Be me

>be me
>love memes
>no dank meme bread
>resort to crafting my own memes

Go to heck you reddit goyim



now that's a spicy meme ball

Hey man, Sup Forums is for serious content only!

Can anyone help me find some more memes??

I will find you user.

What's that bud? Can't hear ya from all the way down here! xD

i call the shots here bub

Gibby Gibby make ur noodle wiggly



Hello is this thing on ?

you rang?

What the fuck is a spicy meme ball

sounds disgusting

>has never experienced a reeeal spicy meme ball
>throws shade


>be 12
>classmates make fun of size of my head
>always called "water on the brain Barry"
>qt3.14 always checking out my big head, feeling good and decide to approach her
>puff my chest and stand up tall
>alpha persona radiating as i move closer
>suddenly my head collides with class project, a massive blimp hanging from the ceiling
>the inertia causes immediate destruction
>i recoil from the collision and get my wits about me
>whole class is bamboozled
>class errupts with "nice one, water on the brain barry" from every direction
>teacher calls me a homo, i dont understand because i am gay
>from this moment on i no longer want to be defined by my massive craniun
>lift everyday
>fast forward 10 years
>always skip head day
>crush puss with regularly proportioned body
>be realman

never skip head day

Dat look lik oeilifahnt