesn't have this problem as guns are very rare among civilians. Fucking Christ I'm glad I don't live in the US

My god do I have to tell all of you?

>what is muricans

it was just a prank bro - they are telling the family of the victim


As someone who has been swatted fuck this guy.

The person who called me in got dropped so fucking hard after I found out, it was a girl as well which made it extra satisfying.

hes clearly a mexican

because violent niggers in these ghetto neighborhoods have the police nervous as fuck.

They were called and told of an URGENT situation. With hostages and an explosive/gas situation. They get there they intervene. Not going to circle the house and observe it from afar while people are potentially being killed or worse in there...
If the call had been true, everyone would applaud how it turned out. It was false and the cops are to blame?? Nope. Denied. Not happening.
The fake caller was in the bad, he will be in jail a long time.
The stupid cunt putting his arm down was in the bad, he paid with his life.
How is this not registering for you people?

At this point, murricans can be rightly called snow niggers. A dumbass offshoot of white ppl

yea because there is no other body cam footage of cops shooting people....

You literally keep proving yourself even more retarded.

story time nigger. you cant say shit like that and not post the story.

Yes, because nothing bad ever happens in [insert EU cuckoo nation here]

I thought cops had snipers for hostage situations

Maximum kek
But they do have some salvageable humans in there. Just not most of them

if you wait until you see a gun you are going to get shot

Because he walked outside before they could do anything.

Ok nigger
Keep nigging
>pic related